I wrote in a non bio father on my kids birth certificate and need to change it

I’m a first time mom and my daughter is 16 months old. Me and her father weren’t together when she was born nor when I was pregnant. She has the last name of the guy I was dating at the time she was born because he was all for her having his last name, being her father, etc. Turns out he was abusive and lied all the time. I ended up leaving him and now he doesn’t see her, ask about her, anything and hasn’t since March of this year. Is there any way I can get her last name changed? How do I go about it? He did sign the papers at the hospital, but we don’t have her birth certificate due to him refusing to give me the paperwork to send off for it. I just need to know where to begin to get her last name changed please.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I wrote in a non bio father on my kids birth certificate and need to change it

This is exactly why you’re not supposed to put down someone that ISN’T the kids father, it’s asks for biological father for a reason… regardless to why you don’t want to put down bio dad every child deserves to know who their dad is, like what if you died and your kid went their whole life not knowing who their dad was because it’s some random guy on their birth certificate.
Do your child a favour and ALWAYS put down bio dad, regardless.


From my understanding what you did is illegal. It is called paternity fraud. A birth certificate is a legal document. I would speak to an attorney before proceeding.


So you put some guy who you have only been dating 9 months at the longest who is not the biological father down as the father on your child’s birth certificate? Forgive me, but what part of that seemed like a good idea?? Come on. That was a very immature and silly thing to do. That’s your child. Obviously it came back to bite you in the ass and now not only do you have to deal with the consequences, but if you don’t get this fixed your child will too. Don’t play house with men you don’t know that long I really hope you learn from this and I hope you can fix it for your child. And please for the love of Christ, grow up.


Are you in America? This is what you get for putting someone who isn’t actually the father on the birth certificate. Pretty sure here in the U.K. you can be prosecuted for lying about it! As for someone mentioning child support, surely he’ll just request a paternity test and won’t have to pay a thing? At least that’s how it works here


You can collect child support from whoever signed the bc for your child, father or not. I need to change my daughter’s name too, her actual biological father doesn’t see her, doesn’t parent at all and she doesn’t go by that name anymore. Sorry if this is an unpopular response but he signed as father, knowing baby wasn’t his, that’s on him. Good luck with everything.


The hospital should be able to help you get a birth certificate. And I would go to legal aid, if you have one in your community, and ask them for legal advice about changing her name.

Otherwise you’re going to have to hire a lawyer.


Most states won’t allow it if it means bastardizing the child. Even if he isn’t the bio dad. Best bet would be to find bio dad and try and get him to come back into the child’s life. As far as the law sees it, he is dad.


You just go to the state she was born in, to vital statistics or health department. They have it online so you can print the forms and notarize them, then submit it


It would have to be done through the courts I would think. My daughter had her bio dad/my ex hubs last name but really wanted my current husbands last name b/c he has been her “dad” since she was 5, and is now 14. Two years ago I scheduled consultations with a handful of local family law lawyers, and found out what my next step was. (Ppl forget consults are always free in the legal world).

*$2k later, and an agreement to forgive my ex hubs on a good chunk of non-paid child support, and the name was changed!


U can go 2court house 2 have nave changed but he’s down as father you can get him 4 child support good luck sweet heart

If the paperwork hasn’t been sent off to be legally notarized through the state you live in then nobody is legally on the birth certificate yet. You have to have it signed dated and notarized before its legal. But the health department should be able to help. Keep your head up and breath you’ve got this


It will be ok its fixable take a deep breath girl you got this …one thing at a time don’t get yourself overwhelmed…


Pretty sure it’s illegal to have someone sign it when they’re not the biological parent

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If the acknowledgment of paternity was never filed, then his name is not on the birth certificate. As far as changing her last name, in my state (Delaware), all you have to do is get a name change packet from the courthouse, follow all instructions, file the packet, run an ad in the paper stating that you’re changing her name, and as long as it’s uncontested, you go to court and the judge will ask why you want to change it, And then it’s usually granted. I would tell the judge that he’s not her biological father and that you’re unsure, so in the best interest of the child, you’d like her to have your last name.


Now I’m in Canada, but you’ve created a legal nightmare for yourself.

Because here, you need your child’s legal fathers written consent to make a name change. By signing that birth certificate, he is that child’s legal father.

The only way to get him off the birth certificate would be to go to court, apply for a paternity test for baby’s real dad, and get the switch done.

