Am I in the wrong for not wanting my exes new girlfriend posting photos of my kids on social media?

My ex recently started dating new women. They have been seeing each other for about three weeks when I noticed she started posting pictures of my kids on her Facebook. I have never even met this woman yet. When I messaged her about this and asked her not to do it, she told me that she would post whoever she felt like, and I had no say in it! And that I was selfish for saying anything to her at all. After this, I told her she would not be spending time with my daughters until I meet her and can get to know her. To this, she responded that she would spend time with my daughters whether I like it or not! Am I in the wrong for not wanting her in my kid’s life


You do have a say they are your children not hers and until she marries your ex she has no rights, advise your ex that you want her to stop, to many children are going missing don’t need their faces and places they frequent posted online only invites an abductor access. You can get a court order to stop her

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I in the wrong for not wanting my exes new girlfriend posting photos of my kids on social media?

Well first of all your ex should not even be introducing your children to somebody he’s only been dating three weeks.


Your ex is extremely weird for allowing this.


Unless it’s a serious relationship… no one should be around their kids!!!


Seriously… That’s a toxic chick. 3 weeks is wat too soon… They’re underage and she shouldn’t be posting minors especially without the parents permission. Report the post under the correct category


Then don’t let ur kids around her. Simple


Those kids are yours. Not hers she has no right to say what she will or will not do with your kids. I would talk to the father of your kids and get things straighten out.

You are the mother! She should respect you as the childs mother. You have no control on whether she takes the picture. But you absolutely have the right to ask her not to post photos of your child. The father should be on your side no matter how volatile the relationship is


This is so hard to deal with but the ones that are most important thing ever are your girls. Be the better person. I have been through this. With my 3 Children and his new person. You are beautiful and Strong Woman thanks :kissing: be there for your girl’s


I mean she can’t just post pictures of someone without their consent. I’m not sure if there’s a court order with you and your ex, but it kinda sounds like their needs to be. Casually dating is fine if they’re not just showing up with a random chick all the time. It took 6 months before my daughter met my significant other. And 3 years before we moved in together.

You came off very rude and maybe she came off defensive. There is nothing wrong with asking to meet her but you could have been a bit nicer.


Hell no!!! It’s already established that if me and my daughters father do not stay together forever, whoever we want around our child would need to be introduced to the other parent before we introduce to our child. And we will make sure it is someone who we plan to be serious with. So after only 3 weeks of “seeing each other” that is way too soon!!! She obviously doesn’t know what respect is! As their mother she should be making sure u are comfortable with not only her posting pictures but even being around them!!! And their dad too! What an idiot to not give you the respect and also making sure she knows not to disrespect the mother of his children!!!

I dont even post my kids on social media so it would be a big fat NO for me. I don’t know what kind of weirdo friends she has on her social media.

Sounds like a thick stupid disrespectful cow . If you don’t trust her get an injunction and tell him if he wants to see the kids its on your terms

Uhh, yeah, screw her. She should be 10×more respectful than that. They are your children


Your not wrong three weeks is nothing and yeah I don’t want anyone posting pics of my child on media sites unless I’ve seen them and approve rn


Wow I would lose my shit,definitely you can demand for her not to put pictures of your kids! Especially depending on their age for safety reasons,she’s disrespecting you and your wishes you are the mother and the father sounds like a whimp, Get a lawyer, clear it up. Good luck

So your ex is dating a woman who WANTS to spend time with your kids and is proud enough to post pictures of that time she spends with kids that arent hers? Yes you are most definately wrong, you need to spend time getting to know her for sure. I mean he could be dating someone who wants nothing to do with your kids and baby mama drama which if they stay together will hurt noone but your kids.


I love how the new women come along and feel they are entitled to the kids. Then us mothers get looked down on for being hateful…umm no. She does not need to be taking over like that.

Fuck that bitch. So disrespectful.
How is your ex allowing this selfish and entitled behavior?
YOUR kids YOUR rules.

I have been with my man for a year and I don’t post pictures of his kids and my kids together… yeah I take pictures of them but never post them idk I just don’t feel comfortable posting them so I send them to my boyfriend and if he posts them that’s fine.

