How to flip breech baby?

Went for my scan today. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and baby is still head up, head is in my ribs. Obgyn told me to practice exercise and c section if she doesn’t flip. I am 1cm dilated. This is my 3rd pregnancy, other 2 babies born vaginal. Any tips on c section, what to prepare for, bring to hospital, etc?


Walk walk walk!! Those gas pains are the absolute worst

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If you happen to end up having a csection, follow the drs orders, dont over do it, and wear the belly band they give like your life depended on it.
My first was breach until the 8th hour after my water was broken, dr turned him. But walking, lumbar stretching and side stretches can help encourage the little to turn too.

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Once you are out of recovery, force yourself to walk. The more you walk afterwards the better the recovery. Bring a bear or a pillow to push against your abdomen to guard where you’ve been cut. I popped stitches and Staples from laughing too much


Hands and knees rock back and forth

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Following. Currently expecting 3rd baby & due to issues with previous vaginal births, I have to have csection. SO ANXIOUS


Get on hands and knees and rock back and forth for 30 minutes 3 times a day and playing loud music can make then turn if they dont like loudness

Wear your binder, move as soon as you possibly can, be prepared for it to hurt as you try to pass gas, bladder laziness is common the first few times you go, and don’t OVERdo it once you get home. :heart:

During operation, you’re absolutely allowed to ask that anesthesiologist for meds if you get uncomfortable or nauseous. They can administer immediately and you don’t have to be sick or woozy.

Wear the belly band if you end up having one! Life saver with both of my csections.

First you are able to birth a breach baby… second hands and knees and back and forth worked for me
Third a dr can manipulate the baby to turn
Fourth… a breach baby doesn’t automatically mean c section and can turn at any time… even after labour has started

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Big pads some comfy jamers n a dressing gown a flannel to wash your face somet to occupy you laptop/phone wen your in for the night or or wt not. Make sure u prep everything were u need it in easy reach prior as ur stretch is very limited and get a lil belly pillow cz it helps wen coughing zz

WALK , PILLOW AND THE BELLY BINDER oh and stool softeners

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Once you get back in your room all for a heating pad for your lower back it works wonders!

I had to have c/s with my second because she was breech and I had gestational hypertension which lowered my fluid levels. I was told there was probably a reason why baby wouldn’t flip. Try spinning babies website as mentioned in another comment and/or chiropractor. Chiro can try to adjust your pelvis to give your baby more room to flip. Stay on top of your pain after surgery!! My ob gave me a pain ball which worked for the first few days, then it was discontinued and my pain was bad. What was hard for me was not being allowed to lift anything heavier than the baby or drive for 2 weeks… I had a 19 month old at home and relying on someone else to drive me everywhere was hard. I was also sooo nervous for a c/s but it all worked out so try not to worry too much :upside_down_face:

I was scared when I had my C-section but the only thing I can say is be prepared the spinal block hurts really bad but after it takes effect you don’t feel anything and your baby is out within a matter of minutes.

Walk. After your c section walk. You are going to need it. Not moving is the worst thing you can do.
Follow dr orders. Keep it dry. If you have to put a pad down there (I’m overweight and had to do just that when I left the house) to keep moisture out.
You still bleed even after the c section, as sad as it is.
LOOSE PANTS!!! Not only for the pain, but to help the incision breath. Do not pick either!!
You will, and I mean, you WILL have phantom pains after your c section. Had my baby 6 months ago, had a pain so bad the other day I had to sit down. (I have a high pain tolerance)
Have someone stay with you or have your SO help with EVERYTHING!!!
You just had major surgery. Carrying groceries into the house is A NO GO.
Do not feel bad for ot taking care of the house.
USE THE PAIN MEDS THEY GIVE YOU! They go a long way. But when they kick in DO NOT DO ANYTHING! Maybe some dishes or a load of laundry, but not much more then that.
I over did it one day when I took my pain meds and the next day I could barely move.
Ask for help. Get help. It is major surgery, and regardless of who you are, it is going to knock you on your ass.
No need to worry. Just take it one day at a time.
Best of luck, mama!!!

