Would you follow through with being induced or wait?

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said I’m 3 cm dilated, my next appointment is Wednesday, and I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant that day, and he said I could schedule a day to be induced if I would like to if I haven’t gone into labor. Would you get induced or just wait it out?


You’re only 39 weeks. Wait to out a little longer! You got this

Yes wait it out. With my second I was 4 cm dilated for over a week

I was over due with all 3 of mine… had to be induced with all 3 … and even had to have my waters broken for me… i think it depends on how the dr feels on the health and well-being of the bub… :heart::heart::heart:


Wait baby will come when he/she is ready

I waited until I was 41 weeks, and then decided to be induced

I’d say wait. U got plenty of time left for things to really escalate. I got induced this month but I was 41 weeks and was 3cm the day before. Was at the hospital for 6 hours before my daughter was born. Let ur body go into in naturally before u decide to be induced. Great news it is already working on getting there! Good luck!

I was induced at 39 weeks for medical reasons. I was 3 cm dilated from 37 weeks, and having on off contractions for the 2 weeks prior to induction.

Although induction was faster and more intense than my first (all natural) I didn’t have any problems with the induction and will need to have it again if I have another. I had the gel, watter broke then the drip.

You need to do what’s right for you and baby. Only you can say if it’s the right call. But you got this either way! :facepunch:t2:

Wait it out. I went in 3 cm dilated, because my doc told me one month before my due date she was going on vacation that week. I ended up choosing induction, labored 3 hours. It was extremely painful having contractions forced. Let your body do its things. Natural labor is so much easier than forced labor.

Wait it out. I know it’s tough but I wish i would have waited instead of getting induced.

Wait unless baby is in stress. Induced contractions are way more intense.

Wait it out! I got induced at 41 weeks w the pill and I started taking them at 1130am one day and didn’t give birth till almost 5pm the next day🙃

I was induced with my first and not with my 2nd or 3rd. If you don’t want to yet don’t. Tell them you want to wait longer for nature to take its course

If you can I’d definitely wait, my first labor was a lot easier than my induced labor!

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This is up to you. Personally if I was 3cm dilated I would opt to be induced. But I have a stubborn cervix and went overdue my 1st 2 children and was absolutely miserable. I was even sent home from work because I looked like a ghost (according to management). They shouldn’t even have to give you too much pitocin anyway. I did go into my own labor with my second and to be honest it was the worst labor and the nurses were constantly trying to send me home. That natural labor was awful for me and I vomited because of the pain. The nurses were very uncaring too. But when I was induced I had a better experience with the nurses. I just had my 7th baby 2 months ago. But it was repeat csection and my rainbow as my 6th pregnancy I had an emergency csection to a stillborn. I was 37w4d and baby is super healthy.

Wait it out. Being induced is so much more intense then going into labor naturally. Instead of starting at pain level 1 it starts at 10 and doesn’t get any better lol :laughing:


I got induced for both my girls. No regrets.

Depends on how you’re life is really? Being induced is great if you have other children. You can get them set with whomever. If you’d rather just wait it out, that works too.
My second was an induction. It was great. My labor was better controlled and 3 hours rather than 8.

I was induced and I hated every moment. I wish I would have naturally gone into labor! Wait if you can

I wanted to wait it out and I was 40w and 4 days, but after running tests, I had low amniotic fluid and was induces to reduce risks. I wish I had waited for it to naturally happen.

Ive been 3cm since 37 weeks . im due monday august 3rd still waitting on baby. If hes not here by The 10th Ill Be Induced. By then ill be 41 weeks.

I’d wait unless baby is in distress. I went 42 with my daughter and 41 with my son. We did induce with my son bc my daughter has gotten stuck out of precaution but it wasn’t an issue.

Everyone has different experiences i was Induced with my first by breaking my waters and it all went really fast no problems at all do what you think is best for you and baby get plenty of info and make your own informed decision :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If it’s your first baby it’s nice to wait and let nature take its course.

I was induced with two of my kids. One was at 34 weeks because of an emergency. And the other was 8 days before my due date because I had been in preterm labor 3 times before I actually delivered I was huge I was miserable I was over it. My last two were natural labors. My 3 was born at home with no complications. My 4 was born in the hospital do to him being in an odd position and not wanting to turn. I guess I was lucky because there was no real difference between my induced labors and my natural ones.