It will be stupid expensive, particularly if the guy who signed ignores you and your court documents.


If her birth isn’t registered due to paperwork not being handed in then you just register her birth. There may be a fee due to how long its taken to get the paperwork done through.

You should be able to have sign his rights away and change the babies name. You also shouldn’t need anything from him to get her birth certificate. You should be able to go get it from vital records in your county

Vital records office for your state. Call them. If you’re taking a father off all together it might be easier, or if you want the bio father on there for her to know one day what his name was, might need affidavit of parentage or something like that. Might even need a court order if he doesn’t want to be on it. You can buy a copy of the birth certificate as is from vital records, or pay for name change but will need the proper paperwork.

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If he signed the Acknowledgment of paternity (AOP) and he willingly signed the birth certificate knowing he wasn’t the child’s biological father then he is responsible for that child until she/he turns 18. File through the Office of attorney General/child support office it is a lengthy process however in order to get him off you will have to take him to court and he will have to provide a paternity test to prove he is not the father. They are also going to make you find the father of the child and add him so he will then be responsible for that child. When your in that kind of situation ALWAYS leave the father blank.


My friend did this as the baby’s bio father was in prison, when he found out he had a son he asked for a dna test and the came bk he was the child’s father the child was re registered xx

If you haven’t sent the paperwork in then you can fill new ones in as none would have been received for birth certificate to be done.

Im in scotland so i dont know if it works the same in america bit i do know its serious bit of trouble for not putting the correct biological dad down it might be a case of seeking legal advice an on the account your recent ex isnt her real dad a dna test might be asked for to prove who her father is then probably from there getting her second name changed to your last name, bit of a sticky one you have here wont be easy but sending you healing hugs and lucky vibes

If boyfriend at the time signed papers acknowledging paternity then he is Daddy. It’s just not as simple as changing a last name. Paternity will have to be disestablished. I would get a consultation with a family law attorney they will be able to legally answer any questions you may have. Good luck

Since you haven’t sent off for it start back at the hospital where you had your baby see what you need maybe you can just start all new paperwork.


contact the place you got it from. you can request a new birth certificate

You can go to the court house and ask where they have the legal aid department. I think that’s what it’s called. It a room where you go sign in and then when your called in you sit down with someone and explain your situation and questions and they will either give you the documents you need and give legal advice and help you fill out the forms or tell you where to get the forms and answer your questions.

You need a family law lawter!!!

If your ex is willing to stand up in court and say that’s not my child paternity rights will be taken and he can come off bc. If he is not willing to do that a DNA test will be done. Once he is removed you then go through the procedure to change child’s name. Take him to child support court he will quickly say I’m not the dad. Shouldn’t cost you anything. My Ex went through this his baby mama put her boyfriend on his daughters bc when we took her to court for child support, which we filed through the state and didn’t pay a dime, the non bio dad just said I’m not the dad. My ex acknowledged being the dad signed the affidavit and the bc was fixed.

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Step 1. Get the birth certificate from the health dept.
Step 2. Call clerk of courts to see what you need to file for a name change.
You’re gonna need to do a dna test with the man who signed the birth certificate.
Shouldn’t be too hard.

You’d have to go to the court house even tho he’s not dad You’d have to prove with DNA test and then have him sign off.

I just went through this I had to do dna to prove the kids weren’t his than pay to change last name

Yes you can get her Las name change. Goto the courts let them know he is toxic, abusive and abandoned her.

Don’t ask FB go and talk to Real practicing attorney in your state.
Every state has different requirements on dealings with family court.
Just cause you want it done doesn’t mean a judge will do it.


This is why you give your kid your last name. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

Did you even let the biological father know.?
Did he even have a chance .?
I know women who have done this & honestly grow up if there was no other reason first of all other than your boyfriend at the time wanted to be daddy. Because look what happened .? I wish I had better advice but I really hope next time you think about the child & not yourself.
It honestly sounds like he wasn’t ready to share your attention so he did what he had to to keep bio dad away. & now you’re left alone with the baby.

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I believe you can order a paternity test and have him removed that way.
My daughter had her dads last name, but when he wanted to give up custody in exchange for no child support, I asked for the name change too and it got granted.