If you are going to have your tubes tied tell them to cut you up and down not across your stomach, you will heal much better

Oh and if you can help it do not get a spinal block

Both of my girls were completely breech until 38 weeks and with help of certain yoga poses they flipped naturally

Ice packs. And those ice pads they have are amazing!. Ask to take some home.

Get a birthing ball( for me it was just a exercise ball) and sit on it with legs open Everytime you sit. It helped my little one flip.

Do “cat cow” yoga move.
Also babies can flip so so quick. She may just surprise you :purple_heart:

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I can honestly say my c section was way better then my vaginal delivery. I labored so long and ripped from one end to the other with my vaginal delivery. My daughter was an emergency c section. I handled it well only took pain pills while in the hospital and tylenol or ibuprofen at home. Make sure you take a gown or very loose pjs to help with rubbing on an incision and the rest of what youd normally take with for a vaginal delivery

You’re NOT going to want to, but when they’re telling you that you need to get up and move around in 24-48 hours after, do it. It sucks, but it helps recovery along, and will make you feel better faster.

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I had an emergency c-section and was so unprepared. Bring clothes and more importantly shoes that are a size or two bigger with lots of give. I had so much swelling, way beyond anything I was expecting.

I got up 6 hours after my C-section. My son eneded up in the NICU in another state and I was bound and determined to see him. Doctor came in and said if I wanted to leave at 36 hours I would have to show her I’m ready. I did just that. Its tough but you can do it. Also if you can sleep in a recliner do that it hurts so bad going from flat on your back to standing. Im 19 and that was my first viable pregnancy.

A pillow held tight against the tummy when you need to cough or laugh!! It helps sooo much! Also use a pillow to prop yourself on your side cuz laying on your butt/back for a couple days HURTS!!! And trying to lay on your side will feel like your organs are falling out lol the propped up pillow helps SO much!

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My 2nd was stuck just like that up in my ribs and he never turned i think cuz I’m small he couldn’t flip I had a csection at 39 weeks they offered to turn him but I decided against it. But I also know people’s babies that flipped right before labor.

Also after my csection they had me in bed for 24hrs which I think was a terrible idea by the time they got me up I literally passed out woke up back on the bed with oxygen on

I honestly had no pain during my c-section. It was hours later and trying to get up and out of the hospital bed. Ask for a belt and strap a pillow to your stomach it helps.

See a chiropractor who specializes in rotating. It’s miracle work.

You can birth a baby feet first ! Try spinning babies . Look it up , a lot of moms have done it

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Avoid a c-section at all costs…lol…but that is just from my experience…loose PJs…extra pillow just in case…I was put on a morphine drip for my c-section…take puzzle books or something to keep your mind busy…don’t rush the healing process & definitely try very hard to get out of bed when the nurses think it’s time it will help so much… :slight_smile:

You don’t need a c section for a breech baby. Fire your doctor.

Find a chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique and a good acupuncturist. I was able to get my baby to turn and avoid unnecessary surgery with both.

My c section was bliss compared to my vaginal birth… pack everything you would fprna regular delivery just make sure you big big granny panties that go over your belly so it won’t sit on your scar
I was only in the hospital for 2 days with my c section… vs. My vaginal birth when I was in the hospital for a week

I saw some say something about doing hand stands in the pool could help them turn naturally.

I carried my first in breech position for the whole pregnancy; at 37 weeks she turned when i bent over to pick up an item off the floor. that’s what broke water and started labour. My second was in transverse position the whole pregnancy until the last week, she turned on her own. I suggest yoga positions like downward dog to elevate hips and butt above waist to encourage baby to engage head in birth position

Have you asked the Dr to turn the baby?
After my section I would try my hardest to avoid another one. The recovery was long and painful.

You don’t feel anything during the procedure itself, but be prepared for HELL afterwards. A pillow to hold to your tummy when you need to cough or sneeze, definitely those mesh undies that stretch up to your elbows so it’s not sitting on your incision, and just take it easy as much as you can. The first time out of bed is the absolute worst, it feels like your insides are falling out. Just don’t rush yourself the first week and you’ll be absolutely fine
(2 c sections awaiting my third)

Are you into meditation? You can actually make your baby flip by imagining it happening. Give it try it a couple times during the day, it is possible!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to flip breech baby?

I’ve had a natural vaginal birth and a C section. Do doctors not flip the baby themselves there? If you can get away without having to to have a c section, please do! Recovering from a c section with a newborn was more difficult.


Sorry I would rather recover from a c section then try and have a baby flipped.


I was breech and luckily he turned around at the last minute. You still have a little time before they do it manually


I had a c section with 2 other Littles at home and cared for all 3 by myself and managed well. Just stay on top of the pain management and you should be fine.

Im 30 weeks and baby is breech hoping baby will turn aswell also had 5 natural births too if by 36 weeks no change i have to be c-sec aswell

First off why wasn’t it wasnt notices sooner?? Besides I watched a video of a doctor changing the baby’s position so it can be done. Need a second opinion from another doctor.

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How many weeks are you

My first 2 were vaginally delivered. Then 3 was breech so her and my 2 yr old were delivered via c-section.

I’ve heard to help a baby flip put ice at the top of your belly and a flashlight at the bottom.

Editing to add that my baby number 3 was head down on Wednesday and then when I went to be induced that Friday she was breech so it is possible to flip at the very last second.

I just had a breech baby 11 days ago and I opted out of flipping her because of the complications that can go with it. My recovery wasn’t that bad I feel like a vaginal birth recovery would’ve been worse honestly

I was able to get my second baby to turn at 38 weeks by seeing a chiropractor. Right after my first adjustment she flipped.

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Look up spinning babies

Check out spinning babies worked for both of my breech babies !

I had an ECV with my daughter. They monitored her the whole time they were doing it and then I came in a few days later to see if it stuck. It was successful. My doctors did give me a spinal block, so I felt no pain, i don’t know if that would be an option for you. I hear it can hurt quite a bit without the SB. It took about 3 minutes from start to finish. But they successfully turned her and the ultrasound confirmed she was safe.

They did do it at 37 weeks though , just in case my water broke the baby could be delivered safely.

I would choose that again any day, over having a c section. Lol. But that’s just me personally.

My son was a breech baby. Doctors said they don’t turn babies due to it causing more harm to both baby n mother! I proudly wear my c-section scar


Find a chiropractor that helps in pregnancies!

Having them flip the baby is pretty risky. My daughter was breech, delivered via c section and it absolutely sucks because it is a tough recovery but I don’t regret it for a second because it was the safest choice for her. I was given the options and told the risks and made my decision based off of that. BUT don’t let anyone scare you out of a c section if you think it’s your safest choice either.

I am recovering from a c section 5 days ago as my baby was breech at 38 weeks… I had the Ecv which they give you an injection and gas and air it was very painful they tried 3 times to turn him an it didn’t work so planned for a c section at 39weeks 3days… but my water broke early hours of the day I was planned to go in ended up going in earlier than planned… ive found the first few days we’re painful but was still able to do everything for baby just a little bit slower with correct pain management found it bearable.

Some babies flip at the very last min … My daughter did …

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I had 4 cesarean and my best advice to you is take your pain medication on time and as soon as you get out of surgery, wiggle them feet, wiggle those little tootsies until you can feel your bum again and as soon as you can walk, DO IT. Don’t wait, it will make pain much worse if you sit still.

My son was transverse they tried to turn him and within 24 hrs he had turned back, was worse pain than labour itself. Ended up with a c section and it’s not the best and yes it’s a longer recovery but as long as u take it slowly u will be fine. I would rather give birth naturally 10x over than a section but in the end mine and my sons safety was all that mattered xx good luck whichever way u decide

As long as you take meds you should be able to care for yourself and the baby . I had two c-section.

I was in the same boat. She actually flipped herself a couple days before she was born.

Look up spinning babies. Forward leaning inversion helps flip baby too.

The ECV was the worst pain I have ever felt. I still ended up having a csection right after.
They didn’t give me any injections or anything during the procedure for the flip, but I’d rather push a babe out with no meds than do that again.

Its possible during labor… Painful in some ways but possible.

My doctor recommended me to look up baby spinning videos to get my daughter to flip and also recommended me to see a chiropractor? I guess some of them will help flip the baby (i didnt do it cause i have never been to a chiropractor before) also since i had another ultrasound coming up i just waited to see if she would flip by herself before i did that option

Baby still has time to turn on it own. Also laying on your left side when you sleep. If you have a huge yoga ball sit on it with your legs open and massage you belly in a a clock words motion to help massage and coaxes baby to move

I had a c section last week with my first child. I was walking with really minimal pain by the next day. They keep you in the hospital a few days but it was really a ton easier than I expected it to be. Honestly if I have another baby I will just opt for a c section:)


My first flipped weekly from 32 to 40 weeks. There is still time for baby to turn around. Unfortunately he decided to do his last flip the day before I went into labour.
Doctors offered to try to manually flip him but i didn’t want to take the risk ( I know many people who have had it done without issue though)
I had a c section, have now had 3 c sections.
The first 2 days are the worst, but I managed pretty much alone with my first 2 babies.
Stay on top of pain medication and take it easy. Nothing wrong with lazy days cuddling on the lounge until you recover.

I was 37 weeks when baby finally flipped. She did it all at once in her own and it really didn’t feel too great. I’d highly recommend moment the EVC if it comes to thay. I’ve heard it cam hurt though. So bare that in mind. I didn’t read other comments so I’m sorry if I’m repeating previous information

My baby flipped at 37weeks we had a ECV appointment scheduled a week later that we got to cancel!

Don,t know where you are or indeed who you are but if you are in Carlisle and you want some help l would be quite willing to help.

All my 3 boys were breeched. My 1st turned himself towards the end and my 2nd the Dr turned him and was successful but unfortunately ended up having an emergency c section with him that was in 2007 and 3rd was breeched til the end and had a c section with him. Took me about 6/7 weeks to feel good after my 1st c section. 2nd c section about 2 weeks.

Talk to ur Baby tell it to flip it will listen


My second was breech. They had me crawling around in a circle backwards on the floor. It did not work. I had a emergency c section. She was born 6 weeks early feet first.

My son was a flipper. He ended up flipping in my last week, but I had a scheduled section since I had to have one with my daughter.

Sometimes they flip just before birth, saying prayers for a safe delivery. Try poking your belly to try and flip him if he isnt too big he may just flip. Sometimes during labor a dr can reach in and flip them


I used a mid-wife for both my babies. My youngest was breech until two weeks before delivery. She told me, to sit in as warm a tub as I could as long my mucous plug was still in with the water as high as it could be and put as cold a wash cloth as I could stand on the top of my belly essentially on his head. This would create a head ache and he would turn himself toward the warm water. Did it. He turned that night shortly after bath was done. Was painful and I’ll never forget it. Ended up with an emergency c-section anyway because he was bigger than the expected at 10.4. I’m in my mid 50’s. But there’s something to say about “old wives tales”.

I’ve had 4 c sections and honestly the recovery isn’t that bad the first day after is maybe the most painful but after that is a breeze… You just move a little slower than you normally would


C-section was a piece of cake compared to a vaginal birth for me.

Don’t go through all the hassle and struggle to still end up with a c-section. Let the process take it toll let baby flip by itself, if baby doesn’t flip by time doctor says settled for c-section is better than to go through all this and that plus labor pain and still ended up having a CSection.

I refused the epidural and my dr refused to give me general anesthesia. so i naturally delivered my 9.9pd breech baby. However i found out later some states can arrest you for that so i wouldnt recommend :woman_shrugging:

I had an ECV done with my third baby. Delivered directly after at 38 weeks vaginally with no complications. The ECV was not comfortable. It wasn’t painful per say but I’m happy with our decision to have that done instead of a C section. Good luck with whichever option you decide!