I was in labor at 1cm lol odds are you are getting close. Seems kinda early to be induced unless there is a medical reason to deliver early I would just wait it out naturally


NOOOOO! WAIT IT OUT, PLEASE!! I’ve been induced with both labors and it was horrible!!! Just my opinion!


Strip your membranes instead ! More of a natural induction without medication

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I was induced with both my girls. My first was at 41 w and 4 days with zero signs of labor at 9lbs 11 oz. my doctor didn’t want me to go over 42 w since she was so big and it was the only day they could schedule and the other was at 39 w because she was measuring a few weeks ahead by the end and she was still 9 lbs and 1 oz. Do what you feel is right for you and your baby. For me I don’t regret it and no complications. :sparkling_heart:

As someone who was induced twice and went into labor naturally once if I had the chouce id go for all natural again.
Out of my three it was the fastest and easiest with the least amount of pain.

Wait, go the full 40

Depends on why they said to induce. If there’s a reason then obviously follow your doctor’s advice. If you want to hold off and try to go natural, and there’s no medical reason for an induction then hold off. Totally your choice

My first was induced and a horrible 67hr labour that resulted in distress, an instrumental delivery and a LOT of damage. My second and third were natural at 41+5 and 40+5 and beautiful waterbirth/Hypnobirth. My fourth is due on Thursday and I’ll be waiting it out until 42 weeks. Induction is not nice.

I was induced with both of my daughters.

I was induced 3 of my 4 pregnancies…i would do it again!!

I got induced with my first and had my second all natural. Wait until baby is ready. My second was so much easier!

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I work in labor and delivery… my question is…
If they baby is “cooked” why wait? Inductions are 90% of deliveries

I got induced and personally it was much better for me. I got nervous about going into labor naturally and not getting to the hospital on time or something. We lived 45 minutes away. I didn’t have as much anxiety getting induced and it felt like I had more control because I knew when it was going to happen.

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Everyone’s body and every pregnancy for each is different. Just had my 4th yesterday. Went into labor naturally and was much easier than my 3rd who was induced. Good luck.

Id wait till due date, if still nothing id think about my options, but I’d get induced 1 week overdue for sure.

I’d go with the induction so the birth is more controlled in a hospital instead taking place spontaneously and having to possibly rush to the hospital

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Wait it’s a lot better walk and have alot of sex and you will have a shorter delivery and safer and better for you and the baby

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I was induced with 2 pregnancies… my labor was less than 5 hrs each i would suggest it

Everyone’s labour’s are different. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has done, or would do.
It’s what’s best for you and baby and what you want,
Your doctor and midwife are the best people to talk to.
Good luck with what ever you decide and enjoy every minute with your little Bub when they make an arrival to the world :sparkles::white_heart:

Wait. Being induced caused me to have so many problems and the worst labor experience I’m just happy my baby was healthy in the end


I was induced 5 days ago for the first time out of 3 and although all were fast and easy my induction was definitely my fastest and easiest. It is not the sane for eveeyone. I was induced for medical reasons at 37 weeks. My little guy is perfect. Do what you feel is best for yourself and baby :blush:

I was induced for all 3 of my pregnancies and everything went perfectly fine !! Had great labour for all 3, no complications, no pain neds or epidural nothing … !! Gl chicky !!

I was in labor for along time with both my two children after being induced and the forced contractions were extremely painful. I would probably say wait it out if I was you.

I’ve delivered with and without being induced. No noticable difference. Being induced to me built the excitement Even higher because when I woke up I knew I’d meet my son that day

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I followed through twice…with my first they found out her fluid was calcifying right before they induced me and I hadn’t dilated. But with my second I wish I would of waited cause I don’t think he was ready and I knew what day I was actually due but they kept telling me it was earlier than I was saying. My younger I went 10 days overdue and went into natural labor

Which ever one is safest for the baby. I took meds for 4 mo to so my labor.

I got induced and was in labor for 30+ hrs and had to have a csection bc they realized my son wasn’t coming as they expected, in my opinion wait it out.