True she can post whatever she wants on her Facebook but it’s weird that she would be adamant that she wants to post pictures of children that aren’t even hers, as for the second part she has only be with your ex for five minutes and it’s actually her that doesn’t have a say in if she spends time with your children. On some level I feel she is causing problems so you stop your kids seeing their dad so they aren’t around any more. It’s a clever way to get what she wants and to make you look really possessive and jealous at the same time.
You need to set up a meeting with her so you can meet her and have a chat and just say you don’t mind her taking photos but would like them not to be put on social media as you are worried about their safety. Be as pleasant as you can be to this woman.

Ok 1st, is it woman or women?
A bunch of females posting pictures of your daughters is weird but if its one female he has been seeing, thats different.
This chick is the one helping to take care of your daughters while you aren’t there, as long as she isn’t hurting your girls then don’t be petty.
I have been on both sides of this fence and I can say you have to get over your ex or this type of thing is gonna be a problem for you sweetheart.
Its on the father whether the pictures are appropriate or not, ie shorts too short or suggestive. Other than that you need to pull up your big girl panties and keep it moving, honestly you should be grateful some female wants to step in and fill those part time shoes.
Please don’t tell me that you’re gonna try to keep the girls away from their father because you don’t like his new girlfriend.

Oh heeeeeeeeeeelllll no


I’d be having a conversation with your ex about this, and reporting the photos on her Facebook. 1. Those are your babies and there are too many psychos in this world. 2. She needs to respect your wishes.
3. Your ex shouldn’t be bringing no female around that soon. I have a 3 months wait period AFTER we start dating that’s not even including how long it took us to get there.

Keep your head up momma this chicks just a phase.

Sounds like you’re a bit controlling… her father has a say :woman_shrugging:t2:

Listen, this bitch is wrong. You stand your ground x

This is a hard pill to swallow. Not sure if she posts her pics on social media. However, My daughters father had her around his girlfriend, brought her to her party and didn’t introduce me to her, and had my daughter calling her mom and her kids her brother and sister. Still haven’t formally been introduced to her and have seen her multiple times. I don’t let it bother me. She knows who I am. I know they all took a family picture at Easter in matching outfits also. I kindly explained to my daughter that I am her only birth mother. If the young lady wants to play mom that’s fine with me as long as she takes care of my daughter like she would your own. My daughter likes her so I try very hard to respectful about her and the situation.

It’s understandable as a year but what? Lol no especially if it’s a recent relationship lol BRUH SHE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AROUND THE KIDS YET :sob: that’s why kids dying cause pple wanna bring they mf gf/bf around they kids too soon.


Nope r they engaged 3 wks is not enough time and I m sure the courts would agree with you. I always had to sign a release for my kids school to use my child pic in public


You should get to meet her… but before you messaged her about the pictures you should have made an arrangement with her to meet then bring that shit up to her face! Next time think :thought_balloon: smart because saying anything.

do a background check on the new gf.

They are his kids too and he is your ex and this comes with the territory. You should be grateful she is interested in your kids and not trying to divide them from their father. She is right you are being selfish and controlling and you need to trust his judgement same as you would expect him to trust yours!


There are a lot of things that come into play, does the dad get to take the kids over night, does the new girl live with him, do you have a parenting plan? Honestly if he gets the on said days and gets them over night there really isn’t anything you can do if the kid(s) are around her on his time.

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She sounds like she was just being spiteful and trying to make you jealous. Not a good thing for the kids. I feel like you should have talked to the kids dad about it first and ask him to talk to her. Depending on how the coparenting relationship is between you two will determine how the new girlfriend acts towards you. I would be irritated about that too.

Don’t let your kids around her period. That bitch gotta go

I think this should be a conversation for you and your ex forsure


She never said the child and the girlfriend were doing things together and she doesn’t know the woman or her intentions. It’s the women who wanna scream she’s a bitter ex who probably are still with their child’s father. And this is coming from someone who is with her children’s father but had several “stepmothers”. Some of these ladies seem nice on the outside but really put on a show to keep the dad.


