Would you expect your house to be clean before you moved in?

When moving into a new apartment, do you expect it to have been cleaned before you physically moved in? We just moved across the state, and this place was gross; my bf thinks it’s no big deal and doesn’t think I should complain. For example- they sprayed for bugs but never got rid of the dead ones, pubes around the bathroom floor; the other bathroom had pee splashed from the toilet on the wall and side of the cabinet, bathrooms, and kitchen have Grimey greasy who knows what all over, walls scuffed up. Of course, we took pics to document it all, but wtf, it was nasty. I’ve been cleaning it for hours, so I could feel comfortable unpacking. Now he’s mad at me because I’m making a big deal about dead bugs left on the ground, but I have two cats who’ll eat them and will get poisoned from the pesticides. Am I making too big of a deal of this?


Yes, they should always be cleaned prior to a new person moving in.


No you aren’t. That is disgusting and should have been done before you moved in! And if there is ANYTHING wrong with it, anything broken or missing, you document that with time stamps and notify the office immediately. They may very well try to blame it on you when you move. And when you move you’ll probably get a charge if it isn’t clean as well. That is absolutely 100% their responsibility.


California is awful for this. Dirty dirty dirty.

No way! I’d go mental! I make sure when I move out of a property I clean it myself it shouldn’t be upto someone else to clean up your mess


No it should be cleaned unless u agreed to clean it. And who the hell wants to clean after moving no one. Its exhausting.

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should have been cleaned for sure! sounds like some crappy slum lords!


You have every right to expect it clean to move in. SHITTY Landlord

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Ewwww, yes should have been cleaned by the previous tenant
Tell him to help clean it

Ew what state is this!?? I would look up renters rights and most likely charge the landlord for cleaning services.

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Send them the bill for you cleaning it.

I never expect a new place to be up to my standards of cleaning but that is straight up gross! Not fair if you paid a security deposit- thats literally part of what they are for!!

I clean before I move out of any place. It’s just cuteous to do. And it’s disgusting to find gross and unsanitary things in a place that’s " new" to you. So, no you aren’t over reacting. I’m sorry the previous tenants were not shown manners obviously. Also, management should have charged them for a cleaning, obviously did not or did and pocketed the fee.

You are not making a big deal. You have expectations that have not been met. I font like moving into a dirty place either.

I worked for a company that don’t clean the places. He said they want it bad enough they’ll clean it

It’s your call!! You don’t need to move in ?? :thinking::sunglasses:

Eeewwww…no it should have been professionally cleaned…or previous Tennant is billed for clean!

Disgusting I would hire someone to clean it and take it off My rent

I wouldn’t leave anywhere dirty …it’s common courtesy to clean

Hell yes we’ll now that’s one less thing you will have to do when you move out . Take several notes and pics to document it all . Save all the receipts from cleaning supplies you have to use too. That’s not a good sign. Looks like you will be dealing with a slumlord - good luck !!!

When renting or buying the place should be cleaned before you move in.

Did you see the place before hand or no? I know if I would of seen it beforehand I would of asked about that. Be sure you look into renters rights and charge the landlord if possible. Take it off your rent. You shouldn’t have to clean it just to move in.

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No you aren’t…when I first rented in 1974 till we could own I felt like it wasn’t clean unless i cleaned it

It should be cleaned when you move in…then you do your own deep clean.


we just sold a home for the first time in over 30 years and the buyer requested a professional clean in the contract. I don’t remember that being a thing 30 years ago. Wish I had known about that before I signed the contract on my new house.

As a property manager, NO, YOU’RE NOT MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT. Landlords are required BY LAW to provide a clean, safe, and sanitary unit to you. I would never, ever, ever allow one of my tenants to move into a filth and bug infested home! That’s nasty, wrong, and ILLEGAL.

Also, tell your boyfriend to stop trying to make you weak. You know right from wrong and standing up for yourself and your rights is not wrong in any way.

That’s absolutely disgusting. Make sure you document everything. Take pictures. Write it down. Give a copy of your report to the landlord. This will prevent you from being charged later. Why wasn’t it cleaned? Did you agree to move in that way for a reduced rent or deposit? If not, I would be asking why it isn’t clean and telling them that’s not acceptable. My entire job is to clean apartments in between tenants. That would never fly with me.

Not at all should have been professionally cleaned before moving in.


Hell no you’re paying first n last n cleaning deposits you have every right to be upset n call that realtor or rental agency yes yes take pictures of everything n make them refund your time n effort n cleaning supplies that is their Responsibility of renting ,leasing or selling any property!!! I’d be mad n yes pictures n call :telephone_receiver: to let them know!! What if they paid for cleaning n don’t have any idea what was NOT done :white_check_mark: I’d like to be informed myself n never use that cleaning company if they did this crap of job half azzz done

Should be clean no excuses

Eww! Yuck! If you are paying rent or a deposit it absolutely should be cleaned prior to you moving in!

