Is It Inappropriate For A Child To Snuggle On The Couch With Dad?


"Is it normal for a five-year-old to snuggle with dad on the couch? My mom says it needs to be cut out, and it’s inappropriate."

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"No it's not inappropriate! When I was a 5 year old my daddy time was so special to me. We cuddled, played in the floor, he'd dance with me. And Lord knows I'm very grateful for those memories because he passed away when I was 17."

"Does she cuddle YOU on the couch? Does she cuddle said grandma on the couch? Then yes she can frickin cuddle her FATHER on the frickin couch! Why are all of these posts on here suddenly about whether or not something is “inappropriate” with dad when you know 100% it is being done with mom. Unless there is reason for concern (at which point LEGAL ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN) then let DADS be PARENTS!"

"Would it be weird for a mom to cuddle her son? No. Just because we're different genders doesn't mean we can't cuddle our children of the opposite gender. It literally has NOTHING to do with anything sexual so it definitely isn't weird. I'd try to explain it to your mom like that."

"Your mom is making it inappropriate, and that in itself is inappropriate. Tell her to mind her own."

"Yes it is definitely normal to cuddle your children. I would personally think it's not normal to think you shouldn't cuddle your kids. Showing your children affection is always a good idea. When my child is tired, sad, or just had a long day, she asks if we can cuddle. Sometimes she'll ask if we can "group cuddle" with my husband and our youngest daughter. It always cheers her up and they both love it!"

"It's inappropriate to think that's inappropriate. I don't think you can ever out grow cuddles from mom or dad! Let alone a five year old!!!"

"My 14 year old still snuggles with her dad. I guess I always thought it meant she felt loved and secure."

"I am 23 and will still go snuggle with my dad. Stop sexualize daughters and dads. If it was mom snuggling her 5 year old son no one would say anything."

"Wow. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your son cuddling with his daddy! My 5 year old son cuddles with his daddy all the time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I hope he always knows where to turn to when he needs a hug!"

"No way!!!!! That is just ridiculous. Nothing inappropriate about a father loving his children. My kids snuggle Dad every single day!"

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Omg this is ridiculous, I hope that my kids cuddle, lay on, hug with both their parents throughout their lives and never feel it’s inappropriate.

It’s inappropriate to say that it’s inappropriate not to cuddle with your child on the sofa. Only an idiot would suggest otherwise.

Ask Mom why she has such a nasty mind. Then tell her when she quits seeing your child in such a sexual way she can call and request a supervised visit, but no touching any of your family for no less than 2 years.

My favourite memories are cuddling with my dad up until I thought it was gross to let people know this. It was never inappropriate