You have more patience than I would because I wouldn’t even ask, I would be pounding on the mf


Seriously…your issue is with your ex ALLOWING his new woman to interact with your children after only 3 weeks…and then on top of that…not checking her. Talk to him…not her. You’ll get nowhere with her. You 2 should have an agreement about all of this. Chicks, men, etc. How do you know she 's posting pics anyway?


U r not in the wrong at all!!! 3 weeks…does he even know her that well to be introducing your children cuz i wudnt be happy with tha, an i certainly wudnt want her postin pics of the kids, if she had any kind of respect she wud think the same…fair enough if they had been together a good while but 3 weeks cmon…she wud get told wer to go if tha was my kids dad gf xx


You’re not in the wrong for this. You have a say-so in who sees your kids as well and you want to be safe and know who they are around when they are away. As a parent, you have the right to say who can and can’t be around your kids. It’s up to your ex to understand your reasoning and if they don’t then idk what to say.


My sister raised 2 absolutely beautiful smart daughters and she has never allowed anyone to post pictures of them on social media in a world as crazy as this one is now honestly it’s not safe I am sorry but I support any mother who doesn’t want her children on the internet


You both are in the wrong, you should have first had the conversation with the dad, especially since you have not met her yet. And what are pictures hurting? At the same time, the way she aggressively responded to you and her demeanor is a big red flag, I would definitely not feet comfortable having my children around someone like that so I can sympathize with you there. But at the end of the day, you and dad aren’t together so focus on the bigger issues and don’t worry what’s going on in his life. Communicate with him your feelings and hopefully he has enough respect for you to ensure things are smooth from here on out.

No… you don’t know what fucking creepers are on her Facebook. Your children’s safety is your concern no matter who they are with. Three weeks??? They shouldn’t even know who she is. They are both your children and if he can’t respect your wishes then he needs to go

My first question is why are you looking at her Facebook? You said you started noticing her posting pictures of them after 3 weeks lol so you was watching for 3 weeks? Overall sounds like your approach was wrong. Also feels like there’s more to the story!

My issue comes from her meeting the children so soon. The kids will grow attached to her and if it doesn’t work out between your ex and her the kids will be heartbroken too and they deserve better. The same applies to you and you should hold yourself to the same standards of not introducing romantic partners to children until things are serious, like a few months from engagement/willing to have a solid commitment/lifelong relationship, the last test before moving in together and taking the next step in life. What’s done is done though and she made her stance clear. I would talk to my ex about how uncomfortable the kid’s pictures on a non relative’s social media is to you. The one bright side is that at least she likes your children.

3 weeks and she’s around them already? He dont even know her like that and she has no right to post your kids without your permission

As minor children she actually can hey into trouble posting them. U can report it. Facebook will make her take them down. I have friends that will not let their children be posted at all. That’s how I know. As someone went against her wishes and Facebook deleted the pics.


If this was an issue I would’ve brought it up to my ex. Asking if we could meet bf/gfs before they meet the kids. Also asking that they really get to know each other before bringing them into the children’s lives. Several gf/bf introductions to kids can get confusing and overwhelming. So I think asking to meet her and to wait until they really know each other and it’s serious before meeting children is all okay to ask for.


I usually don’t say much in this group, but I do as agree with everyone especially with the mother. I do not biological have children but I do have a lot of nieces and nephews so in MY OPINION…
She asked the women not to post pics of her kids online the lady should respect that. I personally know 2 different situations that happened to my sister and my family. My sister’s brother in law was dating this girl and whenever she would go to my sister’s house to his her boyfriend (sister’s husband brother who was staying with them) she would always “pretend” to interact with my nephew she would use my nephew just for pics. My nephew wasn’t even 1 at the time. My sister and her husband didn’t say anything until they were around her the baby a few times and noticed it, finally they said something to her about/asked her flat out why are you posting pics of our baby when you don’t even acknowledge/play with him, Then they asked her not to post pics of him up there anymore. She told them because she want to see how many likes she can get. Which is not Right, she continued to do it so my sister said something to her again finally she took them down and ain’t talking to them or seen them anymore. My sister’s brother in law don’t even talk to them or see them anymore. He hasn’t even seen his other nephew or soon to be niece.
I personally know another person close to my family who’s baby was in the ICU and someone she use to know was taken pics and ect of her baby and post them as her own telling people that she needs prayer’s and ect and that her baby didn’t make it. When the mother found out she freaked out reported her.
Do yes I totally agree with some of you but on the other had I don’t, I agree on the part that it is the women’s fb and she has all the right to post what she wants but on the other had it’s children you hear about stuff or ect all the time regardless if the family or father knows her in my opinion I don’t think it’s right and you should get permission from the mother and father to post pics regardless if they are together or not. Again this is just my opinion.