I would expect it cleaned. But I would agree to move in and clean myself but only if I knew up-front.

I would always hope that it had been cleaned - but only once in all the rental properties I lived it was it actually clean. All other times I documented the dirt and then didn’t clean fully when I was leaving. That said, I never could leave it as dirty as some of the ones I moved into, because I don’t live like that. One place the cooker was so bad, I paid someone to move to out to the shed for me and I stored it in its exact state until I left, then put it back!!! There was nothing they could do about it.

I love it when people ask a question that they already know the answer to. :roll_eyes:

I’ve volunteered before to clean my new apartment because I needed to move in fast but other than that I would prefer it cleaned.

Disgusting- you should be upset

Before you move into any.unit.therenis a walk through.with the landlord there is no excuse y.it was left filthy like that.dont complain to your husband go right to the landlord and complain u want money taken off rent if they refuse go to the proper authorities. With.pictures of how it looks like noone should have to put.up with.that. how discusting. Good luck

Absolutely disgusting. Id be upset too. My place wasnt cleaned and its a “professionally” managed place. Carpet was especially disgusting. Found a giant toenail in tha walk in closet carpet, a fish hook in tha bedroom carpet, another metal thing in tha bedroom carpet, a kids earring in tha living room carpet, tons of dirt and toy mice under my stove. I think carpet should have to be replaced by law in between tenants. Not to mention ive lived there a year now and still suck up pounds of white powder that ruined a brand new vaccume

No you are not that landlord should’ve had that cleaned and freshly painted

No! I bet they expect it nice and clean when it’s time for you to move out and you need to get all that deposit back! :woman_facepalming:t5::roll_eyes:

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Nope! I would have marched right into management and demanded it get cleaned again. In NC it is required a unit be cleaned prior to moving in. Some states do not require it. And document everything. I hope they provided you with a move in condition sheet so you can write everything down as to not be held responsible for at move out. Have them sign it and keep a copy for yourself and also the photos print out in color, with date stamped on them.

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That’s disgusting I would be upset

They probably kept previous tenants security deposit for them leaving a mess, then want you to do the work AND pay the cost to have it cleaned.

I have only moved into a gross house once and i did the work to clean it and the landlord gave us the deposit back for moving out their stuff and doing the cleaning

BIG DEAL they should be cleaned

If you paid a security deposit yes

Take it off the rent. Minimum wage an hour to clean it. Gross!

Nasty place should most def have been cleaned


Hope you didn’t pay a deposit and if you did I’d be asking why, if the place isn’t acceptable prior to moving in they shouldn’t be renting.


Absolute not that’s disgusting. Landlords are supposed to be cleaning apartments between tenants


Um yeah they should have cleaned ew gross

Yes, definitely! Talk about having rent lowered the following month for your time cleaning.


:face_vomiting::face_vomiting: I’ve moved into a few places and they weren’t super clean but what your describing sounds like the landlord didn’t even pick up a broom. Def should have been cleaned or at least some money off the first months rent


Um that’s disgusting. Apartments are supposed to be CLEAN clean before new people move in. I’d definitely complain


Ew, no! Should def be cleaned.

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No. The place should be clean and sanitary before a new owner/renter comes in.


Totally unacceptable! It should have been thoroughly cleaned before you moved in. I would complain to the landlord and expect them to clean or pay for cleaning of the place.


Ummm yes. Most definitely.

Send your landlord a bill for the cleaning. That’s just gross!!


hhmm your bf sounds like a slob lol

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Personally when this happened to me I freaked out and ended up getting a maid paid for by my realtor. I hate that people think it’s ok to do this to others

Sounds like a health hazard

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Disgusting I would totally send a complaint


Oh yuck! I’d be pissed

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That’s part of “first and last months rent” is cleaning, fixes for broken non working items, spraying for bugs, etc…
I would be sending a lengthy email WITH PHOTOS to landlord and requesting cost for move-in cleaning taken off the rent.


I didnt move into a place that badly but It wasnt cleaned first. A few of them. I’d clean it myself anyways to make sure. But that sounds really gross.

Definitely! The only time I was okay with it was to move in without a deposit.

Uh yeah it should absolutely be clean

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It should be cleaned completely . Judge Judy say’s always take photos before and after moving out.


Sounds like a discount on your bill

Yes! It should be cleaned!

