I'd like to ask for reviews for an anti depressant i just started taking

I’m 27 years old. I was prescribed adderall for 9 years, 30mg 2X a day, after about 5 years i began abusing it and taking way too much. The past 2-3 years i was taking 90-120mg a day and just began spinning circles. im 5ft 2 inches and weigh about 125. Nobody my size should ever be taking that much adderall a day. I have 3 babies, my oldest is five. Last year my daughter was born two months early and was in nicu for 2 months (shes perfectly healthy now turning 1 in two weeks) after that i just hit my rock bottom, eating adderall like candy, being rude and just plain mean to everyone in my house.started gambling, drinking, distancing myself from family and friends… a HOT mess to say the least. In june, I left my babies and fiance and went to rehab for 3 weeks and was properly diagnosed with depression with adhd symptoms but i got a new doctor and expressed to him i cannot take stimulants so he prescribed me wellbutrin. Im on day 4 and all i feel so far, is im not energized alll day but cant sleep at night. My depression is not sad. For the most part, im not sad. Ive never been suicidal or anything like that. Im just physicallly drained everyday for no reason, i feel mentally paralyzed, have absolutely no interest in doing things i love. Even brushing my hair feels like a job. So anyways my doc says that this wellbutrin is going to help and i hope it does and ive been reading all these reviews on google but feel like none of them particularly relate to my situation. Everyone thats taken it on google seems to have had MAJOR depression and other mental illnesses that i just dont relate to so wondering if this group can help me out with some more relatable reviews…
I always read the discussions on here and it seems alot of people know what theyre talking about so help a sista out
Im like extremely anxious for this to change my life but nervous cause i dont know what to expect.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I'd like to ask for reviews for an anti depressant i just started taking

Depression isn’t just being sad
It’s being unmotivated, not feeling anything.
It’s like not feeling like doing something, but that feeling is so big you can’t just overcome or just “do it anyway”
That’s depression too.
Also, anti-depressants take a few weeks to actually start working, so give it at least a month.
I’ve had multiple depressions, mild to very severe, and what you are describing sounds like a mild depression to me.

There’s no shame in being depressed either, it’s just a chemical unbalance in your brain
We all go to the doctor when our leg is broken or when our stomach isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, this time it’s a brain malfunction, it’s just another organ in our bodies


Its most definitely is not gonna give u the same energy as the adderall but give it 2 weeks to a month to really start working well. Ive noticed a big difference i take it along with adderall because i can literally take my 30mg 2x and go right to bed. Its helped me alot i hope it helps mama good luck!


I have never heard of that medication, but I will say, I am proud of you for seeing what was happening and going to get help! Leaving your home and kids is never ever a easy thing to do, but you did and that takes a strong person. Keep up the good work, it took me a few years to find what worked for me and depression. Make sure you are informing your dr as well.


If after 2 weeks you dont start to feel a lift in those side effects, talk to your Dr about it. They will sometimes ask that you give it a month to allow your body to adjust to side effect. After that though if there is no change and your Dr just waves you off, find another Dr who will listen to you. Mine had to add a secondary medication that works well in conjunction and after a little time, I felt more like myself again.


If even brushing your hair seems like a major chore that you don’t want to do, you do have major depression. Depression isn’t always feeling sad and wanting to harm yourself. I have depression and anxiety and I rarely “feel sad”
I used to take Wellbutrin. It may take some time to build up in your system but if you don’t start even noticing some improvement after a month to 6 weeks, let your doctor know and you may need to add something else. Effexor worked great for me when I was at my lowest, but it was difficult to get off of. Here’s to getting better for our kids! :blue_heart::blue_heart:


So many types of depression. You may have to take a while to find a medication and dosage that helps. Even after that it still takes weeks before you start to see a change. I’ve been on depression medicine for over 15 years. Different types, more than one at a time, different dosages, etc. Even on medicine you may never fully feel ok. It took a long time for me to realize that. I still have major ups and downs. You just need to keep working with your doctor and be completely honest about how you are feeling.


I’m on Wellbutrin and it’s been a complete and total lifesaver for me. Everyone is different, of course and what may work for someone else may not work for you. I would recommend giving it 2-3 months to feel the full benefits. Maybe taking it at a different time would help with the energy/insomnia? I used to take mine at night but now I take it about an hour after waking up.