Whoop her ass then post a video and see how she likes it……wait, don’t do that. But if you do, send me the link.

You got a right to say so. Your kids. And who knows how long she will last . She just tryna fact the funk nobody does that after 3weeks. She doing it maybe to make him feel a way . careful people are crazy I would not feel comfortable about it.

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I had this same issue. Minus the picture part but I told my ex that I need to know who is in my sons life. I told him I have no hatred towards him or her but as my son’s mom, I have the right to know who will be in my child’s life. Same goes for him. He knows who my now fiancé is and understands. I feel like yes it could be hard for you to see your babies with someone else as a mother figure but it’s honestly about respect. As a mother you should want to know who’s in your child life. As a parent, I am just grateful that they are nice and loving towards my son.

What a disrespectful b#%^


Yes you’re wrong and the asshole and childish af. You should have approached your bd about it and not her. Calmly told him you’d like to meet her. Qnd it obviously doesn’t matter to you how long they’ve been dating you said you don’t want her in your kids life period. Grow up. It takes a village. Having another loving adult does not hurt. It’s NOT about you and your feelings it’s about the KIDS. And until you get that you’re going to be living life miserable.

I know you don’t like it but you will have to get over it. Not saying that to be mean at all. She could be a total beoch and be mean and rude to your kids but she’s sowing intrest and caring for them. Starting drama over her taking pictures with your kids is petty and will not make anything better in anyway. I hope you find a man who will show how much he cares about your kids even if it’s only been 3 weeks.

The fun of having baby daddys😂


The more people that love your children the better. These days split families are not rare. It’s normalized. As long as she is good to your children and treats them the way they deserve to be treated then I feel like you should be grateful for her.

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No you are not wrong at all.

I personally think you are 100% correct. I have a son and my fiance has 2 daughters a 19 yr old and 5 yr old. He kind of use to make it a big deal that i didnt post pictures of our little ones and only of my son but i had to make him see it as i saw it from his daughter mom point of view. I personally if i didnt know my ex partner well enough posting pictures of my son would be a no go for me. Until i felt she was good with me as in the sense that his daughter gave her mom that assurance that i wasnt an evil b**** or mean to her in any way is when i started to post pictures and mention her in posts etc. So no i feel she should have been way more understanding

Those are YOUR KIDS And YOUR EX KIDS. His new girlfriend has no right to overstep your boundaries. You need to sit down with your children’s father and have a discussion with him about how you feel. You ARE NOT WRONG for feeling the way you feel. 3 Weeks is a short period of time for those kids to even meet the new girlfriend anyways.


You ain’t in the wrong at all 3 weeks is nothing I’m a private person and wouldn’t like another woman posting MY kids on their social media I would probably catch a charge if I asked nicely and she was a petty ass smart ass b!tc#

You should be discussing this with your ex, not her


I actually went through this, in Canada. My lawyer told me what the father does on his time with the kids is his choice not urs unless your children are being hurt in some way. Now idk were u live but it’s always good to call n get free legal advice. It’s tough I know but I’d call n ask a lawyer if there is anything u can do before things get worse and he retallates.
Stay strong girl!!

Not after her response… She sure didn’t care about making a good first impression.

