How to tell my ex about my new relationship?

I was dating my husband for one year before my ex husband found out and I didn’t tell him my son did. So once it gets serious enough to meet your kids then you can tell him.

What my ex have to do with me getting into a new relationship he is my ex not father or counselor

It sounds like you need permission from him He is an ex and for 2 yrs. Why did you get divorced if you both don’t want to date anyone else. I’m confused

Just talk calmly and with respect and tell him you are thinking of dating again…that’s all he needs to know.

Tell him when you feel that you want to introduce him to your children. Your ex has a right to know who is going around the children. And he has a right to meet him when that occurs. Other than that, it’s not his business. I hope this helps.

So far, you’re not even in a relationship. Should you enter into one, why is it even your ex’s business?

As a courtesy only you might make a comment since you have children, along the lines of: “I’m seeing someone, it might get mentioned.”

Obviously you will take great care before introducing any new person to your children.

When you’re ready to introduce your kids to your new man, I would let your ex know. It’s truly not his business anymore

If you know 100% this is going some where and if you are going to introduce your kids than I would tell him now. He has the right to know of there will he someone around your kiddos. Otherwise if you are just having fun and have no plans at this time to involve the kids than it isn’t something necessary to bring up. But if you involve the kids the other parent needs to know this person. Not to mention there are times that a boyfriend ends up causing harm to children The other parent needs to know who has access to thier kids.

The biggest problem will be the kids especially if their young kids, Kids pick up more than adults . .having two daddy’s or mommies can be hard for kids also very confusing

Your divorced, you don’t need to tell him anything, you don’t need his permission to date anyone, his only interest with you are your children.

Why do you feel the need to? When and if they meet, you introduce each other politely. Besides it’s a new relationship. You are not sure if the relationship will last.

Until it’s serious you don’t have to say anything…and the new guy should not meet your kid for a While.

Tell him before the guy starts interacting significantly with the kids. He has a right to know who is interacting with his kids. Be matter of fact about it.

First off get your ex husband out of your head, he’s not your problem or yours, until you’re ready to let him meet the kids then let them meet the kids husband will hear about it lol

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You don’t have to tell him anything or explain anything to him nor is it a requirement for him to meet who you choose to date its your business and your choice

Because you do not know yet if this will lead to a long term relationship just wait at least 3 months before telling ex and then maybe at the 6 month mark introduce your children to him if your ex is okay with it.

I would definitely wait until it’s an official relationship before introducing your kids and only then would I let him know about it. I wouldn’t make it mandatory for them to meet.

You need to grow up. You don’t introduce anyone to your ex or to your kids until the relationship is SERIOUS. Fine if you want to be clear you are dating, as any single adult can. You sound like you are asking permission or approval.

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I wouldn’t tell him until it becomes official and he plans on meeting the kids.

When you last 2 years and fall in love

Tell him the truth… make sure you have a relationship with someone before you think you have one… Think first about your child. That brings on more talk in many ways… your Ex has a… right go know. A child involved brings more for you and ex to discuss…
I hope you two (ex) have an amicable relation…

I talked to my x about it before I introduced the kids

I dont understand the question u are entitled to move on his your ex

Don’t say anything until you’re actually in a relationship…why would you?

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I didn’t tell my ex but then again we don’t share custody or have visitation so there is no reason for him to know.

Why do you have to tell him anything he’s gone old history have a BBQ invite your friend over let the kids met him he’s just a friend

Don’t tell him unless you thinking about marrying this man.
Other than that, it’s none of his business.

Okay you say that you have been talking to him not seeing him - you are putting the cart b4 the horse - date him but do not involve your children until you are sure this is something you really want and it takes time to filter thru what this gut is really like - keep him out of the equation for now.

You do not owe your ex an anything. If nothing becomes of it then ohh well. If something does happen then eventually they will meet.

If the person is coming around your child, he should know. A simple “hey I have a friend who’s going to be around our child I just wanted you to know this Incas our child brings up the person” IF ITS CIVIL!

You say nothing til you know for certain it is going to be a permanent relationship.

If their your X its none of their business

You don’t need to tell him anything its none of his business …

Depends on the relationship. You might want to wait until it’s more serious in the relationship because things change. Wait until it’s official.

When your ready. He doesn’t need dets.

I wouldn’t say anything until it’s something serious I wouldn’t introduce my kids till after dating someone for a year.

Tell him before your kids are able to. Kids have no filters.

I wouldn’t say anything until you guys get serious and you’re ready for him to meet the kids. Its not your ex’s business until then.

When someone sends him a screenshot of your fb is usually how a ex finds out :rofl::rofl:

No need to tell him anything unless and until you get remarried.

Why do you have to tell him? Is it really his business?

