Would you leave your husband over this?

Me amd my husband started talking December 2020. We officially became a couple January 2021. We got engaged late July of 2021 and married October of 2021. Well yesterday i found out that from last year between Jan & May 18 my now husband was talking to his ex they went on dates and to a hotel and the things i read broke my heart into pieces. Would you leave him?


Yes girl go, that ain’t no husband! Don’t stay because you are only going think about this situation from now on. You aren’t going to be happy, & it will mess with your mental health. He don’t deserve you. Y’all moved a little fast, but some things are too good to be true. Not worth staying, he cheated once and it will happen again. You deserve better. Leave him! Don’t hesitate! Your happiness matters.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you leave your husband over this?

Nina Bradley we late to the party apparently

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Yes. If someone cheated on me, I could never trust them again.

Absolutely!! If he cheated on you, do not lower your standards, you deserve better!

Yes I sure would. If he has already done that to you he will do it again. Sorry but find someone who truly loves and respects you

Yes! He lied to you. Unforgivable.

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Yup, leave and start over with someone who will respect you.

Sounds by this question your ready to get hurt again…

Yes. Hard thing to do but yes.

Yes, you don’t need to be in a toxic relationship. For your health and mentality, divorce.

1000% I would be gone.

Yes. Say that you write trust on a piece of paper, well then you crumble that paper it will e ever be the same. That is trust.

Bye boy You deserve better than that

So he stopped talking to her before you were engaged and before you were married??


Yep, he cheated on you and lied to your face. You deserve better. That wasn’t a one night thing (which isn’t okay either), but a five month affair that he chose each time he texted her, met with her, etc. I could never trust someone who came to me and married me after doing that


Yes I would leave, i could never trust him again if it was me. And that’s no way to live. Good luck hon

100%. You guys were together at that point. That’s cheating. And it sounds like he didn’t tell you and that you found it out yourself. So not only did he cheat for MONTHS, and then have the audacity to ask you to marry him within 2 months of the affair, he didn’t even come clean on his own. I could never trust him again.

Yes, leave. Your marriage was built on a lie. Leave and find someone who will respect you and not build your relationship or marriage on a lie, really hope you’ll leave because it’ll happen again eventually either with his ex or someone else


Yes. If he can do it once and managed to keep it a secret for that long then he’ll most likely do it again.


From 2018? You didn’t know him right?

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Lace them shoes up and leave

My trust would be broken, therefore, the relationship would be over.

Yes, I would!!! And take everything, but the kitchen sink.

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Yup I left my husband after 7 just get up girl u got it

I don’t think I would leave him. I think that marriages should try to be worked out if there’s a problem. I think you should at least try to exhaust all your resources before deciding to end your marriage. I would try marriage counseling, marriage retreat, temporary separation. If your marriage is broke try to fix it before you throw it away. 


He’ll yes I would leave him. If you stay he will think you’re okay with it and he is going to keep on cheating.

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Yes you can’t come back from that

Heck yea. And don’t look back! You’re definitely better than that! Don’t expect for your significant other to treat you well, demand it next time!!! Good luck to you!!!

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Sure would. If he cheated that early in the relationship, that’s how he’s planning to carry on.


:100:% the whole relationship is based on a lie. There is no trust left.

Yup. My ex-husband cheated on me 2 weeks after we got married. He pulled all the bullshit of saying he’d change and blah blah crap… 4 months later I was divorced cause he wouldn’t quit. I don’t share and I don’t deserve that shit. And the person he cheated on me with was his ex who know we were married.

Jumped to fast into marriage.

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Faster than he could say divorce

Absolutely. If he can do it once, he can do it again. And FCK anyone who says different.

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If it was between Jan-May 2018, no i would not. If it was Jan-May 18th of 2021/ yes i would leave him.


Make his life hell first! Lol jk jk unless you’re in :joy:

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Yeah I’d be out of that

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Absolutely…I would also see if you could have this marriage annulled.He’s been lying to you all along.

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Yes. Absolutely leave.

YES not even a question

Absolutely get a divorce

It seems he proposed after they didn’t work out. He may not have married you if they had fully rekindled things


You 2 didn’t become a couple until January 2001?!
January 3 May 2018 you wasn’t around was you

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:triangular_flag_on_post: bye bye before any babies are made or any big purchases

Well it’ll take A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT of work on his part for starters. So if HE wants to fix this he will put in the effort. If not - hey - it was a wild ride it seems. But not your forever.