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You would be able to change your baby’s name to your last name as it’s not the biological father but if you wanted to change it to the biological fathers name then you would need to go through court for a dna test to prove he was the dad before you would be allowed to change it

In my state , since the baby/ mom have been discharged from the hospital,obviously they you have to go to court, and the “ new guy” you want the bc to say is the father now, he will have to either: sign an affidavit of paternity of said child ; take a paternity test, and in some states take . Both!I don’t know why you’d like not put the actual father on the bc anyway. That way you can collect child support from the guy who WHO OWES IT, not some poor shmuck who’s doing you a “ favor” if the baby daddy is abusive, let the courts/ cops deal with him / not some nice guy willing to stand up to the plate for you and your kid so the loser don’t even have to pay support to his kid . There’s wAyyy more way this then switching names on an important document like a child’s birth certificate. It’s like only one of the most important legal documents of your life, Grow up . Do you have parents to go to with this? You sound young and immature. How old are you?

I think you may be in luck if the paperwork was never sent in. Call the hospital and ask how to get another one!! Did y’all get a ss# or anything??
Social security cards are free so maybe start there to see if she has one, birth certificates are like 12-25$

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Just call the hospital medical records they will verify your identity and then you will pay for a new copy

Why didn’t you just put your own instead of the nearest bullshitting penis? No many men want to play daddy to someone else’s child, same can be said for the actual bio fathers. What are you going to tell your child? Dad wasn’t ready to parent you, my boyfriend lied and turned out to be a dickhead. And then wait for another guy to come along to put his name down? Just use your own.


Whoever is laughing you should’ve been swallowed

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I am
So lost ? …
here in Massachusetts when you have a baby in the hospital you literally have a lady that comes in the next day after you have the baby and gives you all this paperwork and tells you that you have like a day to do the paperwork To submit the child’s name… It literally Has to be to her before you leave the hospital… And it’s like a three day stay. You cannot leave the hospital without giving her that paperwork. She then submits it for the birth certificate. So Basically you’re saying you don’t have a person that does this and you never submitted the paperwork?

So basically your child is not actually a legal child with a social or anything ?


First I’d find a family member to take custody while you go to jail. Then I’d reevaluate my priorities and get my shit together and be a better parent by making better decisions.


I went to the hospital my sons were born at & they sent me to an office inside the hospital for paperwork for the birth certificates…but as far as changing names im not sure.

Wow so she wouldn’t have even been born if he wasn’t around, so essentially you only had her to keep him happy? And is she even really registered unless you send off the paper work? What a sh*t show. That poor kid

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I’m honestly surprised they let him sign it not being the bio or legal adopted father.

If he’s on the birth certificate he has to agree to change her name. If he’s not then you just have to fill out the name change papers and have them notarized and sent in with the fee for a new north certificate.

If you want to do it the free way. In Texas I know if you contact the attorney general they will find the father and do all of the dna testing, etc for the birth certificate.

So you can change the name up to a year old on your own after that it’s gotta go before a judge and I’ve got news for that guy they may actually force him to be a dad that’s not something you to around signing willy nilly. He accepted her and the responsibility when he signed that paper don’t be shocked if that happens or they make you find bio dad they may allow a DNA test and then you pay for that and a name change which will not be cheap alot of things can happen here I’ve seen both situations happen with my own eyes depends on the state the judge everything ECT you better consult a lawyer because it can get messy what he did was technically illegal

Please ignore every single person on here that couldn’t comprehend your story.

Simply call a DNA testing center in your city. You will have to pay about 4-500 dollars. But it’s a court official DNA test. You can get it taken and then proceed through court that way. Also call a domestic violence center in your area and get an advocate to help with the process.

You would have to go through the courts , and have them do a dna test to establish paternity, after that’s done you should be able to change it. He will have to be on child support tho if you’re getting any state help. Also I’m not sure if you’ll have to pay for it Bc some one else is the dad I’m pretty sure either way you will to change her name but I’m not sure about changing the birth certificate also u can order a new certificate off line. You’re her MOTHER you don’t need his permission or paperwork

“First time mom” with a 1 year old​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m sorry but these are starting to sound made up they’re so stupid

Not sure if this will be any help to you or not. Legal name change can be very hard depending on the judge on the case. However I have seen it done. You have to file a motion with the court, however have very well documented proof of why you want the child’s name changed. Just cause you left someone abusive doesn’t mean they will change the name. As far as the courts see it he is the father unless you have proof he is not. They will ask if he was ever abusive to the child and I’m sure many other questions like does the child know their last name, does the child want their last name changed etc. is he paying child support, does the child know who he is etc etc. have documentation of EVERYTHING. If you are lucky the judge will just want the day done with and grant it. But it will depend on the judge and your ex as well.