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It “shouldn’t” be this way but I will tell you rn listen to your bf unless you all have the means to fight a court case right now. My husband, myself and our 2 daughters spent 3 months homeless mid pandemic because I reported unsafe/unsanitary conditions in our rental last year and the owner evicted us in retaliation. He said exactly that in an email, the property manager assaulted me and forced her way into my Home last winter, I was an inch away from being electrocuted by an exposed 220 line and after almost 6 months of begging them to have the electrical issues there looked at, black mold, the oven coming out of the wall with my 4yo underneath of it, the sink zapping my 12yo…I mean it was a gd nightmare but the building dept let him do half assed, half efforts that are STILL against code requirements and they never helped us 1 bit🤷‍♀️ Eviction court refused me entrance and also refused to take any of our evidence to prove everything we were saying because of the pandemic, at least that’s the bs excuse we were fed🙄 This sounds messed up but if you know you can’t handle a legal battle then suck it up💯 This is a TERRIBLE TIME to have any specs on your rental history and even that asshole owner not being a reference affected us finding new housing🤦‍♀️

A rented apartment? Any rental should be clean upon moving in other wise why should you leave it clean when you leave? Its just common courtesy… However buying a home is different. You are buying as is… My home was a mess when we bought it… Dead birds and bird poo… But I have never moved into a dirty rental.

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Not at all. You can bet that the landlord would charge you a cleaning fee, if you left the apartment like that . It would be deducted from your security deposit. Report the condition to the landlord, with your pictures. Offer to accept a rent reduction for next month, to compensate you for your time, effort and inconvenience. There is an expectation that a rental unit should be “broom clean” prior to move in. Be cordial, and negotiate. :blush:

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I would go to the office, show them the photos and take the receipts from your cleaning supplies. Let them know you’re extremely upset about the situation and weren’t aware of the state of the apartment as you were moving from across the state and weren’t able to do a walk through. Make sure they know it is a big deal to you! Also I would request for them to either re-paint the walls or maybe request if you Can to cover the scuffs and problem areas?


I moved into mine before she was done cleaning. I was homeless for 3 years I didn’t care. She didn’t wash the walls or paint my kitchen

I have never not moved into a place that wasn’t precleaned like wtf

That’s gross. Should be move in ready unless discussed ahead of time. Like we moved into an apartment once that my aunt and uncle owned and we said don’t bother cleaning it and we did it ourselves because we got it at such a good rate and it let us move in faster

Omg…I’d be on the phone to the landlord

:nauseated_face: I would be so pissed

No you’re not overreacting. That is disgusting. Your going to have problems with these landlords, document everything.

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Did you contact the landlord and let him know what shape it was in? He may have paid someone to clean it and they didn’t. Yes, he should have inspected it after but, maybe he didn’t. Just a thought

I wouldn’t have moved anything in until it was clean.
They expect it to be clean when you move out then it needs to be just as clean/cleaner when you move in.
If you have to fill any other paper work to fill out then make notes of that in there.

It should have been spotless

I’m sure he would be complaining right with you if he cleaned it instead the lazy dick

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Nope your not wrong! A decent landlord would have made sure the apartment was clean for his new tenants. I was a landlord myself at one time you wouldn’t believe the crap some tenants leave behind.

No. I work in property management and it is standard across companies at minimum to clean the property. Even hire cleaning companies to do it. That is gross. Make sure you have a move in condition report on file with them stating the issues you found upon moving in.

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I hope you take before and after photos

I have never left a place l rented filthy l always clean everything wash walls fill in holes and have carpets clean so all the landlord has to do is paint this just shows that a tentant befor didn’t care and the landlord didn’t go and look befor handing you the keys l always make the landlord do a walk through a week befor l hand in the keys and on the day l leave you just never know if you will have to rent from them again keep receipts take pictures and talk with the landlord build up trust and work together good luck

Nooo, places should always be cleaned before and after a move in or a move out. When me, my boyfriend and our kids moves I like to ask the landlord to give me 1-2 days after the move to clean before new tenants move in because it was me and my families mess and/or damages. It’s just like eating at a restaurant, you or anyone would not eat a table that was left dirty by other customers

We rented for 16 years. The only time a place wasn’t already cleaned was when we moved from one rental property to another that belonged to the same owner. The new place was more rent, so would’ve been a bigger security deposit. Instead of us paying the extra $100, we just cleaned the place. Looking back now, she got the better deal AND kept our first security deposit without any explanation, so… even then moving into a dirty place was a bad idea.

It should have been broom clean also in some states landlords can’t charge a security deposit if they didn’t paint.

Take pictures of EVERYTHING

Place needs to be sparkling clean or your stuff is infested. He’s lazy AF.

Take pictures. When you move out leave it how you found it.

All properties should be thoroughly cleaned before move in. I would demand the complex make it right.

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Is this a private rental or a company, not that it really matters because this is just wrong. I would have hired a professional cleaner and deducted it from the rent, included a copy of the receipt with the check. Not sure about the laws state to state but I thought apartments had to be painted in between new tenants.

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Renting I would absolutely not tolerate that…
When we bought our house the previous owners clearly didn’t ever clean and it was nasty… So I had to clean (for over a week) before we unpacked…

Don’t only just take photos, make a video too. Save it to your EMAIL. So you’ll never have it deleted.

Other than that, yeah it sucks but not the end of the world. I always clean everything after first moving in somewhere anyways

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You should definitely take pictures. Most apartments usually clean them before even showing the apartments