Am I overreacting about this situation with my babysitter?

Oh wow what the hell

Completely inappropriate.

Yeah no I’d be pissed

Id call the police andnfile a report

Agree. They could have waited.

Oh helllllll noooooooooo

You need to mind your own business we’re is the work ethic

I would have a conversation with the sitter and let her know that you were uncomfortable with the children being unsupervised with the door unlocked, especially since it took her so long to realize you were there. You should be comfortable with your childcare.


Unless you are not having to pay her, I feel as though its inappropriate. Mostly just because she’s being paid to care for your children, and although she doesn’t need to have her eyes glued to them at all times, she does need to be able to hear them and be checking in on them consistently. You can’t do that if you’re being intimate with your spouse (unless the sex isn’t very good), so I would say have a sit down conversation with her and go from there. If she’s apologetic and you guys end the conversation, go forward. If she doesn’t see the big deal, look for new childcare

Dont send your kids back and dont pay her for that day and i would put it in her review if she has a page for that. That is beyond unprofessional and not acceptable. And if you send your children back then you already know what might be the outcome. Dont put your kids safety last.


The way I see it if you’re not supervising the kids you’re being paid to watch with the same standards that a child care center would, you’re not doing your job. If a daycare teacher can’t leave the room and do whatever they want while the kids are sleeping, neither should a baby sitter.


I operate an inhome daycare. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! You should have fired her immediately. She is paid to supervise your children not get busy.


I personally would have gathered the kids & their belongings and slammed the door on my way out. Let’s see if she hears that.
Then call to fire her.


You have to be “that person” when it comes to your children. She shouldn’t be caring for anyone’s children.

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Babysitting if a Paid Position is considered a JOB. Very Inappropriate in my Opinion. I can’t just casually have Sex at my job. In fact I make it a point to not have sex with my husband in the Privacy of my own home unless my kids are Asleep on the other end of the house or away.


This is unacceptable and not okay by any means! She needs to be let go and you need to tell people so they know. They couldve gotten hurt or got out

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um. yeah. that’s a problem. first and foremost, the front door was wide open and they didn’t hear someone approaching or knocking? that alone would be a deal breaker.


Yea… No… Dont send your kids back there. Biggest flag here is the door being completely wide open and them not even hearing them pounding on the door. A child could have been kidnapped or left the house and onto a busy street where god knows what could have happened.


Ya, that’s inappropriate and not something she should be found while babysitting. I’d be looking for a new sitter.


Must be time to find a new babysitter. Unless she’s free.


Wow. Inappropriate. Her sexual gratification could have waited. Find a new babysitter. I would have fired her right there

As a childcare provider this is absolutely NOT OK


That is unacceptable! I would fire her and find someone else. If you were able to just walk in, someone with ill intentions could have as well. I am glad it was you who walked in and we aren’t seeing a missing kids broadcast :pensive:


If she wants to get paid while having sex that’s a totally different job description than a daycare, you should remove your children and find a respectable person or daycare centre for them, not worth your children getting hurt


How many times do a mom and dad get busy when their kids are sleeping?

Personally, I don’t think this is neglect, and we don’t know what’s going on in their lives. Maybe they are trying to conceive and that was her fertile window? We just don’t know

How about we all try to be supportive without tearing other people down.

I think babysitter and parents should sit down and have a real conversation about it and see what happens.


I had same exact issue… u sure we didn’t have same babysitter??? Lol. So all jokes aside this happened with my old babysitter near beginning of the year and I almost hit my 5 yr old with my car pulling into her driveway bc he was outside by himself bc babysitter had an issue with me so she was laid up with her man in bed and told my son to go wait for me “out there” which he thought she meant outside and she didn’t even know he went outside. That was final straw for me! I found a new sitter

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Oh no, you have every right to feel the way you do!!! Anything could have happened to your children!!!
Find yourself a new babysitter!!! I know it’s not easy but with everything going on today I would think people are looking for extra work these days.
Look in your neighborhood & check with others for recommendations.
Good luck & thank God nothing happened to your little ones…:heart::blue_heart::pray::pray:


One time I picked my son up and everyone was asleep, including the two teachers. I picked him up without anyone knowing. Then I went to the office and proceeded to have a nervous breakdown. Never took him back


Oh she’s fired …not now but RIGHT NOW …she has one job while I’m paying her to watch my kids ans if she thinks that includes getting her groove back while my children are there …Negative !