You were under the impression that you were getting married to a honest faithful upstanding guy when in reality you married a lying cheating lowlife ,he broke your heart and your trust time to cut your losses and leave because he will do it again


Idk …if u werent with him …then wht was he doing wrong …Leave 2018 in 2018 …dont drink poison…why would you read conversation from them …from long ago … Your gonna need another red flag …how did this come to light

Yes…you were a committed couple so he cheated.

Absolutely IF it happened during your relationship. If happened in 2018 before you guys became a couple then it shouldn’t matter especially if he has cut contact with her.

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Probably would go. Sorry

Oh yes. Absolutely. Immediately.

Umm yea she can have him

He still has the texts? :exploding_head:


You were cheated on.
Do you realize how disrespectful that is to you?
Once you fully realize how shitty it was, you’ll be ready to move on from this and him.

Yes ma’am sounds like he married you to make her jealous

Absolutely I’d leave! Especially since y’all haven’t even been together that long, he’s basically been cheating your entire relationship.

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I would not be able to get over something like that. Honestly. You can try counseling and try to work through it but the truth is that once someone steps out on a marriage the marriage is never exactly the same again.

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Yup that’s a deal breaker !

If he was seeing her while you were a couple, yes. If it was before you were a couple no

Yes he cheated and lied that shit don’t change

Maybe have sex with one of his best mates OR someone he hates!…. Then leave :rofl: no point calling him out men just deny, deny anyway!

Yes leave your better than that. Do you boo

If I interpret your dates correctly you are saying that your husband was in contact with his ex from January to May which was prior to your engagement in July. I fail to see what bearing his action has on your marriage if his contact with the ex all took place before you were engaged. Is it possible he wanted to be sure the old was over before he could begin on the new relationship?

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Absolutely. Bye bye. You deserve better

Absolutely. Know your worth! Don’t settle for that shit!

Yes, unless you want to dwell on it forever and never move forward !!!

Absolutely. Marriage won’t fix your relationship.

Not necessarily, marriage is a commitment. All options should be pursued before quitting.

Was it agreed you all were exclusive or was it just assumed? How did you find this out?

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Once a cheater always a cheater. He has baggage you don’t need!!!

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Yeah. Your whole relationship was built on a lie and now that you know that, it’ll never leave your mind.


It will hurt no matter what you do. Think about what is best for you

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Yes. I dont mean to come across judgmental but why did you rush to marry?


Absolutely, imagine loving yourself in every way like you love this motherfreaker. You would be unstoppable.


Yes I sure would leave him

If you’re still there you’ve stayed too long :broken_heart: Sorry he’s a dick :confused:

There’s no coming back from cheating, ever. You can try a million times to get over it or past it, you won’t. They do it again and again. And the cycle continues. Life’s too short to be miserable. You deserve better


Personally yes I would and I have

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I wouldn’t be asking thousands of people if I should leave my partner or not. It’s no one’s business and it definitely isn’t anyones choice but YOURS!!

How about talk to him, ask him what was going on, ask him why he did it!

In my opinion y’all didn’t know each other long enough, it’s like you jumped right in without knowing anything.


Yup. I’d have the marriage annulled, ASAP


Are you looking for permission or validation?


Consider him GONE !!!

This is why you don’t move fast in a relationship. Dump him

I would be so far gone. That’s something I could not forget or forgive

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Infidelity is the single thing our marriage could never recover from. So yes I would walk


Yup leave him. Lmao he will never stop sleeping with her hun. Lol :joy:

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Sounds like he already left you my dear. Don’t let it go any further. This will be your future if you stay :disappointed:

he is a cheater , cheaters never quit . leave him

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I’d leave. Sounds like you were a second choice.


If you think that you can truly a hundred percent forgive him and trust him then yeah work it out. But the fact that you guys haven’t been together that long and he already cheated that fast is definitely a red flag. And especially with his ex. I get people make mistakes but going on dates is more serious and more than just a mistake. And especially with the ex you’re always going to think that he still has feelings for her or wonder. And just the fact that you guys haven’t been dating very long just seems like a red flag that he could cheat that fast.

Maybe you should talk to him about it and tell him you want a monogamous relationship and not a polyamorous relationship. Don’t just assume it’s gonna be monogamous if you didn’t even talk about it.

Of course. Half of your relationship he was cheating on you.

Is there still something going on? This was from before you were snagged, right?

Empty bank Acct, then leave

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Who’s to say they stopped. But it doesn’t matter what we would do…

You need to decide whether you can live with it or not. And trust me, it’s gonna take a lot of trust and therapy to get over.

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You know what to do!

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See ya. Kick him to the curb.