How Can I Teach My Son That Beng Gay Is Normal And Love Is Love?


"I need some advice. I have always been open with my four children about gay people, gay relationships, and the LGBTQ in general. I wanted to normalize all of it so they would be tolerant and not spread hate. So, from a young age, I always told them it was normal, and love is love. Recently my 11-year-old boy has come to me and told me he does not support gay people and never will because it's weird and not okay. I don't know how to respond to this. I don't want to force him to be okay with it, but I also don't ever want him to judge someone or come for them for who they love. I have always taught love is love, so I feel like he has learned this behavior from someone at school. How do I approach this?"

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"I’d just explain that he does not have to agree with or accept it but he still has to always treat people , no matter their sexual orientation, with respect & dignity. You can’t change a persons mind & it’s fine that he doesn’t agree with it , as long as he isn’t being mean and is still treating them like people it’s fine."

"Unfortunately everyone has the right to their own opinion. Even if it isn’t popular. You did what you felt was best and tried to teach them that love is love and he made the decision to disagree. There’s nothing you can do."

"Accept HIS believes. There are people who are against it and manages to respect people. Tell him that respect is a must but dont shove your believes down his throat."

"Let him believe what he does , as long as he doesn’t go around disrespecting people for who they are or what they like then it’s fine, it’s a society with a bunch of sexual orientations , and he needs to have tolerance and love for others no Matter who they are ."

"He can make his own decisions, but it's different if he chooses to bully people who are gay. Now that's not okay. As long as he's not bullying them, let him believe what he wants. He's entitled to his own opinion."

"He doesn’t have to support or agree with them. But not supporting and bullying or treating them poorly are different things. Make it clear that he can think that but it’s not ok to treat someone else badly because of it. Or bully them or try and stop them."

"It's ok for him not to like it or disagree. You can't control that unfortunately, so instead teach him to be respectful and to not spread hate just because he disagrees. Everyone has their own opinions, just teach him to always treat everyone equally and to never bully over something he disagrees with."

"You teach him to be his own person with his own opinions and views. The end goal isn’t to have him thinking the same way as you, but to teach him to treat everyone with kindness and respect even if he doesn’t agree with their sexual orientation."

"Just respect his choice. As long as he shows no disrespect, he's fine. He has the right to not agree with someone else's choice. Just not mean to them."

"I would tell him he doesn't have to support it he doesn't have to think it's not weird. But how he treats people is so important. He can choose to have his beliefs but he shouldn't hate or treat the people that decide to live that lifestyle any worse than those who don't live that lifestyle. Sexual identity doesn't define you. And you shouldn't be defined as a sexual orientation. You respect people for the people they are not for who they love."

"Tell him it’s ok to feel that way but not to discriminate because of it. Everyone deserves the respect of one another regardless of who they like."

"People are going to judge, regardless. Teach him to be a decent person to others no matter what they believe."

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