Would You Cancel a Birthday Party for Bad Grades?

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"If your kid was doing bad in school, would you still give them a birthday party? Not bad as in behavior, but bad as in having F’s on their report card/progress report. They are in 2nd grade."

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"Absolutely not. Bad grades are a sign they need help. Canceling their birthday will not help."

"I would still give. Life is not all about good grades. He needs to feel he is loved"

"Absolutely not. I’d try to get to the root of the problem but they’re still a very young child that may just need some extra assistance."

"Don't cancel the party. That would do more damage then anything positive."

"Throw the party, help figure out what the problem is. Might be a learning disability that needs a different approach."

"No. He’s in 2nd grade."

"You should still celebrate his birthday. I would say take away all games and electronics until he works more on whatever ot is he is behind on in school, maybe he needs a tutor"

"I wouldn’t cancel. If your school year has been anything like ours, we’ve dealt with virtual for weeks, quarantines, sickness…it’s been stressful for me as a mom so I can’t imagine how it feels for them."

"You don’t cancel celebrating someone’s birth because they’re struggling in school. You help kids who struggle academically, not punish them and seriously at a 2nd level."

"No, give consequences that correspond to the issue. Minimize distractions that may be keeping him from focusing on his schooling. A party has nothing to do with grades this early. Especially in 2nd grade, they won’t understand why you are doing it and would do more harm than good."

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