  1. It take a few weeks to adjust to a new antidepressant. 2. It may be the wrong one for you.There are lots of others. 3. Have you taken any vitamins? After 3 kids, drug abuse, etc… Your body may be missing a lot of nutrients. If you have had any blood tests done the can check for deficiencies. 4. Patience…it takes awhile to get your body back in balance. 5. You may need to see an endrocronoligist to,get your hormone levels checked. Pregancy, etc., can mess them up.
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I think you have a misconception of what depression can look like. Its not always feeling sad, alot of times its no energy, no love for things you used to, no desire to do anything. I took the same meds and know it generally takes 4 weeks to fully start working. If after a month or two you dont see or feel improvement, ask your doc to do a gene site test. It will match your DNA with similar DNA types and show what meds and dose work best with that DNA type. It has been night and day for me since I started the leds that match my DNA type. Good luck momma, feel better soon.


From what I know about Wellbutrin it can take awhile for the full effects to work. 2/3 weeks, maybe a month. One of the main side effects is insomnia & dry mouth.


From someone who worked in mental health for almost 10 years. Wellbutrin is an energizing antidepressant and also really good if you have a nicotine addiction because it will make cigarettes taste awful. It is very much a hit or miss sort of medicine as far as whether it works for an individual. I would give it 2-4 weeks, which is the the time frame in which your next appointment should be, if you don’t feel like it’s helping just tell them. There are a lot of great meds on the market, but you have to give it a chance because it’s not a quick fix. If you have good insurance you could ask for a genesite to be done and that will give you a list of what works best with your body’s metabolism.


From a person who was on Wellbutrin for a year talk to you dr about switching. I literally felt like my life was just passing by me and found myself angry all the time with high anxiety. Cymbalta is the only thing that has worked for me so far.


My lexapro took a little over a week to work. I felt like a new person and could interact with others without feeling like an idiot stumbling over my words… give it time hun.


I had a horrible time with Wellbutrin. Was prescribed it after a mental breakdown. I started smoking even more cigarettes ( ironically the exact reason it was prescribed to me was to help smoke less). Couldn’t sleep. Bouts of rage. Constant irritability. As someone who took both Adderall and Vyvanse at different times. It wasn’t a good medication. Imo


I can’t speak for everyone, but Wellbutrin made me go off the walls crazy, I screamed at my mother and told her I’d never be able to sleep again and that nothing would ever be right again and it was all because she had moved my fan in my room…

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These things take time to work.
You were also exhibiting addict like behavior before. Honestly a 12 step program would benefit in so many ways, just my opinion, but the med side takes time. Continue to be open and honest with your doctor and loved ones.
Do something on your to do list everyday. I helps mentally and physically.


Antidepressant take at least a couple weeks to see results. It’s all about brain chemistry. So my suggestion is stick it out for at least thirty days. Keep a log of side effects you experience, and if after the thirty days you aren’t seeing results you want then speak to doctor about trying something else. Everyone has a different brain chemistry. That’s why there are different antidepressants. There is no one cure for all.
Also consider taking it at night versus during the day.


My sister and gma took Wellbutrin for years and did not have any major side effects. I took it and it made me super suicidal. Everybody’s reaction to pills are different

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You need to give it another couple weeks…it does take little time for it to help. I also take Wellbutrin and it gives me energy. Hang in there and give it a chance to work :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Because of your low energy levels, I suggest you have the doctor check your thyroid.


First tell you dr that it’s not working if it isn’t. You must be completely honest with your doctor!!! I also have ADD{racing thoughts, can’t concentrate, etc} I’m on Atomoxetine & nuvigil. You might want to talk to your doctor to see if either one might work for you.

I have adhd and depression. I take 20 mg Adderall a day and zoloft. Takes your body getting used to but its a life changer. It balances the both as long as its taken the way it should. Best of luck to you :grinning:

It never helped me. I’ve battled anxiety/depression for years . Lexapro has helped a lot without all the side effects. Also at nite to help with sleep/anxiety/ inflammation , I take the CBD gummies . Best I have got along in years. Hope this helps you. God bless. :heart::pray:

I take Wellbutrin for mild depression and anxiety. It took a while to start working. And my dosage had to be adjusted at first. But you have been putting a stimulant into your brain so your neurotransmitters are used to getting it from the outside. Give them a while to heal and start doing what they were meant to do in combination with the Wellbutrin.