I would have fired her on the spot! That is so so so inappropriate!
Running a daycare is a job that requires a certain level of professionalism just like any other. You would get fired at any other job for sneaking off and banging it out while on duty…


This is what i am saying. People are just after what they get. Which is being paid to “care” for the children. But they never really care about these kids well being.

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I wouldn’t keep her. having sex while your own kids sleep is one thing. But I eould never ever do it while I was watching someone else’s let alone while getting paid for it… but there’s no way to prove what they do and do not do in front of your kids or maybe exposed your kids too, or even did to them. And what have they done in the pat. These are the questions I ask myself… but its your choice your kids. You have to do what is best for them. I personally as a mandatory reporter would report her to cps if I was in your shoes for your children’s safety

Wow you need to get someone else to watch your kids it only.take a minute for kids to get into
Trouble at that age have a
Talk with the baby sitter this. Can’t happen again
She can’t let this happen again

I know it’s tuff but I would def get yourself another sitter

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I would not be happy. I would start looking for someone else immediately. That is absolutely ridiculous!

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Makes me wonder if it’s some weird kinky thing since they knew you were on your way. Deal breaker.

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I would get another sitter. You are paying her to watch your kids not have sex with her husband and not there if something happens. But I will say neglect is not the problem in this. Because how many times have we all had sex while our kids were sleeping. Yes I know the room wasnt completely safe but it’s not neglect. But it’s not right for her to have sex while she is watching kids.


I would have grabbed my kids and left and never said anything to her …then seen how long it took for her to call you


You’re not wrong for feeling that way. Babysitter would have been FIRED if it was me…

Did the kids hear you beating on the door??? Did she benadryl them?!

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Yea some people can’t wait. Or they say they are watching your children but aren’t.

Babysitting is the same as any other job they should not be doing that while working a normal job why should babysitting be any different

Think I would have loaded my kids n left. Scare the :poop: out of both of them. Waited about 30 minutes n texted “I have my kids-you are fired.”


You’re in your right mind, babies come first.

Exactly reasons like this why I think it’s good every once in a while to show up unannounced. They would only care if you show up unannounced if they have irresponsibly to hide. And to a comment above, trying to conceive, only window. They seriously could have waited until when the kids got picked up at any point in time of the day, scheduled or not. No excuse. I fully believe as they were babysitter/caregiver, there was definitely neglect.


Lmao if your kids were asleep and your mad at that then kinda over reacting. If they were awake thats different. What the difference in you doing it when they’re asleep vs her? Personally I’d appreciate she did it while they were asleep instead of in front of them

Get a new sitter, this is terrible!


Im just glad it was you rather than an intruder


Yeah I can’t have sex at work. LMAO can you?


Inappropriate all the way around. If they couldn’t hear you they can hear the kids. Hard no for me

I would have quietly gathered my children and walked out the door with them. Find a new sitter!


I am a professional nanny…im horrified. Wrong wrong [email protected]!!

Definitely, would get someone else ASAP!!! You pay her to watch your kids not to bang. Smh

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This is a grandmother. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Never bring them back there again :open_mouth:

Time to find a new sitter

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Don’t pay her for that day, and don’t send them back to her ever again!!!

Change your babysitter! right now

Don’t send your children back there!

How many places is this posted? Its all over my news feed.

I would fire her and file neglect charges any thing could have happened to your babies no your under reacting imo


You get what you pay for :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Does this mean you and your husband never have sex when your children are in the house ?

I mean ask them if they are trying to conceive. Maybe it was THAT time :thinking:

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Oohhhh hell no… I would be seeking new child care. That’s all I got to say!

Stupid is as stupid does

Ummm what in the entire hell…

HELL TO DA NO! Please find a responsible person because that is def not normal or safe. The front door wide open? Is she insane? Don’t even get me started with the doing the do part. Def let her go and she go can go on about her business which was clearly not watching your children. :angry: I’d be so mad!

Haley Langman agreed!!

Having sex while they’re being paid to watch your sleeping children on the couch? Hell to the fucking no. I’d give her applications for the whore house and tell her you’ll be looking for a different sitter going forward. How disgusting.