Go see social security and start there. They’ll direct you from there

Y’all are dumb. What part of " didn’t send it in" don’t you understand??!!!

Seek the help of an attorney. They will be able to direct you.

Does she have a SS# yet?

You have too go to court house i think

Go to your local courthouse and they can assist you in the right direction. You might also have to pay, but I think :thinking: it’s no more than $100-$150

If you never sent it off. You didn’t legelize it.

In VA anyway… I believe y’all may be stuck with it :grimacing: I hope this is not the case, good luck!

Start with court they’ll need dna proof

Legal name change. Check with your local courts to see how to file. I personally have done it.

I believe you gotta go through the court because it’s been more then a year.

Yes you can change it go to magistrate court

Paternity test will make that signature null and void

Sounds like paternity fraud and you need to get a lawyer immediately.

"If someone who is not the biological father signs the birth certificate, it is considered paternity fraud. Paternity fraud commonly occurs from these instances:

a mother is unsure who the father is but tells a current or former partner he is the father,
the mother knows when a man isn’t the father but tells him he is so he’ll sign the birth certificate, or
both the man and mother know he is not the biological father but they agree he’ll sign the birth certificate anyway. All of these instances amount to paternity fraud and are illegal, as the birth certificate is a legal document.
When a man signs the birth certificate, he is acknowledging he is the legal and biological father of the child. His signing indicates he’s agreeing to paternity and the legal responsibility of being a father, meaning the obligation of paying child support. Therefore, regardless if the man is the biological father or not, he has legally established himself as the father."


I nearly did what you did Til i found out it’s a criminal offence and a serious one as it’s an official document


File to provoke paternity

Get a lawyer/attorney. Do Paternity test. It’ll strip him of his rights.

No advice all i gotta say is yikes.


Here in the UK thats classed as fraud (knowingly allowing a man who isnt the biological father to sign a birth certificate) and the mother can potentially look at prison.


If you’re wanting bio dad on there or intend to seek child support you’re gonna have to get a court ordered dna test and file the paper work with the court house and then file for a new one. Otherwise I think you just have to file at your health department for a new one


This is why women need to stop putting their new boyfriend who isn’t the father on birth certificates. Does the biological father know he has a child and was he given the right to be a father. You’re gonna have to take the non bio to court and petition for a dna test to have him removed because right now he has full rights to a kid that isn’t even his


I’m just a bit confused as to where she asked you all to condemn her for her choices and shame her instead of give her your help….girl contact a lawyer or a court. I don’t know much about this at all but I’m sure anyone who’s a family lawyer can help you. Breathe and ignore everyone who thinks they’ve the right to throw stones at you. We all make mistakes.


Family law attorney for name change. Department of Vital Statistics for your state for birth certificates. When you receive any legal documents you put them in a safe place. And don’t rely on other people to handle your business, I know you are young, but you made choices that are forcing you to grow up. Pull it together and start making good choices for yourself and your child.


Everyone seems so judgy about it. My sons bio father is on the birth certificate but hasn’t seen his 4 year old since he was born. I gave my son the guys last name thinking we were going to be together (probably just like you). But now we aren’t and I want to change my sons last name. You have to file papers with the court in order to change the name, but since that guy is on the birth certificate you’ll need his legal consent to change the last name. So maybe find him and have him sign the paper so you can do so


You have to get the birth certificate father to sign over his rights. Since he’s on the birth certificate you made him the “bio”father. Unfortunately, depending on the state( is it is the US) they may not do it without another person to step into that role. Good luck!


Ladies, please don’t do these sorts of things in life. If the dad isn’t around, what’s wrong with putting your OWN name down for the child? Why did some random dude you barely knew get to come up as an option before your own name for own child? Ladies, don’t do this, and also stop calling guys your husband or hubby when he hasn’t married you yet. Because of this right here. And also because he’s not your husband and exactly this can happen. I myself was with my husband for 5 1/2 years before we were married but I didn’t call him hubby until it actually happened.