I’ve been through all of this. Try taking both doses at the same time in the am. That worked for me. But not for long. Also, I would ask your physician to screen you for bipolar disorder. I was having major trouble sleeping because I was being treated for the wrong mental illness. A small dose of Abilify along with Effexor for my mild depression and anxiety helped a lot.

As a supervisor in mental health oh, you have to give that medication at least a full month start feeling therapeutic effects. But if you notice negative side effects you need to tell the Doctor Who prescribed it

I was diagnosed bipolar when I was 15 years old. It took over 30 different medications and 8 years to finally be stable. I was self harming, anorexic, manic, and a danger to the people I love. It takes time, patience, and a good support team (doctor, counselor, and family). I’m happy to say I haven’t hurt myself in 8 years and I’ve been stable for 5 years. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You have to be patient with your body. It will take time to adjust. You have to love yourself and your children enough to fight to be healthy. Hang in there momma :purple_heart: you can do this.

Your neural pathways change during addiction and adderall/amphetamines deplete dopamine and change the uptake of serotonin (feel good hormones). Loss of enjoyment is a hallmark symptom of these brain changes. It can take up to a year to feel “normal” again. Antidepressants can help with recovery but be gentle with yourself because it takes time to heal your brain.

Wellbutrin takes a few weeks to build up a therapeutic drug level in your system. It can help with energy levels. So it’s best to take in the morning. If after 2-3 weeks you still do not feel any significant change, talk to your doctor and he can slowly increase your dosage. The first part is waiting those few weeks.

Wellbutrin is the medicine I was missing to help me feel better. I highly suggest asking your doctor for a blood test that can tell what medicines will help you specifically. Instead of trial and error, this is so much easier. And it helps knowing it’s accurate so when you start a new medicine again you’re not bummed out not knowing if it’ll work or not.

I used to take Trintellix for major depressive disorder / anxiety and it DID help for a little bit but the nausea never went away for me and then I started to feel worse mentally and stopped taking it. Everyone is different. I would’ve tried Cymbalta but my doctor told me it wasn’t safe while breastfeeding so 🤷

It takes weeks for each new medication to adjust in your body. Give it some time and if nothing changes let your doc know. Remember that we are forcefully changing out balances with these medications and it can be rough. Wishing you all the best and sending big energy vibes your way.

I think U just have to give it some more time, 4 days is not enough for your brain to readjust to the new medication then your body need to follow your brain.
Give yourself plenty of slack and go easy for the next week or so even if U do do the bare minimum for a while.
Good luck.

Ask your doctor about Strattera for ADHD. I work in the medical field, both my kid has added and so does my hubby. Both take Strattera because it is NOT a stimulant of any kind but it helped them tremendously with both.

Welbutrin never helped me whatsoever, but once I was out on Prozac everything seemed to have gotten better. I had terrible mood swings and it really leveled me out after finding the proper dose that I need.

Maybe you need a combo like Wellbutrin and Cymbalta. Also, I would ask to have a sleep study done as well. You may have sleep apnea and not know it. SA can also make you feel like such as well. Good luck. Hang in there !

I’m pretty sure you don’t have depression you have adhd… and some antidepressants can help with adhd symptoms. Wellbutrin is apparently good. I think you should go to a psychologist who is familiar with adhd in women. It can cause these symptoms
Eta: Moms living with add/adhd (UNCENSORED) is a group you might relate to

They have different kinds of Wellbutrin, I was on one kind for like a year. It helped but made me tired. So when I finally got my therapist and things I told them what I was taking and she changed it to one that gives me energy. But I also take lexapro, hydroxyzine, and trazodone. I have severe anxiety and depression and we are finding out that I’m probably bipolar 2. So we are working on medicine to see what helps with my mood swings and what doesn’t.

Medication takes longer than 4 days to start working, it takes up to 2 weeks or longer to be fully active. The bad news is it took 7 years for me to find the right meds and they dont cure my problems, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety. Give it more time before you make a rash decision.