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I could see if they were together for a while but damn only a couple weeks I would be upset if that was me and how rude of her to talk to you like that :rage:

:woman_facepalming:t5:I wished I had your patience, because baby ex would be catching all kind of hell. And ummm she doesn’t have the right to post your kids she ain’t even been around that damn long no way​:speak_no_evil:


Your ex should nip her attitude in the butt before it gets out of hand. I have 2 boys they are now 26 and 24 since our divorce we have Christmas together every year. My ex his girlfriend my new husband my parents and our grandbabies. It is called family and my boys deserve that. If you asked for no pics on her Facebook she and your husband should understand.

I don’t think you’re in the wrong at all. And shame on him for bringing her into their lives so quickly after dating. She sounds like a shit starter.

Report the photos and only talk to your ex. Clearly she’s nuts.


See the younger less patient me would’ve found her and :facepunch:t4::facepunch:t4::facepunch:t4: her in the throat for being disrespectful but after almost getting arrested for assault, I have changed my ways. What you should’ve done was talk to your ex about the situation and tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with her posting the kids ESPECIALLY since they just met. Then he could’ve told her it’s not cool and to take them down. That’s IF he didn’t give her permission. If he gave her permission then you are fighting an uphill battle. If he wants her around, she’s going to be around. The only way you can attempt to stop her seeing the kids is if you go to court. Even in that situation you might lose if you can’t give a good reason why you don’t want her around the kids.

It’s a felony for her to post pictures of your kids without permission.


Report her ass to Facebook. That’s disrespectful.

I wouldn’t let my kids around someone I’ve never met let alone posting about them I’d let the ex know no contact untill you guys figure this out

Wow you are their mother you are responsible for them their safety and well being and she is clearly disturbed report the pictures so she has to take them down and stay strong and keep your head up . The best moms always put their kids first and protect like a lion :heart::heart:

Oh hell no! You may be able to report the pics to fb to have them removed, havent tried it so not sure. Loorrddd have mercy girrrllll, If I was you she would be getting a grade A ass whooping you hear mee!! I would pay her a visit in person when your ex isnt around to break anything up, but thats jus me💅🏻

As long as your ex can meet any person you’re seeing.

Personally, you would have put me on the defensive.

Report her to Facebook x

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No, not at all if u feel that way that’s ok I was in the same shoes too so I knw exactly how u feel

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Just keep loving your babies when you have them; they will know who really loves them and who will be there for them. Kids remember :revolving_hearts:

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No I do not feel your wrong

girl them yo kids!!! not hers if you say No then it’s a No!!

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Nah she sounds like a dry cunt

Not at all amd and your ex should be talking to her asap.They only being dating for 3 weeks why is your ex bringing her around them anyway.


Um they are your exs kids too… Not just yours, So she could have dads permission to post the pictures…

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NOT A CHANCE!! Heads would be rolling. One thing to disrespect you but to disrespect your wishes around your children… er no hunnie!!


F**k that, slap the bitch and be like hoe its not your kid, i say what goes around them. Know your place! Then id be telling my ex to sort his yappa out :joy:

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Technically you don’t have a right to say this. I’ve had this issue many times and sought legal advice, all be it a few years ago. Legally, judges would advise the new woman to step back, but there is no way to enforce it. Report the photos to fb, but again, she has their dads permission so little can be done. I feel your pain.

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Um no, anyone should respect you enough to not post your kids without permission, Especially since you don’t know her. That’s messed up. She has no right! I’d be furious!

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They are your babies, period

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Am I in the wrong for not wanting my exes new girlfriend posting photos of my kids on social media?

This is a conversation you need to have with your ex. This woman sounds very immature.


Wrong. If you wanna be around my children you’ll be woman enough to meet me, at least. If not you’ll never see them.

You have absolutely every reason to not want this women in your children’s life! She’s in the wrong not you!


Wow, no you’re not in the wrong. They’ve only been dating 3 weeks and you don’t even know her. Better get baby daddy to put her in check asap!

Do not 100% blame you for this at all! He shouldn’t be introducing the kids to any new girls until they have dated for a long time. Sounds like your ex an idiot and the girl, wow she won’t last long


No. Your kid your rules. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: