I want to name my son Lucifer but my family has an issue with it: Advice?

So, I really love the name Lucifer for my son (My favorite show is Lucifer lol), But my family is totally against it because it is the name of the “Devil”. I don’t believe in God or the devil, so to me, it’s just a name…Should I change the name of my son because of my family?

I personally love the name. But I also love that show. Your child, your choice.

Why? Why would you want to TORTURE your child? He will be picked on, best up, have hexes thrown at him, holy water, curses, etc ALL BECUZ YOU WANT THIS STUPID NAME. It literally means devil! You stupid idiot if you do this and condemn him to a life of misery until he is old enough to legally change it himself. Be a GOOD MOTHER and give him a NORMAL NAME!

My sons are 28, when they were in grade school there was a boy named Igor in their class. He was from another country, but by the time 8th grade came around, he had convinced his Mom to legally change his name to John. I really don’t think the kids teased him too much about his name, but Kids really don’t like different names. Get a dog and name him Lucifer…

However you feel about it, there are billions of Judeo-Christians around the world who will automatically react negatively towards your son as a result of that name. Hopefully most of them will have the maturity to get over it and judge the boy on his own merits, but my faith in humanity to be its better self is quite limited.

There is something to consider if you are a spiritual person. I’ll not try to tell you, “but tge Devil is real” … waste of words. But you’ve lived in the world long enough by now to know there is an energy…a resonance…to everything. Most of the consensus of the Collective Unconscious still pumps evil and depravity…pure blind malice…into that specific name. Is it important enough to you to risk possibly yoking your child to that resonance?

In your place, I’d choose another name. Adrian is lovely, for example.

What he ends up being a Christian? Being named Lucifer would be terrible.

I would never name my child that, because of how he would get treated in the future. I would suggest finding names that are similar like Luca, Castiel, Lazarus, or even Lucian sounds better. If you really like the name, get a pet and name it Lucifer.

Please don’t do it, this is not like naming your child Apple or north. This name will cause your child a world of trouble and that’s the last thing a parent wishes on their child.

It’s not just a name… its the devils name. Out of all the names in this world ur stuck on that name to name your son…!!! His whole life he will be judged & ridiculed.

Well, it is your decision ultimately. One thing to think of is the long time effects the name will have on your child. Other people and their children can be ruthless, so if you’re worried about that, then maybe think about it maybe as a middle name. But it is your child so name him whatever you want to. :slight_smile:

think of the child’s future. will there be issues, as they grow up, with that name? i’d make it different and, down the line, ask for their input on what name they’d want to go by. “pitch” your choice to them. :blush:

Please don’t do it, this is not like naming your child Apple or north. This name will cause your child a world of trouble and that’s the last thing a parent wishes on their child.

Why would you name a child Lucifer
I knew a couple who named there girl felony yes felony
That child is going to be tortured for her whole life.

Ok, all religious NONSENSE aside, whilst Lucifer IS a pretty name, your child will grow up being bullied, being shunned, and then maybe even thinking he has some “badass persona” he has to live into because he has to earn that name, or some other silliness. That’s A LOT to put on a child just for some fringe interest YOU have that he didn’t ask for. Maybe call him Lu on his official documents and you can call him ‘Lucifer’ at home if you want, or something like that.

My ex used to teach middle school and there was a little girl whose name was ‘Aqua Netta’, I sh*t you not…:exploding_head:
My first thought was, “My gawd, that’s child abuse.” :astonished::confounded:

Food for thought.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I want to name my son Lucifer but my family has an issue with it: Advice?

It’s not just a name. Lucifer is satan. There is a true living God, believe it or not. Change the name, for your child.


No! It’s YOUR baby, your child and you have the right to give it the name you like, plus, names have the meaning you give it, if they don’t like it, well sorry for them, they already named their children, not everything is black or white

Nope! You name YOUR child how you want. They dont like it, they can give him nicknames.

You are the momma you decide!


Nope. You do you boo. It’s your baby not theirs.


My honest opinion is change it for my child… no matter what your beliefs are your child has to grow up with that name and the stigma around it


It’s your baby do as you want , you carried that baby not them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s your decision but I feel like if u like that name u should be able to do as u want

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No you shouldn’t change your child’s name because family members don’t like it. However, before naming your child I’d consider how he will be treated in life. Will children tease him? Will it make it harder for him to get a job? Will people take him seriously? Will they believe he’s giving them a real name, or will it constantly be a battle for him to prove that’s his name? There are loads of things to consider when naming a child other than, but I really like it :woman_shrugging:

Mmmm think about his future like his future partner bringinh him home and being like “ mom dad this is Lucifer “ :joy::joy: DONT do him like that

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It’s your child name in whatever you want to name it doesn’t matter what anybody else says you’re the one giving birth to him so you name him whatever you and your husband want to name her boyfriend or whoever it may be

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Name your kid what you want. It IS just a name. People name their kid Jesus every day and I don’t see them turning water into wine…


I wouldn’t say change it because kf family I would say consider making it a middle name due to possible bullying in school. Unfortunately kids can be so very cruel and granted it will be a while before a kid starts school but when they do it can make things a little more challenging with school bullies … my last name is Bullock and I got picked on so bad.


