Could my copper IUD be causing issues?

I’m 26 with a IUD I’ve had it since 6 weeks after my sons birth almost two years ago. About 4 months ago I stopped having a period all together. About a month ago down below started having a metal smell. I thought it was due to the antibiotics I was on. Well I’ve been off them and now everything smells like copper. From my body to my tears. I know this isn’t normal and I’ve made an appointment. It’s super embarrassing. Could my copper IUD bc doing this. I felt for it and it feels like it’s moved further up since the string isn’t as low as it normally was. They always claim the iud can’t do anything like that to your body and it’s the only birth control i can have that’s actually affective and doesn’t mess with my hormones so bad that I’m super emotional.

I don’t know about the metal smell, but the copper IUD causes a lot of problems for a lot of women. I had mine removed because it caused me such terrible pain. Definitely get it checked out regardless. I don’t use BC at all anymore, I do natural family planning, and use condoms - haven’t gotten pregnant in almost four years. Good Luck.