Maybe u should keep digging while ur getting help. I don’t mean for this to sound weird but I was told I was depressed and I knew I wasn’t but something was off. I requested blood work more than once and it finally came back as a thyroid issue and anemic. I know to most people these things shouldn’t have any relation BUT the symptoms can be very similar. All I’m saying is make sure ur body/chemicals ur body makes are ok and sometimes that helps the brain. Taking a substance for long periods of time can make the chemicals ur body naturally makes go haywire

Wellbutrin caused me to rage! Of course I had a RAD kid in my house and that did not help at all. But I mean RAGE :rage:!

From being on mental health medications and adderall for YEARS and also being someone that administers medication for a living, the BEST advice, is that it can take 6 weeks for any psych medication to start working at 100%. Give it time babe. Mental health changes don’t occur overnight.

They take awhile to start working so you have to keep taking them, they usually say to try the medication for 3 months to let your body adjust. I also think therapy sounds like it could be extremely helpful in this case.

Wellbutrin cam be used to treat ADHD and depression.

I take it. It took 4 weeks until I felt the real effect. I can definitely focus better.
It can keep you awake at night, so taking it early in the day is important. You can always supplement with Melatonin.

It’s non habit forming which is something you need to not relapse.

My doctor has me take wellbutrin in the am because it can potentially keep you awake. Maybe it’s the opposite for you? I also found for me that it was a matter of finding the right medication for me. It works great for me but no so much for others. This was the third one I took before finding one that worked but didn’t leave me with no emotion. Hopefully it’s just that adjustment period when you first start taking it. You know you better than anyone, so if you feel something is wrong, especially since you seem very in tune with why you are taking it on the first place, tell your doctor.

I was on Wellbutrin and had horrible side effects with no improvement so they changed me to Celexa. Love it, helps with insomnia and overall mood. Good luck

Sounds like you have ppd and possibly PTSD from the NICU along with your history of substance abuse.
Wellbutrin is an antidepressant. I took ciltapram for mine. And felt the same way. Talked to my dr and they referred me to a shrink to talk to someone. Maybe that will help better than meds will.

I ended up doing DNA testing to see what my body would respond to the best. There was only 2 that my body and brain would respond to, 1 doesn’t have a generic and most insurances won’t cover it because of that and the other was prestiq. It was all kinds of psychiatric meds for all different reasons.

Your rebooting your body without the adderall… other medications will take time and adjustment. Medication use is only one area of a recovery approach, what else do you need to do to get motivated? Are you going to support groups?
I hear you are wanting the change and that you have the strength to do it. Take it a step at a time. You got this!

Wellbutrin helped me very little. It just wasn’t right for me. That happens. We all respond differently to different meds. Be honest with your Dr and see if they can’t find something more fitting for you

If you feel constantly drained I would ask your doctor to check you iron level and vitamin D levels I felt a constant feeling of everything seemed like a choir to get up outta bed to brushing my hair and it came to light my vitamin d level was extremely low and so was my iron I took the vitamin d supplement and iron supplements and it helped tremendously

It’s a common medication that is effective for many who do not have major depression.
There really isn’t ANY antidepressant that is going to make a miraculous difference in just 4 days. You’re going to complete the two weeks, taken as directed before your doctor can make an accurate evaluation of the dosage and the medicine.

Well feeling mentally numb is a form of depression if u have adhd symptoms ur brain makes less serotonin than the “normal” person. Just trust the Dr and if it doesn’t help in 3 or 4 months talk to them about something else.

It takes 2 to 3.weeks for it to have desired effect if it doesn’t work ask for something different maybe you need something less strong such as citalopram

You need to give it 2 weeks. It’s not an overnight pill. I’m on that AND celexa.

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I do have major depression, anxiety and ptsd and was taking Prozac until it stopped working because I’d taken it for so long. I now take the maximum dose of wellbutrin and I will say I felt exactly the same for the first 2-3weeks I was taking it because it’s one of those drugs that actually has to build up in your system for it to work properly but once I built it up it did help, and I do notice if I miss it now. I have always had insomnia so I’m not sure if the wellburtin is contributing to that but it very well may be (most nights I have to take a 1:1 thc:cbd gummy to fall asleep) the wellbutrin does seem to help with the depression side of things but it does absolutely zero for the anxiety/mind racing side of things.

You have to give yourself 6 weeks. You won’t see a difference in 1 week on any antidepressants.

I took welbutrin it helped me tremendously I was told to take it in the morning so it didn’t keep me up all night. Again, it helped me tremendously but everyone is different and every one’s body reacts to medication differently. If you don’t see a change maybe talk to your doctor. Good luck momma.

I take Wellbutrin, and it does help some. It gets easier once you start to push yourself to do things that you’re not motivated to do. The trick is to maintain that consistency I think, because if I don’t, I wind up back at square one. Sounds lame, but it’s one foot in front of the other; walk before you run. Best of luck to you!

I was on lexapro, then wellbutrin, then effexor, and the last Prozac along with ativans nothing ever seemed to work or I would have no emotional feeling at all. That’s when I decided to take myself off of and started using st johns wart which was recommended by a close friend of mine who watch me battle depression and finding the right medicine which would take at least 30 days to get regulated only to work for a little while then back to square one… To this day I still take the St John’s Wart twice a day sometimes 3 a day and have been taking it for almost 4 years now and I have never felt better… And free of all the medications they were prescribing me and also found out that I had hypothroidism which can and will contribute to depression and anxiety

I’m on 300 mg a day. give it some time. I was also prescribed Lamictal. it’s a mood stabilizer. they’ve worked wonders together for me. it took a couple months to get my dosages right. just work closely with your doctor. I’m also a recovering addict if it helps to know that.

I take wellbutrin as well! i am on day 15. my doc did say at first i may hve some issues with sleep. But i have not had any. i take it first thing in the morning. i don’t necessarily feel energized during the day. But i think my body still needs to build up the meds

They can test your DNA and see what kind of medicine is best for you my daughter did it and it really helped her.

My experience with Wellbutrin was horrid…my doctor put me on it to decrease my smoking, weight and general apathy…however after two weeks in I noticed horrid side effects as in my mood would swing almost instant, I could never sleep well, and my blood pressure (which has been spot on ALL MY LIFE) had drastically changed to dangerously high…I also have only one kidney so the BP thing is damaging to say the least…so she then took me off and not cold turkey as that is just as dangerous once you’ve body I used to it…she prescribed me a 30day dose of Xanax for two month weening me off the third week I was on Wellbutrin…so I had to take the Wellbutrin one day and a Xanax the next all the while cutting back so by second week of getting off it was half Wellbutrin then half Xanax…this is only me experience so take it into consideration that it it also is a stimulant for some people…all medications react differently so just keep in touch with your doc about symptoms you’re going through…

First off, congratulations on getting clean and getting yourself help! That’s a major accomplishment in itself! :two_hearts:

Give it 60-90 days. You need it to take full effect and then be able to make a clear report to your doctor on the effects or lack of. Finding the correct medication and dose takes time. Be patient and try not to get discouraged if this isn’t the right med or does for you.

Depression can drain your energy levels so it’s important to get moving even when you don’t feel like you can. Try some vitamins such as B2 that help create energy from carbs to get you going, but be careful as hey can create some insomnia in the beginning. There are also non stimulant ADHD meds such as Strattera that may help if added to an antidepressant, but once again give it time.

Have you tried CBD oil or gummies? Or THC gummies? They’ve helped me immensely with no bad side effects. Its worth a try. :yellow_heart: good luck. If you have no energy I’d opt for the Sativa strain. I am an anxious mess so i aim for the indica strain and it calms my nerves.

I did not do well on it.but its differnet for everyone.hope something works for u.good luck!

I take Wellbutrin and it’s the only one that has worked great for me with no side effects. That being said, I have gone through multiple medicines for my anxiety/depression and it sounds to me like you are having side effects in which you should talk to your Dr. And try something else. Zoloft threw me into a huge depression but took me a month to figure it out, Lexapro made me tired and irritable, and celexa was good but I lost my sex drive. It’s frustrating trying new things and dealing with the ups and downs, but hopefully you can find one that works for you. Good luck

FYI…Also Wellbutrin will show a positive pee test for amphetamine. It took months to figure out why it was showing up. You can find that info on the pamphlet the pharmacy gives you with your prescription. Several drs did not know this.