I was exactly like you!! And I decided to wait because my body was already doing so much on its own. I was 3 cm and 60% thinned. At 38 w 6 d that night I started contracting in my lower back and decided to go in cause i lived almost an hour away from my hospital and my dr decided to keep me and admit me because I was getting them 8 mins apart knowing I live far from them. My daughter was born the next day at exactly 39 w at 7:01 pm! :baby:t2::two_hearts:

Every1s different…good for some…horrible for others…personally If its not medically necessary i would wait and try natural ways to bring on labour…goodluck giirl

If there is absolutely no medical reasons that you need to be induced ie yours or babys life isnt in danger then why be induced? Just wait? Induction is much more painful and can be a longer process.

I would personally wait and let my body and baby do it on their time. I ended up getting induced and my body AND baby didnt tolerate it well and we ended up in an emergency c-section because both of our heart rates were dropping. If I could have waited more and let my body naturally dilate I would have. Ended up in a nightmare situation but that’s another story. Hope your labor goes well what ever YOU decide.

Skip induction… you’ve got time. No reason to induce, then let baby cook. I was induced 3 days before my due date because her heart rate was low. Well it didn’t work and I ended up being sent home the next day while having contractions for the next 5 days and then had to be induced again! It was awful.

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I’ve done it both ways. I preferred being induced. I felt like the contractions came on slower that way. And I was more mentally prepared that way


I had to be induced 10 days early because BPP ultrasound showed my amniotic fluid was critically low. hadn’t eaten since 4am went to be induced at 9am. Was not allowed to eat. I was starving, the contractions were so painful and no one told me i could choose whenever I wanted the epidural. I went hours dealing with the pain before I found out i could have the epidural whenever. Baby didn’t come until 10:01pm. It was a long process for me but necessary. Your personal choice but if nothing is wrong I’d wait.


Being induced was awful. The contractions came hard and fast. My whole birth plan was out the door. I felt completely out of control. If you have the choice i would lean on waiting. But either way you are going to have a beautiful baby.


Wait! I had 5o be induced bc of medical reasons and they gave me pitocin. I will never ever in my life go through that again. I eventually had to have a c-section and will be having another c-section instead of a vbac bc i won’t go through that again.


If you’re planning on natural labor without an epidural, wait for nature to take its course. If you’re planning on having an epidural regardless, inducing isn’t the worst idea. But I’ve done all natural with all of my kids and my middle one needed to be induced because of medical emergency. Pitocin makes labor pains hurt sooooo much worse than naturally occurring labor pains

Wait! If baby isn’t ready, don’t force it. Induction meds are no joke and those contractions get intense, plus you run the risk of ending up in a c section. Scheduling an induction is for your doctors benefit, not yours.


My advice if you are not having any medical issues is to wait it out and let that baby cook as long as you can. I had pre-eclampsia and they induced me almost 2 weeks early because my blood pressure was very high. They induced me using a pill, the tampon insert (I have no idea what the medical term is, I’m just describing), the Foley ball, they tried to break my water, and they even tried pitocin, and I never got beyond 3 cm dilated. So I labored for pretty much 5 days, and then ended with a c-section. If i had a normal pregnancy and I could have waited I would have. I wish you the best!!!


Pitocin was awful. If you can avoid it, do. The birth and recovery was the worst on my body. Things would have to be pretty dire for me to agree to it again.


I was given A LOT of pitocin after my water ruptured but contractions weren’t starting. When they did start they were HORRIFIC. SO hard, about a minute long and 2 minutes apart right off the bat. I didn’t have time to get my epidural. Pitocin +no epidural = the worst idea on the planet

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I was induced with my first due to preeclampsia. It was almost a 24 hour of pitocin to labor and magnesium to keep my blood pressure down. They sort of cancel each other out, so it was long and miserable. With my second, everything was perfect, had a cool midwife, went for a checkup at 40w. Baby was transverse so I was going in on Monday to try an aversion. Stopped at the store, felt a lot of pressure. Having never really experienced labor pains, I didn’t realize it was her turning head down. 2 hours later realized I was in labor, and 30 mins after that had a baby. Played basketball games that left me more sore and tired. If it’s not your first, I’d recommend letting baby decide.