No matter what decision you have to make your family’s opinion isn’t the issue. Think about what the child will go through when making the decision to name your child. People are cruel and bullying is real, best wishes on a healthy happy baby :brown_heart:


No ma’am do not change the name, if that is the name you like then that is what you should YOUR CHILD!

That’s a horrible name


Nope. Your child your choice.

Personally I would change it for the sake of my child. Who cares what your family thinks!


In respect to all of you, you will change your mind on your deathbed yes do change it, please!


It’s your child I named mine Liilith


Your child name him what you want and it does not mean devil or Satan, it actually means Morning Star


He could get nicknamed Luci which isn’t a huge deal in today’s time honestly but totally up to you. I wouldn’t name my kid Lucifer but I have a CHristian mindset and household. If you don’t then more power to ya to do whatever you wish
I will say the family may be a little weirded out around you or your son which is not a shock as it’s associated with Evil mostly. I wouldn’t want that for my kid.

If you want people to treat your child differently and not in a good way, then go right ahead.


Some people had a problem with what im naming my son and that is Loki and im not changing it to satisfy them I like the name and so does my SO and kids so its not being changed.

Well - I get it but just wait about 15 years - :woman_shrugging:t3:.

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Your child not theirs

It’s your child, if you like the name then you can name him Lucifer. If someone doesn’t like it they can always come up with a nickname for him. Kids who have religious parents may bully him though, so that is something to think about.

No you shouldn’t… its your child not theres your the mommy so u get to pick… to be honest I love that name

No I say go with it. YOUR child YOUR choice.

My family had a huge issue with me naming my first daughter Phoenix Opheila… She was a rainbow baby after I lost 3 before her… I wanted her to have a strong name ( we both almost didn’t make it) she is her name! She is a Phoenix! Name your child as you see fit and why you want… They don’t need to understand but at least respect your choice.

Stop listening to negative people names have different meanings in different religions it’s your choice everyone will twist anything positive into a negative if you let them

Don’t do it. It’s a cruel name to “tag” your son with.
Doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not? The stigma will haunt him. He will have a hard time having friends and parents letting their son play w him.
I have a friend named Demond… He has hated it.


Your child coming out of your body do what you want.

Nope he is your son . Nd just because the name “ affiliates” with the devil don’t make him the devil or real in that aspect lol I don’t believe either. Name him Lucifer that’s a tight name lol


I think this whole post is bullshit, they just want to start trouble. Whoever this is doesn’t deserve a child , that baby would be crucified for life. So stupid.


The meaning of Lucifer is ‘light bringing’ or ‘morning star’. The Bible and men twisted it into something evil. Like they do with most things they don’t understand. However, I wouldn’t name your child after a TV show. He will be made of.

Technically in the show his real name is samael - but it is your decision. You’re having the child not your family.

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Lucifer is a light God in strega mythology.

I feel like most the comments are just nicely telling you to change it
It’s your child, your life…
My family didn’t like my oldest daughters name but she’s bout to be 16 and it has no affect on her life

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Nope go for what you want not what others think … Lucifer is a great name actually… The Latin word “lucifer” means “morning star” or, as an adjective, “light-bringing.” But today the name is a synonym for the devil. In Christian tradition, Lucifer was used as the proper name of the devil before his fall from grace.

It’s one thing that you like the name, but think of your child, would he like that name? Would he be bullied, taunted by people? Maybe,use it as a middle name and not his first name.

Your child is gonna catch hell! Just sayin!


Absolutely not, it’s your child you name him what you want

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I love the show also!

My thought behind any name is always “is it powerful?” Does it sound successful?"…

I’m in HR and trust me… names matter in the corporate world. Granted, there’s no way of knowing if he will enter the corporate world, etc… but I would definitely consider all aspects. Not just with Lucifer… but with any name.

Whether or not you believe in God is beside the point. Because people know that it has a connotation of Satan your child will go through life possibly not liking his name for that reason. Not to say you shouldn’t but their consideration is your child.


No. My husband is named Lucio and that is my sons middle name

It is your child, but I think you should keep in mind the potential bullying he will have to deal with both as a child and as an adult. The possibility of other children not being allowed to be his friend because of his name, the potential jobs he could have. Some people say “it shouldn’t matter” but to others these things do matter. Think of the best interest of your child rather than you liking it because of a tv show.