Everyone’s different give it some time and see if it works for you. But it seems like your doing the right thing and headed in the right direction. You got this mama :heartpulse::heartpulse:

I took wellbutrin for bipolar disorder. Even though it isnt a stimulant, my body reacted as such. I hardly ate, didn’t sleep much, and would just go go go.

Have a hormonal panel check. When I was like that my hormones were way off and I had to be on hormone therapy for a year

There is no one-size-fits-all for depression. There are actually 5 different classes of anti depressant drugs currently on market, which all effect the body differently. One that some people swear by may not have as large of an impact (or any at all) on others. As others said give it a month before you judge it’s effectiveness. GL momma

Ask your doctor about doing a genomind test on you, it will give them an idea of which meds work best with your genes. What you’re experiencing could be depression, but it could also just be the affects of taking large amounts of stimulants and receiving large amounts of dopamine in other ways has depleted your body and it needs time to recuperate. Depression and executive dysfunction is also a side effect of untreated adhd. So many different factors, and meds work differently for everyone. I do know there are safer options for adhd meds, and some depression meds will help with adhd symptoms. I think you just have to be completely transparent with your doctor and it may take some trial and error to find the med or combo that works for you.

Track your progress and discuss side effects with your doctor. These pills are not one size fits all. Prozac made me utterly emotionless, like I didn’t care about anything. It does take awhile with any of these to see benefits/get used to them.

I took Wellbutrin for depression and had great luck with it but I also had to take Trazodone at night with it because I couldn’t sleep on it.

Wellbutrin doesn’t have the same slowing and tiring effects as some other antidepressants. I would definitely give it 2-4 weeks before you make a call about it. My husband tried it and it didn’t work for him and he changed meds after about 6 weeks.

Antidepressants such as Wellbutrin tale a good 4-6 weeks to really get into your system and show an effect.
I have clinical depression and have been on Antidepressants since 1994
I have been switched around many times but now take Cymbalta and wellbutrin and they are great for me
Hang in there :pray:

Wellbutrin made me feel stuck. Like I couldn’t function. I took it for months. I was on it for weight loss/ depression and to help quit smoking cigarettes. It did not help with any of that. That was me tho. I had to give it months before I gave up and switched to something else.

try adding in some walking, some meditation, look into your diet for more energy, and get some talk therapy, develop some coping mechanisms…

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Well between depression and then coming off long term use of Adderall that’s to be expected. It’s going to take a lot of time for your body to reset. Try looking into your diet a bit to see what you can eat to help add serotonin :heart:

My boyfriend takes it & he’s not suicidal either but has zero energy and such and it helps him cope thru the day, but no so much energy like adderal would give you

Medications take awhile to work. Depression isn’t just being
“Sad”. Depression is no energy not wanting to do anything or not being able to do anything, you need a dr. That listens to you and counceling. The combination is the key to recovery. Sometimes combination of medications are needed. However you have to take the DOSEAGE that is PRESCIBED. Never take MORE or LESS. YOU NEED DR.S AND MEDICATION TO BRING YOU TO A HEALTHY STATE. Don’t give up it takes time. I hope you have a trusted friend to speak with during this time. Or seek a group.

You’re comparing an adhd med to a depression med. It’s like comparing water to coffee. They both hydrate you, but one is a stimulant that can cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

I have ADHD and chronic depression. I’ve never abused Adderall, but I know the difference in focus and energy levels is severe when you have adhd and depression and go from taking Adderall to not taking it. I understand what you’re looking for, but depression meds will never be ADHD meds and give you the same energy rush and focus. What your medicine does is help treat symptoms of depression, which are many and not just suicidal thoughts and sadness (mine comes with both extreme exhaustion and sadness), so you’re essentially saying you don’t think you might be depressed truly because you don’t feel sad. You are a recovering addict, and it’s a good thing you have sought treatment. I’m really happy you did this, and very proud… It’s not easy, and you’ve taken the steps to better your health health family. But I feel like you are also expecting the same reaction from depression meds as your ADHD meds once gave you, which will never happen.