If he pays child support he gets visitation. It’s a nasty web that’s created when you do this. I know 3 that have done the same. Better to say unknown than give some random dude access to your child, real dad or not. I believe you’ll need the courts now.


Take him for the max on child support I promise you he will be in the court house quickly to get paternity and prove he’s not the daddy.


I don’t know how old you are or if you genuinely were misinformed at the hospital. But a few things…
1.) It is highly illegal to falsify a birth certificate by letting someone claim a child who is not theirs.
2.) If he signed the papers at the hospital, you don’t need him to be able to physically obtain a birth certificate. Literally go to the county website and or office and pay for it.

Best of luck for a name change, it can get pricey. But it can be done. They might require his signature though- not sure.


Not trying to be rude, but you’re the mother….why didn’t you just give her your last name?


So you put a fling as the dad on the birth certificate…


Call the child support office in your area, ask for a DNA test for the Bio dad, once determined the child support office will amend the birth certificate and also put him on support for your baby… you may not want anything from him but it’s for your baby :heart:


Let me just kindly say that no where did she ask for your judgements. She asked for help! SMH! I wish I had insight to offer you dear, good luck to you and your sweet baby! :green_heart::heart::green_heart::heart::green_heart::heart:

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I’m just scrolling through all the dumb ass suggestions that are not accurate or useful start by going to domestic relations at your local court house and ask for a paternity test, they will bring in your ex and when you get proof hes not bio dad you can go through vital statistics to get it taken off, don’t put anymore boyfriends or husband’s on there please for the love of God, get her last name changed to your maiden name and she can change it later on in life when she knows what last name she wants


You can go to the dmv to get a birth certificate. -pls never do this again dear.


If she has a social security number you can change it like that. But unless your trying to remove him from the birth certificate your gonna have to get a paternity test to prove he isn’t the father and the other man is

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My dad put his name on my brother’s birth certificate (because him and my mom were still legally married) to spite my stepdad (he was the actual father). My mom told him to sign off his rights and he said no. So she put child support on him. My dad sign away his parental rights so he wouldn’t pay CS on a kid that wasn’t his.
Try putting CS on him since he don’t want to give up his rights

Dept of Vital statistics to get another birth certificate. Then family court to get a dna test of non bio dad (because he’s on bc) then. They determine he is not the father then you would be able to change the babies last name to your last name if you “don’t know who the father is” but since you do know you should put his last name on the birth certificate so you child knows who her real dad is (in case something happens to you) You can choose whatever last name you want her to have (yours I’m assuming from your post) Good Luck.

Easy! File for child support since He is on the birth certificate. I’m sure he will happily help you with what you need so he won’t have to be responsible :laughing:. Until the since he’s on the B.C. he is financially responsible for her.

I’m having the same problem with my son and his dad… we were together until I was 8 months pregnant until he cheated on me and I had enough of his physical abuse towards me and im trying to change his whole name

You start out by being an adult and not putting someone who isn’t their parent on their birth certificate. We all have issues but that isn’t teaching your child to be honest

Does your child actually have any documentation?
How are they insured without it?
Ok so I’m guessing you’re going to need to visit your town hall ASAP for a birth certificate.
Obviously you should have the biological father on the certificate and he should be paying child support. It’s likely going to take a court order for paternity test. Unless the actual father is paying.

You can go to court prove he is not the father. Have him removed from birth certificate and change his last name. They’ll go after him for child support too if he’s on birth certificate.

My daughter’s (19) now is not on her paperwork, never wanted anything to do with her. She has my maiden name .I do know if you’re on any form of state assistance they will pursue who ever is on the birth certificate for child support and will do a dna :dna: test if he/she requests it. I live in Wyoming, so other states may do it differently, but worth checking into. I also know that if I wanted to put bio father on her paperwork he had to be there to sign. So it’s left blank.
I have been with my husband now 17 years, he’s been in her life since she was 2. They don’t have to be on the birth certificate to be a daddy. He’s always treated her like she was his own, the only difference is her last name is Franklin.
I’m also a bit confused, if the paperwork is not filed with the hospital, does a birth certificate even exist? The paperwork I had to do with my daughter and son filing out their name and what not that goes on the birth certificate. If it hasn’t been turned in then you don’t have a social security number for said child as well. He/she is not recorded as a birth . Go back to the hospital and find out and if it’s not done just fill it out sign it have it notarized and be done with it.