Name him what you want but be ready for him to get harrassed a lot growing up…


It’s kind of tacky. It’s a child not a dog or cat to name after an offbeat character of your favorite show.

Me and my husband loved Lucifer but there was so much drama for it. When just switched it a little to Lucious

Great name but think of the kid. He will have to deal with it when ur not around to protect him…
The world is extremely harsh


Name YOUR child whatever you want to name him. If family don’t like it they don’t have to be in your baby’s life

Name your child whatever you want. If people can name their children cars, directions like north or south, or months, or colors, or weekdays, or pet names. You can name your child whatever you want. Personally Lucifer is cool.

No, you should change the name because of your son’s future. He would probably get picked & bullied because of it


Terrible name, think of your child and what he will have to deal with in the future. Shame on you and your ignorance.

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No its is your child. You name him whatever you like. Just keep in mind how it could effect him growing up. Now that name probably wouldn’t have any issues as a name like Sheldon, Donald or bubba for example with kids picking on him for it. Now society may have an issue which could effect him various avenues especially when looking for a job. But worst case you ca always legally change it later in life and he would get to have input in picking out a name. Just my thoughts.

You can do whatever you want… But remember, it’s your son that will carry the name for the rest of his life, not you.


Pretty sure that’s straight up illegal in some countries.


People should be less concerned about the name of your child & more concerned with teaching their kids not to judge a child based off of a name.

I’m a big fan of Lucifer myself. The show AND the name. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You do you michael Jackson named his son blanket there’s a child called apple. There are people name Jesus just said different you’re the momma you made it you name it


Depending which country it may even be illegal


Do it!!! Hispanics name their sons Jesus , I see no issue with Lucifer.


If the devil and God dont exist then why is there a whole religion called freemasons who absolutely hate God and Jesus christ? :thinking:

I truly believe it’s YOUR child YOUR choice… However there are MILLIONS of people who will immediately judge your son and you as well by his name. As a child he may not understand people are ugly and he may suffer the consequences of your decision. . Is it right no are there ugly people in the world absolutely. I personally wouldn’t but it wouldn’t be because of what my family thinks it would be about what’s in the best interest of my child… It is definitely a choice you have every right to make.

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:roll_eyes: change it. Your child shouldn’t have to spend every day of the rest of his life defending himself


Name your kid whatever you want. The devil was once an angel.


People have babies and name them names other than lucifer and they grow up and become evil and murder people :woman_shrugging: just sayin”
This is exactly the reason I’m keeping my babies name as a surprise for everyone else. That way once the baby has been born and named other people’s opinions don’t sway what I want !


Do it … I work in a beer distributor I get a guy who comes in and his middle name is literally “999”

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Yea, he’ll be your child BUT you’re being selfish and only thinking of what you want… The world is already cruel enough without him being named that, no matter what you believe in… You will not always be around to protect nor comfort him with the bullying that will come along with naming him that.


You people should teach your kids better than to make fun of someone for their name. That is crazy! Do better be better! Teach your children BETTER


U carry the baby for 9 months you deliver that baby your get to choose whatever name you want. BTW I love the name and if you wanna name the baby that you do just that. They wanna name a baby tell em to go have their own baby

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While I wouldn’t care what my family said, I would care what I’d be setting my kid up for. While you might not believe in God or the devil, many people do. What kind of things do you see your son doing in the future and does that name fit?


This is very “I’m 12 and edgy”. Regardless of what you believe in, you’re setting your kid up for a lifetime of bullying and missing opportunities.


Your child may grow up hating that name! And kids will tease him that know what the name is!.. I’d reconsider


We know someone named Purple and he has a sister named Orange. Seriously.


I think you should name the baby whatever you want BUT I do think you also need to think of the child’s future. Job applications, college applications etc… setting your child up for success begins at birth

I love the name as well at the end of the day is it just a name people should learn to be more mature about it


Take it from me my son’s name is Damien…I had objections…but I wanted damien

I mean…its your baby…he is just going to probably deal with a lot of harassment because of it


My daughter was thinking of this name for a girl

If you have to ask then you should change it. 🤷


I wouldn’t name a child that, not because of what family thinks. Because it will affect the child.


The Latin word “lucifer” means “morning star” or, as an adjective, “light-bringing.” So, there’s that. It’s a beautiful name.


Name your child whatever you prefer. If they don’t like it they can call him Lu for short.

U can justify it because Lucifer was an angel before he was cast out can’t be all that bad for Christians… Only time I seen the public have issues with a baby name was a couple named their baby Adolf Hitler and the ended up n court and had to change it… Not sure how it’s anyone else business what you name your child