My suggestion is to take it every day without fail, and not to compare it to Adderall. If it doesn’t work, ask for a different medicine. It’s all trial and error with depression meds, and each person is different. What might work for you might not work for others, so asking for advice on meds is never really a good thing. Contact your doctor and inform him that it isn’t helping. If after a period of time you sense no difference in exhaustion levels, ask for a med change and see if you can find something that works for you.

I started Wellbutrin over 2 years ago… most days are great… sometimes I can barely get in the shower… just because I had harassment in my work place … and friend just disappear during it … I felt lost and alone . I am slowly getting back.

My son couldn’t take it after 1 week. He got really aggressive with it. Not a fan if it.

wellbutrin did me bad…i took me to a dark place…i thought there were people hiding in the woods across my house for like a week till i stopped taking it. but everyone is different. i ordered L tyrosine on amazon and my post partum was better in a few weeks because it is a dopamine booster and mine was depleted. now i take vyvanse and l tyrosine for a few days before my period when i start to crash into the darkness again. post partum isnt normally sadness its just a complete inability to accomplish anything…youll get there. be patient with yourself

Either way the med takes at least a month to work and to get stable levels

Everyone is different. No med works the same on any 2 people. As with any medicine, it’s best to give it 3-4 weeks in your system before you decide it’s not working. I struggled for over 20 years, on and off different meds, that never worked right, and nearly had a complete nervous breakdown 4 years ago. The psychiatric nurse practitioner I saw agreed with me, that I needed to have the Genesight test done. I wont explain, as that is way too much to type but it can be googled. They put me on my number one recommended according to that test. And I haven’t struggled since. Talk to your doctor about the Genesight test.

It will take time for your body to adjust to new med. Wait two weeks out taking the new med an see how you feel.

It will get better, do what the dr says, it takes awhile for med to help, keep up the good work

Check out the group ADHD for smartass women on facebook. You’ll get much more informed answers there.

My husband takes wellburtion during the day and lexapro at night and it helps and i take wellbutrin during the day 150mg

Have you tried cannabis for depression


Look into holistic treatments as well. Some of those medications can actually make things worse

Wellbutrin is fantastic. It does take more than 4 days to notice a difference.

I recently realized that my depression started due to chronic inflammation. I suffered from falls and car accidenti injuries in childhood that should have been checked out, but weren’t. As long as I wasn’t bleeding, my pain was a mystery that everyone else just wanted to go away. I started having muscle cramps- explained away by growing pains, a heavy backpack and “well you shouldn’t have slept like that then.”
Depression set in. I felt like no one cared that I was always tired, always felt sore and battled daily headaches.
My body was anxious with inflammation and my brain was anxious with stress. I started binge eating the stuff my parents wouldn’t let me, especially at night. Que MASSIVE inflammation.

I wasn’t taught about how my body worked and the only self care shown to me on a daily basis was to sleep the pain away. When we go to sleep anxious though, our bodies produce more inflammation.
It was a viscous cycle that went on for 25 years.
I’ve been on anti depressants, anti anxiety meds and adhd meds. The side effects ranged from exceasive random yawning to puking everytime I orgasmed.
Every side effect gave me another problem to overcome. I felt like I was drowning.
When I started journeying back to my childhood to heal my heart, I found memories there of my physical pain too. I started piecing them together and realized I had handfuls of memories where I had gotten hurt and was expected to care for myself afterwards.
That treatment as a child left me feeling unable to know how to care for myself and that my pain wasn’t important enough to stop and care for.
Fast forward through a slew of abusive relationships, two painful pregnancies and a narcissistic ex-husband, and you have me now.

When I divorced and moved into my own space with my girls, some of my anxiety dissipated.
I had a better sense of my body, like I was more aware that it was being treated like shit :sweat_smile:
Maybe because I finally acknowledged that in my relationships with people, I was also being treated like shit. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I began taking magnesium and an anti inflammatory every day. I started using a neck massager and stretching twice a day. I drank water everytime I had a little scratch in my throat and that definitely helped me with hydrating- also very important in getting rid of inflammation. I’m still working on my diet- trying to stay away from processed sugars and fats.
My sleep has gotten better, but I’m still working to get into a good bedtime routine.

All in all, if you don’t feel like the wellbutrin is helping you, it might be because adhd isn’t the root of the problem in your body.
Good luck, love!

Is medical cannabis legal in your state?