You should tell him When you decide to introduce him to your kids or invite him into your home.

You are getting some goods somewhere else

You dont have to. Youre divorced.


I would’ve a relationship as soon as the divorce

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When you get married :woman_shrugging:


You don’t have to inform him until you are serious about the other man


You are divorced. None of his business…

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Its nothing to do with him it’s your life you do what you want you are now divorced get 9n with life

Just call him and tell him. Say to him that you hope that he is happy for You!

None of his business until it’s a secure relationship

The ex doesn’t need to know. If the relationship developer he’ll find out on his own!!!

Be smart…if you get engaged…tell him…


Why would you? I’m sure you don’t know about all of his.


Hi! So…it’s not really any of his business until you decide it is. My ex husband didn’t tell me about his current wife until she gave birth to their daughter. It really had nothing to do with our coparenting, honestly, so I didn’t mind. I have primary custody and since he’s in the military it wasn’t relevant until he had time to have visitation with our children. I think if your significant other and you decide to live together then it becomes relevant. Until then, it’s none of his business.


It’s none of his business period

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PLEASE don’t listen to these ‘women’ saying it’s none of his business etc. it’s good to see a respectful PARENT.
My motto is treat him how you would want to be treated. Would you be upset if he just had some girlfriend around your kids without you knowing/ meeting her?
A bit of mutual respect never hurt anyone. You chose to have kids with him, just because your relationship is over, doesn’t mean your mutual parenting is


None of his business
You are divorced

Send me a picture of you boinking the new guy. Especially if his weiner is larger.

None of his business if you feel comfortable with him in your life and your kids life.

When you’re actually a couple


He’s your ex!! Just tell him or don’t!!

As long as this person isn’t in the children’s life for a while, get to know him properly before introducing him, let hubby meet him as well before the kids, then if all is well let it happen. Show him the respect of being the kids dad and for the safety of the children , but after that you have been divorced 2 yrs. Life goes on. I think people bring the kids into things too soon.

send him one red rose,the card says i have moved on so should you

It’s none of his business.

What do you think ex means , no of his business !

The kids will tell him.

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That’s why u get into trouble he’s yr ex or are u trying to run a marathon to see who can hv more than the other

Don’t tell him shit I’m pretty sure you don’t kno what he doing

Question i take it you still talk because of the kids This is the big question are you still sleeping with ex at all since divorce if that answer is no then dont tell him anything until you have been seeing your new person for atleast 90 days or he starts staying over at your house the 90 days is probation period or when he begins going places with younsnd the kids Then he should be told atleast i would want to know if there was another man around me small children

No way she can know for sure he hasn’t been with anyone else in two years. She needs to keep it to herself unless it becomes serious.

You owe him nothing on that matter!

Its not about you or him it’s about the kids, if and when you feel it to be the right time to introduce your kids to this person then I think he has the right to know and meet him , women need to watch who they bring around their kids , to many are being abused by said new girlfriends/boyfriends so just be cautious since its new and im sure that’s one thing the father will be worried about also . It’s ok to have your own life and date who you want but you do have children to worry about and you need to make sure that he’s not gonna be some psyco so watch the signs and be safe about things until you are atleast dating him for awhile and it’s official… thats just my opinion :woman_shrugging:

Don’t tell him anything it’s none of his business! If he is at your house and your ex comes over to get the children then introduce them and let that be it! Good Luck

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Just sit down and talk about it. It’s time to move on.

None of his business…he’s your EX for a reason

You don’t. Your personal life isn’t his business anymore.

None of his business

Just be upfront and tell him. As long as it doesn’t affect the kids’s relationship with him or you then don’t worry about it move on

Why does he need to know? It’ll fall into place when the time is right.

As long as your children’s lives are stable and normal it’s non of his business what you personally do

Don’t … until ya have something solid with the new person …

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Its not his business

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Always follow the golden rule in these situations. You two have kids, so I think it would be a good idea to tell the ex now and wait until later down the road to introduce the kids. Maybe even arrange for them to meet each other?

It’s his business because ? 😮‍💨

It’s none of his business

What’s it got to do with him

Don’t bother telling him until you’re ready to introduce the new Beau to the kids and don’t do that until your sure he’s worthy of meeting the kids.

Wait until something happens to tell him

He has no say in the matter.

Wht so you have to tell him? You’re divorced

You dont need to tell your X anything

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None of his business. Kids should know before your x.

until you know it’s actually serious, why bother? ~

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None of his business

You don’t need to tell him a damn thing.
Jude keep the kids away from the new guy until your talking marriage.

You dont need to tell him he’s ex you can decide for your own good


Say what? Why even bother? OMG

None of his business. Don’t bring guy around your kids until you have gone together for a long period of time.