Get a differnt Sitter!

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Okay so I could understand the sex part if the kids were asleep in a different room but you could clearly still monitor them( door open baby monitor anything like that) especially bc they may not have been sure when yall would get off unless it’s a set time everyday. But I couldn’t agree or look past the fact she had the door unlocked and even more wide open I’d lose my shit especially since yall were pounding on the door and she didn’t hear anything!!!

I would have been pissed it’s okay for everyone to have a love life so am I child safety is in jeopardy for her to get a little dick that’s not cool and then I wouldn’t answer you like to get nasty right well I could be nasty b**** and I would have beat her ass right then and there I think LOL you don’t need that s*** a mother a person with decency knows that’s unprofessional if it’s her own kids that’s different not someone elses

Hell no that’s way to far I’d get a new sitter

Shit girl my kids are in there, there are no laws! You do whatever it takes to get them out of there, mine would never go back. If she did this imagine what’s gone on you don’t know about!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh fuck no!!! I would not be okay with that! That’s so INAPPROPRIATE!


Gross get a new one asap

Completely inappropriate!

That’s straight up Fucked Up. I would have gone off on her and whoever else she had at the house. She is there to watch the children. I get it when they’re asleep you get a little free time, but that free time should not consist of leaving to go have sex. You wanna sit down and watch a show, read, play a game go for it, but at least be up, alert, and present. Like they’re not even her kids so at no point should she be in any position that could expose your kids to something inappropriate or dangerous.

Yep thats not right…

Report her and fire her as well


No thats unacceptable

The babysitter could have waited until the kids were picked up to go fuck her husband ! Sickening
If you can’t give my child undivided attention then ain’t no point smh

I would be pissed honestly that’s bull shit your babies could have walked in on them

Find another baby sitter🤷‍♀️ problema solved

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I would find a new sitter. Just because someone thinks a kid is asleep doesn’t mean they stop being professional. If this wouldn’t be acceptable at a normal job, it shouldn’t be okay while “on the clock” babysitting. I mean unless the kids were there because the parents needed an overnight sitter, but otherwise, that’s not professional.

Oh dear I jeep a 4 month old only time he’s outta MY site is to go to the kitchen or bathroom other wise my eyes are on him at all times I feel so sorry for people that have small children and have to work a good decent sitter is hard to find these days

Yeah not ok. I’d have gone in when she didn’t answer, taken my kids and left and not return.

Breaching her licence by not having a secure home. No one should just be able to walk into the home and get to the children. I would report her and not return


That is a no no those kids could have woken up got hurt somewhere or walked out of the door
I would not send my kids back there

Ummm no they could waited ur kid there so no attention on the kid new sitter

She heard you she just wanted to finish off before answering the door which is even worse. You hear someone knocking knowing they’re here to pick up their kids and instead of stopping and answering the door they finish having sex then make you wait to answer the door. Hell No.

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Id fire her so fast her head would spin. Thats absolutely not okay. Id be livid

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Yeah that’s way inappropriate. I wouldn’t create a big huge scene, but just say sorry this isn’t going to work out & find somebody else x

Find someone else! That’s unacceptable.

Totally inappropriate. Think about what would happen if your boss caught you having sex when you were supposed to be working. And chances are you aren’t responsible for little lives. Find a new babysitter.

Hell no, find someone new! Who knows what else has gone on there you dont know about

I agree with you that that is not ok.
You’re entrusting her to watch your children and keep them safe. Certain things have to happen…and not happen… to make that happen.

If shes been watching them for a while and this is the first and only big issue; try having a conversation with her first.
If she doesn’t have kids herself it’s likely she doesnt fully realize how quick and sneaky little kids can be. Or that your two have been so good it may not have occurred to her.
This isnt to excuse her behavior but I 100% can see how as a babysitter there were a lot of things i didn’t know until becoming a parent.

Perhaps add in some stipulations like texts with pictures of the kids at certain intervals. Maybe a “checklist” of their activities for the day.

However if there is any more issues I would strongly suggest finding another sitter. It sounds like she may be used to either babys or older kids who don’t require the same type of supervision that toddlers do.


You definitely need to find someone new because you now no longer trust your sitter.

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