How to get rid of lice?

My three nephews were placed with us, and I have 4 of my own, and they had headlice, and now my whole family has it. That’s 9 of us: 5 boys and four girls with long hair. The help we have tried professionals, over the counter, prescriptions… how do I get rid of these monsters???

Lycelle is the only treatment I found that worked on us. We also went to the doctors and got special lotion to put in our hair every day to keep lice away.

We also is a large family of 9. That’s the only two things that work for us. We fought lice over 6 months and finally got rid of it by using them two things.

Cut the girls’ long hair to an attractive short style–the shorter, the better. Do the cuts outdoors to prevent bugs from crawling on the floor indoors. Short haircuts will reduce much of the aggravation, and the hair will grow long again. Give the boys crewcuts.

Next, get a good-quality dog shampoo that kills fleas, ticks, and their eggs. A school nurse recommended this to me, and it worked. I don’t recall the brand I used years ago, but nothing came close to working as well. We didn’t use it all the time, we only used it for lice outbreaks.

You must use a lice removal comb to remove all the dead insects and eggs from the girls’ hair. It’s a lot easier to see both lice and eggs in natural light, so go outdoors. Use the shampoo on the boys and check their heads. This is an easy task with crewcuts.

Wash bed linens in hot water and dry on high heat. Wash and dry stuffed animals. Check furniture (coverings and decorative pillows, too) for live bugs, and don’t forget to check the family car. Steam clean carpets. Advise children not to share hats, combs, coats, hair clips, headbands, and scarves.
Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CUT THE HAIR. That’s silly and pointless. My daughter has incredibly thick long hair, and we’ve had our fair share of lice outbreaks in her school. 100% what works for us everytime is saturate the whole head in olive oil. Put on a shower cap and sleep over night. The next morning wash the sheets and linens and everything else. The oil suffocates all living mites. Wash the oil out. Blowdry with high heat, because high heat helps kill the eggs. Comb through with the lice comb. Do the same thing for 2 or 3 nights and they’ll be gone.

I found coconut oil worked amazing. Slather all their hair in coconut oil, you can buy it from any supermarket. Leave it on overnight is best but even 4hrs. Shower cap. Wash it out the next morning and use a nit comb to comb out. They should all be dead. It also helps the Eggs lose their stickiness so they fall but sometimes it’s best to repeat in 7days incase some eggs remained. Do the whole house at the same time, wash all the bedding when you wash it out. Hopefully you should be all good then. Make sure you clean out hair brushes as well

There is a pill as well as a lotion you put on dry hair for 10 mins then rinse out… says don’t have comb but I recommend you do… both are called Sklice (lomitical)
My daughter has extremely thick hair and long sometimes like mine… I highly recommend contacting pcp and requesting… insurance should cover it… may need a prior auth but it’s the best out there that I know of!

When I was 12 my parents got custody of my 6 cousins after my uncle passed away. They had lice when they came to us and every time they went to visit their mom and grandparents (who lived 12 hours away) they would come back with lice again. The lice were immune to EVERYTHING. Once, they came back from a visit with their other family over Christmas and they had chemical burns on their scalp because their mom had sprayed Raid on their heads🤦🏼‍♀️

We tried putting mayonnaise on their hair and wrapping the hair in a plastic bag, we tried tea tree oil, we tried every home remedy everyone told us about.

Get a team of people together, sit everyone in the home down (preferably outdoors) and go through each and every person’s hair with a nit comb. After that, hit the hair with a flat iron to pop any missed nits. You can actually hear them popping under the heat. I think I even used the flat iron before using the nit comb, then again after, if I remember correctly. When they’re immune to everything, physically picking them out is the ONLY way to get rid of them. It takes lots of time, lots of patience, and most definitely a village. Run everything that you can through the dryer then bag it up and put it in a garage if you can. Treat the ENTIRE house. My daughter got lice twice while she was in preschool. Both times I just cried and cried because I had a newborn at home and I already knew how painstaking the process was and what I was facing when I was already exhausted. My best friend came over, wiped my tears, and helped me take care of it.