Would you not pick a baby name just because it's popular?

Would any of you not pick a name solely based on the fact that it’s really popular? I’m pregnant with a girl, and so far, the two names we’ve narrowed it down to are Olivia and Madison…both tops ranked names. We also have two boys whose names happen to be in the top 10, which just happened by chance. It doesn’t bother me because it’s just the names we happened to like…but a lot of people are saying I shouldn’t pick something so common, and now I’m second-guessing.


Pick what you like, Mama

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Names honestly can eventually become popular as well! I named my oldest Carlee. I haven’t met many other children with that name! But my youngest paisley I heard nearly 6 children got this name over the years since I had her :heart:

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Just pick something that flows well out your mouth if you yell it lol it’s really whatever you both like it’s no one else’s kid


Pick whatever name you like. Who cares if it is common as long as you love it :blush:

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Go with your gut its your baby…Madison is nice you could even use both names Madison Olivia x

When I chose my son’s name everyone told me,how common his name is and I should change it. I love my son’s name and I wouldn’t change it for the world. If you like the names don’t let others talk you out of them.

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Its your baby do what u want

I don’t like common never did. So yes I would not pick a popular name. We named our son chace… common name not common spelling. And that’s what I like so even if the name is common think of a way to make the spelling uncommon

Pick what you like :relaxed:

I personally wouldn’t, but it’s your kid

I personally wouldn’t. But you clearly like those common names. The worst that will happen is they’ll be known by their last initial too. Pick a name you like.

We’re naming our son Eli and almost changed it because it’s super popular but then we decided whatever we love it. It fits. We’re good. But we had the same struggle.

I got two girls name are tallara & Evie was ment be Evelyn wanted something different and everyone different so go with wat u feel

What about Olive instead of Olivia that’s cute for a girl & different

I know a lot of girls with those names. I personally have been drawn to more unique names but you’re the mom. It’s your choice.

I personally stay aware from the names on those lists…its YOUR baby though. Olivia is a really pretty name.

Olivia Grace is our girl name we picked 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest. 3 boys later, we hope one day we will be able to use it! I am obsessed with the name, I can’t imagine using anything else! Grace was also my grandmother’s name😊

Use a name u like coming from a great grandma I have a son Tim and 2 son in laws Tim and guess what we make it and I m=am sure they were named Tim because their folks like the name

When I was picking my name I definitely tried to stay away from the “popular” names… but that’s because there was always at least 3 Brittany’s in my class :joy:

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I just had a Madison on Leap Day :heart:

I try to stay away from too common of names but if thats what you like then do it!!! Not everyone is going to like the name you pick but as long as you love it then forget what everyone else says!

If you like the names, use them. Who cares what other people are doing. My daughter is Emily. Most popular name in 2005. We live between two Emilies. Her BF is Emily. They all have their own personality. Go with what you feel.

This whole obsession with picking "unusual " and “uncommon” names has gotten ridiculous. Pick a name you like Mama. Your child will probably thank you when she/he is school age. I love the names you’re thinking about, btw.


It’s your baby… name her what YOU like!!! You will be saying it & hearing it forever!!! BTW, both names are truly beautiful!!!

It’s your child, anyone else birthing her or paying to raise her? Otherwise, no opinion needed I’d say to them.

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I picked uncommon names for my kids and wouldn’t consider a common name, but if you like it, use it.

I purposely decided on a unique name for my son, but not one that’s so unique that it might cause him issues. I did not want him to be in a class with 4 other kids with the same name.

Yep. I passed by many loved names that I refused to use because they were popular.

I wouldn’t… struggling with this myself right now… every name one of us likes the other has a family member or friend w a kid w the name name… I have a conner… my bf has an oliver… I like layla… he likes lux :woman_facepalming: it’s a struggle…

My God baby is Olivia

My daughter is names are Ellie Grace and Emily Faith and im pregnant with a girl im naming Elizabeth Hope i choose names that i like i dont care how popular they are or if other people like them

You pick what you like for YOUR babies! :hugs:

Forget what anyone else says. If you like them, go for them!! Names are also popular in different regions. There are some top names I love but don’t know anyone with those names and I work in an elementary school!

Yes. Charlotte and Isabelle and Emma were too popular and that’s why I opted against them.


Do they mean something to you? I have a Jackson Charles because he was named after 2 grandfathers ( and an uncle they share a birthday) Jackson is popular but it also has family meaning

What you shouldn’t do is listen to other people about your parenting choices. If you like those names tell them to F off and mind their God dang business. Its YOUR DECISION

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Go with what you like.