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I ended up being induced with most of my kids because my water breaks on it’s own, but contractions don’t like to always start on their own. I preferred getting induced. I will say the contractions are more painful though, however those labors seemed to usually go easier and quicker for me. I have a pretty decent pain tolerance and was still able to labor with pitocin without pain meds for my kiddos. I only didn’t have pitocin with 2 of my 7 kids. So I have a pretty decent idea of labor both ways. With my last baby (my 3 week old) I literally told them to just give me the pitocin as soon as I got there even though I was having contractions already (they were still not very strong and were kind of irregular, and I wanted things to get moving).

My doc tried the same thing with me when I was pregnant. I said I didn’t want to be induced unless it was absolutely necessary and one of our lives was at risk. She agreed to that but I had to go in for checks to monitor the baby every couple of days after my due date to monitor my son. He was born 9 days late, the date of my first check actually! I went into labor a few hours after I got home from the hospital. I labored for almost 12 hours and was stuck at 9cm. She said she would wait and do everything she could to get the last cm but after a few hours she gave me pitocin. Let me tell you, it’s absolutely more painful that natural labor. My contractions got so much stronger and they had to up my epidural and I also had nitrous but it was still a rough time.

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I’ve had 2 kids and induced both times. My first came at almost 42 weeks and my second at 40 weeks. I liked being able to plan it so that me husband could be home with me longer. I didn’t have a lot of pain. From the time they started medicine to the time they came out was about 11 hours for both kids.

Definitely wait and have a sponteneous labour. Your body goes into shock and all sorts of complications unfold needing further interventions. You still have over 3 weeks for your little one to make their journey. I was labouring for about 5 days before bubba #2 but then had an incredible, perfect birth. Trust in Mother Nature. Medical help is there as a blessed necessity - it shouldn’t be used just because it’s there :revolving_hearts: Your baby knows the way xx

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I’ve never had an epidural, but needed pitocin 4 out of 6 of my babies because my water broke but the labor wasn’t progressing fast enough for the dr to feel baby was safe. Pitocin hurts like hell, but if I feel like I’m ready, I’d take induction. Im impatient like that

I was induced with 5 of my 6 kids, the contractions were the same they just didn’t start slow they were painful right off the bat when I was induced. But I will say the upside of being induced is that you can plan, especially if you have other children!!


Wait, pitocin is horrible. Not only are the contractions way worse but the baby may not be ready to come out and when they come really quickly it can cause their muscles to be all tensed up. There is no proof that a baby born before 39 weeks is good for baby. Try to make it to 40 weeks and if baby decides he or she is ready before then, great. Just dont force it unless medically necessary.

I’ve never gone into labor on my own. All my inductions were emergencies though. That being said if I have anymore babies I’m going to ask for inductions with all of them. For me anyways and my anxiety it’s nice kinda being in control of the situation instead of being surprised by labor

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I was induced at 39 weeks due to my husband traveling for work. Water broke on its own at 9am, pitocin at 10am, had her at 3 that afternoon. Easy peazzy for me. I didn’t feel anything til I was 8cm, and even then it was like being on my period but jacked up a lil. Everyone’s different, but my pain tolerance is very high!

Being induced was the worst experience I’ve had baby number one came when he was ready and he was 5 days overdue baby number 2 I was induced I literally thought I was going to die. I honestly thought I wouldn’t see her. It was the worse thing I have ever been threw. Let your baby come when he/she is ready .


My 2 cents for what it’s worth. First baby, went into labor naturally, completely natural-no drugs, 32 1/2hrs of labor and I broke my tailbone. My 2nd baby, induced, 6hrs of labor, needed an epidural. For me, being able to compare the two, being induced was a worse experience. I felt like my body had no time to adjust. I would choose the much longer natural birth any day.


I was 38 weeks and could barely walk because my sciatica was so bad. Was going to get induced, was 3cm, but baby came 3 days before. I would get induce. Baby is considered full term. But if you are not in crazy pain and think you could wait it out, do that. Listen to your body


I would wait especially if your all ready dilated. We waited the max we could I went two weeks over however I still needed to be induced and it was terrible I went from 2 cm to 10 in an hour I finally broke down and got an epidural. Don’t ever want to go through labor again decided one was enough for me. Oh and still had a c section because baby was slightly turned and got stuck

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I would most definitely wait for it to happen naturally! I was only 2 days overdue with my son an my dr insisted on inducing bc they “thought” he was gonna be too big. I laid in hard labor for 24hrs but wouldn’t dilate past 1cm therefore they wouldn’t allow me to have an epidural (they said I had to be atleast 4cm to get one) then ended up having to have emergency c-section bc I wouldn’t progress and he was in such distress.

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I was induced with all three of my children. I lacked amniotic fluid for all three. My water did not “break” until they did in the hospital. I had ZERO issues with induction. Along with induction I did have epidurals all three times. I am currently pregnant with my fourth and that is my plan of action this time around as well if my fluid levels are low.

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I hated my induction. Was so hard on me and my son! Me going into labor on my own was so much faster and smoother!!

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Unless there is any risk I would wait. Induction was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in all my life !! I’ve been induced twice and gone into natural labour twice and I wouldn’t ever opt for induction ever again.


I’m in the exact same situation. Wednesday, the 5th, I can set it up. Idk what to do bc I DID have a very bad experience with induction with my first child. But I also don’t know if I can do it without an epidural. There is a chance if we let it happen on its on, we could get too far dialated & they can deny us the epidural. If you’re getting one, ask your doctor about this.

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I was induced with both of my girls, and I’m due to have my third girl in December. I will choose to be induced again. I had to be induced with my second because they didn’t want her bigger than my first child. It was too late for that anyways. She was already bigger :woman_shrugging:t3: I had pitocin drip with both of them. It was birth. Of course it hurts.

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I would wait if I could… I don’t think you even have to be worried until you’re over by 2 weeks. I had to be induced bc my water broke early so I didn’t have a choice but if I did, I would have waited (as long as she was healthy and there were no reasons being induced would be a concern)

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Wait! I’ve went on my own with one and induced with the other and going on my own was so much easier!

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I was induced at 39 with both. If you want to go natural id wait it out. I have no complaints but the pictocin contractions are no joke and I wish I could have seen if my water would break on its own but it was great knowing I was having a baby that day (about 10hrs both time 2 pushes)

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Was induced with all 3 of mine and also had epidural. Best thing I ever did! All of the births were less than 8 hours and it was a breeze. Everyone has different experiences and every pregnancy is different. It’s something you just have to choose what works best for you. But unless you are high risk and need that controlled environment then you really should just wait it out and see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless I had to drive far out to the hospital or having childcare available last minute would be difficult, I would wait it out. Baby will let your body know when it’s ready.

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I got induced but I was two weeks over and barely half a cm dilated. It sounds like your on your way to a natural labor so I would wait it out until induction becomes absolutely necessary

I’d wait. Being induced is more painful than when they come naturally.

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Wait. I was induced under a similar situation and it failed, so I had a c-section, which then resulted in 3 more c-sections. I’ll never know if that would have been different that first labor if I would have waited for it to happen naturally.

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Absolutely wait. My first delivery was soooo long and unnecessary because I was induced. If I had just been patient and let it happen naturally like I did with my 2nd child I guarantee I would have had a much better birthing experience.

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I was induced with both of mine. One at 37 weeks and one at 39 weeks. I got an epidural and was in labor for less than 12 hours and only pushed for 20 min for both. I dont suggest waiting much past 40 if you do choose to wait it out. I know of people whose baby didnt make it when their dr made them wait longer

My induction was easy. I had little progress in 36 hours then my water broke and 1.5 hours later my beautiful girl. I did feel more pain then ever and totally out of control but it was so quick and worth it!

i was induced at 39m 3d (bc of unexpected high blood pressure) and everything turned out great. 15 hours total of labor, including 2 hours of pushing. but i know everyone is different. do what you feel is right in your heart. i was ready to get baby out.

If you can wait - WAIT! Being induced with my 1st was the an awful experience and they said that the contractions are worse and they weren’t lying!

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I was induced due to medical reasons and after 24+ hours of contractions but not dilating I had to have a c-section. Worst experience ever… Everyone’s story is different though. Do what feels right