This was literally me. Im almost 38 weeks now but up until recently our baby was frank breech. Seemed like what worked for us was the forward version while using moxibustion sticks and going to acupuncture. I did the inversion off my bed onto an ottoman with some pillows ontop. Has my husband burn the moxa stick by my pinky toes 15 min each side and within a few days of doing that she flipped.

Wait longer, she will flip🙃

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Both of my kids were breech when I was pregnant w/ them. But my ob never sent me home saying to try to get them flipped on my own? They always attempted it at their office. I was told not to try it at home myself. They try to get the baby to flip by putting pressure on the sides of your stomach like in a clockwise motion, its hard to explain. But its not that uncommon & my first was stubborn & didnt flip w/ my ob’s help. But by the time I was induced, she had flipped on her own☺️ I wouldnt worry too much. Ive never had a csection, only natural deliveries so I cant speak on that🤷🏻‍♀️

C sections suck. They hurt a lot but it is doable for you if you have to do it. I had to take care of my first child as a toddler when I had my 2nd c section. I would try everything else before getting one though.

My first son had to be flipped and not gonna lie it was painful but it was def more worth it than having to get a c section… but my other 2 flipped in their last 2 weeks… good luck with everything :blush:

C sections are not as bad as people make them out to be. I’ve had two.

Honestly I had this same issue my first baby

I’m so thankful I didn’t try flipping her during my c section they announced the Umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck we were unable to see this in any of the ultrasound they have done for her so I am thankful we did not flip my daughter

My vaginal birth was extremely hard to recover from. I was all stitched up etc it was awful. I’ve also had a major abdominal surgery, gastric bypass, and I’d do that again 10 times over as opposed to going thru my vaginal delivery experience again. The pain was absolutely unreal. The movie Hellraiser comes to mind lol but seriously I was ripped totally apart, it felt like a bomb went off down there like I just burst open. They gave me nothing for pain when I was stitched back together either. I felt every string pull thru my skin and I feel like it changed my body a lot. In ur case if u already had a vaginal birth and didn’t have a bad experience w it I might just go ahead and try to do it that way to avoid the scar. Anyway what I mean is I don’t think a c-section will be that hard to recover from. I was back on my feet in about 10 days after my bypass and back to work in 2 weeks. As far as getting her to turn I have no advice for that. I’d try looking for answers online. U’ll be OK either way! I begged for a c-section.

I wish I had some answers to help , but unfortunately I don’t.


What I don’t understand is why your OBGYN didn’t give you any ways to help rather than telling you to research them yourself.


I was told to put a pillow underneath your lower back for 15 minutes 3xs a day. To help the baby turn down…I also put an ice pack on the top of my belly and a heating pad on the bottom of my belly. Because the baby will go where the heat is

I don’t understand why they told you to do your own research, maybe there is another obgyn you can talk to…I’ve never had a baby that wasn’t head down but I’m sure it is very scary and worrisome. Prayers to you and your baby

I had a double breech natural birth! I ended up with a few stitches but by not having c-section meant I didn’t have to stay in for long

They told me this with my first two and my first doctor was sweet she induced me and planned for both vaginal and c section in case and he flipped that last week at 39 my second doctor was pushing me for c section and I said no he’ll probably flip and she said she can’t schedule both at hospital anyways he flipped two days before delivery! Third kid was head down but wrong side faced and my doc tried to turn her head during labor and cord wrapped around neck which resulted in me having a emergency c section. Honestly recovery wasn’t horrible of course I had more pain meds then I did with vaginal but really it’s just the first day that’s the worse

I had twins breech thought no way has twin 1 got room to flip , how wrong was I , he did it right at the last minute I never got told to try and flip him just have my bags packed ready incase. (12years old now)

I had twin breech babies naturally on my last babies & was so glad being it would be my last babies & my other children were natural births . Was so glad I did not have to have a C section!!!