Do what u like its ur baby. My daughter name is Olivia grace.

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As a person with a super common name (in the ‘80s), I would just be prepared for no less than two kids with their same name in all their classes and co-workers at their place of employment. It’s fine that you’re OK with this, but I’ll tell you from first-hand experience that it’s really annoying.

I got a Madison. Love those 2 names. If you like them then so what if they are popular.

Your bub your choice they are both nice names for young and old

One letter change makes a popular name unpopular. Olivia - Alivia. Madison- Madyson, Madicyn.

Name your baby what you want to name it. My daughter has a fairly uncommon name and when we told people that was the name we were going with so many people told us to rethink it. I even had a midwife the day I gave birth refuse to write it on her crib thing. Now she is older and I could not have thought of a better name.

Ps I loooove the name Olivia and I have a niece named Madison, they are beautiful names

I know someone who is friends with like 4 girls who all have the same name.

Its what you like. As someone who name was very popular I choose to go with names that wasn’t.

I mean , people get sh** for common popular names, you’d get sh** for something off the wall. You do what you feel lead to choose !

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You should name your baby whatever you’d like to! It comes down to personal preference. I always wanted unique names that stood out. So I named my daughter Saphira. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with common names and you’re the momma after all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Both are beautiful names. What about Alivia? Its close to Olivia, but not as common.

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I had the same issue with mine when naming her, wasn’t until the day we left the hospital but we named her Alivia instead of Olivia.

I had an aunt Olivia and we called her aunt Olive… didn’t want that for mine so we went with Alivia. We call her Livie for short :heartpulse:

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Lily has been popular for a while but before my husband and I even got together we choose the name. It was bizarre how we both declared it lol

I didn’t want a popular name for my son. I wanted either an older name or one you don’t hear very often.

My son name is very common his name is Jamie but my daughters names are very uncommon Rubina and Rosabella.

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Whatever you want to name your baby. It’s your child.

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Pick literally whatever you want and like. I personally don’t know anyone naming their kids Madison or Olivia anyways. & they’re beautiful names.

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Who cares … it’s your baby … you going to have a tough time raising your baby on everyone else’s opinion … everybody had one . Pick yours and stick with it

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Even if a name isnt popular now, it could be just a few years from now so go with whatever you like

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Do what you want! Choose the name you love!:heart:

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My son’s names are familiar but I changed it up to my liking

Instead of Marcus I spelt it MarKus( yes capital K)

Instead of Alexander I spelt if AlexZander (yes capital Z) :blue_heart:

Do whatever you want mama. This is YOUR BABY. Not your friends.

Pick what you like. I picked my kids names based off their meaning.

I’ve had Frankie Olivia Lin picked out forn10 years now but my 1st was a boy lol I’m pregnant with my 2nd and if baby was a girl it was still going to be her name even though it seems way more common now.
You name your baby whatever you want or don’t want for whatever reasons you have.

When my daughter was pregnant we scoured the internet for baby names of all kinds that we liked and knew she had to see the baby’s face when he was born to see what she felt was right. They chose the name Jack. It’s simple yet perfect for him. Choose whatever name you want coz it’s no one else’s business.

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No. All my kids names are “popular” for the last 2 i just put a bit of a unique spin to make it their own so I have a Liam, Emelie, and a Jacksen (Jackie)

Pick the name you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s popular or not

No I check to make sure my choices are unpopular

I couldn’t pick a basic name . But it’s your kid pick what you like.

Pick whatever name you want but please dear God, don’t misspell kids names on purpose to make it sound “unique “. It’s so stupid

I say go with what you want! My son’s dad and I couldn’t decide on a name until I was about 38 weeks. We finally settled on a great name, Jackson (Jax for short) and were thrilled we found something classic with an edgy nickname. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Jackson was one of the most popular names in 2019! I’m sure he’ll have a lot of classmates someday with the same name… but oh well! Whatever makes you happy, go with it.

My kids names are
Topher Anthony
Hailynn Ann-Claire
Cora Lynn Marie
All different
All have a special meaning or are after someone that has past.

I have an Ileah (ih-leyuh) Grace and a Madilyn Claire. One uncommon and one super common.

Choose whatever you love! I feel like names eventually always become common anyways. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’ve always tried to go with a a name that isn’t too popular so when they reach school age there aren’t a million of the same name in their school.

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Go with what you like

It’s not anyone else’s decision what name u pick if u like it then go with it , or u could be like me I had names I was determined I was calling my kids and I stuck with two out of the four my other two kids names where changed the min I saw them but defo don’t let anyone else influence your decision , btw those two name are beautiful and I don’t know anyone with kids called Olivia or madison so I doubt they r that popular

I have an Emily and I love the name! Wouldn’t change it

When I name my children I personally like to go for names you don’t hear very often or have never met/heard before!
But as long as you like it then I don’t see the issue😊 it’s your baby hun so you name her whatever you’d like💜x

My name is Madison and I will admit that I know soooo many Madison’s lol and I always hated it bc I didn’t have a unique name. However, if that’s the name you like then that’s the name you should use. It’s your baby :two_hearts:

My daughters name is madison, I personally have never met anyone else with that name.

Your kid, your choice.

I named my daughter Lilly in 2008…it wound up becoming super popular and now there are Lillies everywhere. In fact, my now husband had a daughter named Lilly, and a dog named Lilly. So 3 Lillies in one house, and everywhere in both their schools. It kind of bothers me. Sometimes I wish I’d gone with the other name I liked at the time, something more unique.

When I named my girls, I wanted them to be different but not common. Their names are Tilly, Marcy and Sedona

If you love it use it!!!
My kids are Sheridan & Marshall, I wanted uncommon but not unusual.

I sort of tried to avoid the most popular, but when you find a name you really love I don’t think it matters how popular it is.

Pick what you like and don’t worry about it!

I changed names until it was time to sign the BC. There names are Brooke Lynn , Alexis. And Jaylyn.

Yeah I go with uncommon names, when i was in school I had 4 different Taylor’s in my year 6 class :rofl::rofl:

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I have an Olivia and I love it. I don’t think I’d change it.

My sons name is Oryn. I have yet to meet anyone with his name but hes named after my great grandfather. His middle name is Loxley. I didn’t pick it because it’s odd or unique but because I genuinely love the name. Following your gut and do what you feel is right. :relaxed:

You DO YOU! Don’t worry what other people say it’s your child.

I picked Raihana and Mubashshira for my daughter. Almost every Muslim household in Nigeria has Aisha, Fatima, Zainab and Khadija so I stay away from the names. E.g in my office out of 37 staffs we have 9 Fatima, 2 Aisha 3 Zainab and 1 khadija. Sometimes names too common are annoying everywhere you have namesake. A child will want to stand out. We have 4 girls with my name when I was in my undergraduate and I hate it

I don’t like popular names so I have completely avoided them for my children because let’s be honest Ashley Jessica Rachel Amber and those types of names from the 80s and 90s got old and repeated way too often

The thing with names you have to remember is, like mine Bebe is not exactly a popular name so I can’t find anything with my name on it. Everything I have ever received had to be made. You literally cannot find anything in a regular store :unamused:. However, I have learned over the years of the many ways my name is spelled (Be-Be, Bee Bee, BeBe, Be Be) and how many ways you can pronounce my name and when coming up it was aggravating. Now that I’m older, I have accepted it.
It’s your baby and whatever you like, then that’s the name you should us :sparkling_heart:

You can name your baby whatever you’d like. My daughter has a top name and it’s a little annoying to me

Who cares what “they” think!? It’s your child your choice! Don’t tell anyone your child’s name just say you don’t know yet and tell them after she’s born.

Pick a name and keep it to yourself until baby is born and announce it then. Everyone else can bugger off, its your child that will be a part of you forever. Name them whatever you want, although make sure they don’t end up with a terrible nickname from their name.
I have a Kiefer and an Avah. Avah’s name was in the top 10 list but I spelled it differently to help set her apart of the normal.

Tell them it’s not their baby so their opinion doesn’t matter. You name your baby whatever you want! I had some criticism for naming my son after his father. But I love that he is a Jr & didn’t care what anyone said!

It’s your baby not everyone else’s who cares what they think? those are really pretty names. if you like them that’s what you should use!

Um you’re the mom. They can go somewhere else with their opinions.

If my son’s would have been a girl the name would have been Apryle Skye

I didn’t wanna name my daughter Avery cuz it was a top name the year she was born but her dad really liked it.
We rarely meet others…she’s now 10. it doesn’t bug me anymore LOL.
I was born in 92… I had 4 Chelsea’s in my 1st grade class. (Thanks Clinton) so I was worried but so far so good.
I also have a Ronan. Still to this day have not personally met one.
Then I have a Donovan. Only met 1 so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Doesn’t matter the popularity… if you love it, use it!

Awe name your baby what you want :heartpulse: