I'm living a lice nightmare, help!

I’m not sure what to do at this point. My daughter has head lice and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. From over the counter, to home remedies, to even calling our family doctor and having him prescribe us something for it. Nothing is working for us. I comb through her hair daily, for hours and she’s over it. Which I don’t blame her, because I’m over it myself. I wash the bedding and vacuum daily as well. Just becoming overwhelmed. She has hair that’s past her butt and it’s insanely thick! I just feel like it’s impossibly at this point and I wanna cry. Looking for ideas to do, that worked for others, in case I didn’t try something! Thank you so much.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I'm living a lice nightmare, help!

vasaline , tea tree , peppermint oil, little bit of olive oil or canola oil . comb through put bag on her head and warm it up with a blow dryer leave bag on her head all day they litterly float up to the top dead . then comb out with lice comb make sure to pull out all the eggs


Put tea tree oil in her shampoo. It has a strong odor but works! Also use mayonnaise or coconut oil and saturate her hair, it will smother them. Comb out wash hair with tea tree shampoo. I know you may not want to but cut her hair to a shorter length it will grow back.


There is a place in Bellingham that is a head lice Professional works really well I’ve used them and its cost money put they are great

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Tea Tree Oil in shampoo and conditioner… I even spray tea tree oil on book bags, jackets and linens. I have been doing this for years for prevention.

Find a treatment center one that guarantees their work… its worth the money


I had it so bad when I was a child out only option was to cut it shorter. Also try using Mayo, wrap your hair with surann wrap then put a shower cap. Sleep with it over night and then rinse out. And do again every other day for one week. My hairs insanely thick and curly, when my kids gave it to me a few years ago this is what I did and I got rid of them


This happened to my daughters 25 years ago and I am very familiar with the nightmare of it all!!! What finally worked for us was using prescribed quell shampoo twice a week for a month and of course daily bed linen changing and disposing of brushes. Omg the money I spent on combs and brushes was unreal

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I went through it too with my mine and my family. I had to end up taking my daughter to a lice clinic & yes it cost like over 100$ but it was so worth it bc they got it all out & it’s been out since then & it didn’t take no time for the lady to do it. I recommend you go there if your able and can afford it.


Throw the pillows away
I once help my friend clean her house and wash everything because of lice and we threw the pillows in the washer after we took them out we saw it was infested with lice, all different stages too
Everything we read said they couldn’t live on pillows but there they were living the life. Afterwards she was able to eliminate the lice from her daughters. And they all used Suave rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner to continue to repel them. It worked so well for them I use it for myself and my kids every know and then

Olive oil and a shower cap leave on for an hour. Unfortunately Combing & picking is the only way to ensure you clear them all out.
Make sure you’re doing all jackets, your vehicles, couches, stuffed animals car seats anything with fabric. If you can’t wash it, stuff into trash bags and seal for 24-48 hours.
Hang in there


Vamousse is the only thing I found that worked. No insecticides. My daughter and grandchildren had a terrible case. Fought those little buggers for almost 3 months until I found this. One treatment and it was over with. They also have a daily shampoo that repels any lice. Make sure you throw all blankets and pillows with the cases on in the dryer daily for 60 minutes on high heat and vacuum daily. Cutting the hair or shaving it will not solve the problem.


Diatomaceous earth from Lowe’s. It’s a powder so you can sprinkle a good amount all over her hair and let it sit for a couple hours or over night and then wash it out. It worked for us when our daughter got lice. We also put it on her stuffed animals and then washed them after letting them sit.


After you clean everything and treat her hair. Use a hair Straightener and go through her hair top to bottom. The heat will kill the eggs.


My daughter had the same problem we used baby oil to get them out it was awful but worked then we made a leave in conditioner that we added baby oil to and we sprayed her hair with it everyday before school and she hasnt had them since we started 3 years ago

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Please dont shave her hair or cut it super short. I know longer hair is harder to deal with but she didnt ask for this either. Cutting the hair isnt a magical cure. Dont give up. It breaks my heart all these comments are saying either shave it or cut it short because that’s what their mom did to them .My sister always brought it home and my mom never cut our long hair. She used mayonaise it suffocates the eggs and she had this lice spray for our furniture do you have that ? She also bagged all the stuffed animals, pillows anything that was like that. She would spend hours using that comb on me and my sisters hair but never demanded we cut it all off . Keep trying momma


Since your daughter’s hair is thick, try to shave her hair. Even if you cut it short and shampoo her hair the eggs might still be there. Also,don’t let her stay outdoor for a long period of time.

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Sounds awful! You have to make sure to bag pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, or anything that she might have slept on. They have to stay bagged and closed tightly for a few weeks. You can boil the hairbrushes and combs, but I would toss out and buy new ones. Vacuum everything everyday and the couch. If the infestation is bad, it’s best to treat the entire family. Good luck friend!


Not something I know you don’t want to do but you have to cut her hair short in order to avoid build up, especially her hair is long and super thick that makes it even easier for it to spread out.


I had this problem with my daughter who had long think curly hair. The problem is unless the whole class is being treated they pass it around. Lavender oil did the trick for my daughter and the whole class also combing and treating. Tell the teacher.

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Tea tree oil & Mayo wrap it up and let it sit awhile. Repeat every couple of days as needed. Also they have salons that specialize in treatment, google your area.

Honey put mayo in her hair and leave it in there for hours a few years back my daughter caught lice from a friend and her hair is super thick and long we tried everything under the moon it never worked but then I came across the mayo trick a whole jar of kraft mayo combed through it after the washed and conditioned and repeated the combing with a new comb it worked for her and it was good for her hair win win in my eyes hope this helps

Do they have a lice of America near you? It’s kinda pricey wherever you live but my daughter had lice off and on for 3 years! She was to the point of hair loss. But lice of America helped!.


Other than cutting it off… ugh! I feel for you. We threw away all stuffed animals and pillows. Washed sheets and had her sleep with new blankets every night… anything she touched got washed every single day. We did over the counter (fairytale) and it worked. But I treated more than I should have and kept the spray on her for weeks after. I think the trick for us was cetaphil in the middle of fairytale treatments. Smear it in her scalp/ hair… cover with wrap and let her sleep in it. It will get hard and crusty like glue when it’s dry… but it worked. We got rid of it in about a week with 1 or 2 risiduals in the following week. It was a nightmare! Good luck!

My youngest daughter was the same,got too the point she was riddled,I tried everything,electric comb,mayo,white vinegar mixed with mouth wash,oil but nothing worked so I got a hair dye the same colour as her hair and that killed them all,no more biddies (nits) in her hair .

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Olive oil works wonders… drench her head a little at a time and then wrap up n put a bag or plastic shower cap. Can even take the blow Dryer to it on low heat like when you do a conditioner treatment to your hair…


It’s a nightmare my daughter kept getting it I thought I would have a breakdown. Finally had to cut her hair short it was the only way I replace the mattress got rid of all stuffed toys and pillows.

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Honestly, I’d cut her hair super short if nothing is working. That’s what I had to do to my daughter. My daughter just never listened when I’d say keep ur head away from others and don’t put items in stores on ur head… Also, I saw Vamous shampoo that says it works for super lice. Not sure if u can buy it at Walmart or wherever but I’d definitely also check into that.


Headrin from boots either the liquid or gel it’s expensive but honestly it works you need to repeat it a week later after first application but I suffered badly with them as a kid being in and out of hospital I caught them frequently and my mum had tried everything stuff from the doctors tea tree etc nothing worked until she bought headrin my head was completely clear after the first use and after the second application I never had them again

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Sounds crazy but try olive oil! Or Mayo. And wrap head for either. I prefer the olive oil.


Blow dry and straighten it. I am hopefully getting over the same situation with my daughter :disappointed: I used nix wash, covered it with some plastic wrap for 15 mins then combed and combed and combed. Re washed, blow dry and straighten. The heat will kill whatever the wash didn’t. I combed and checked for the last week and have found very minimal eggs which is a blessing for us. We have been battling off and on for almost 5 months! Hopefully y’all get some relief soon :disappointed: also might want to chuck the current hair ties and get new ones

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Literally grew up struggling with lice cause of how long and thick my hair was…the only thing that helped was cutting it all off…I hated it but after a week the lice were gone and my head finally started to heal…I had them so bad that I was actually getting sick because of all the bites…as my mom cut my hair tons of lice just fell out. And everyone in the family had to do lice treatments.

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Dont dye her hair , and make sure when your combing the eggs out you start at the base of the neck and behind ears that’s their favorite spot and tap your comb into a cup of hot water keeps them from jumping if there are any live ones , flush the water , lice don’t drown they become docile, so they could come back up a drain, flush and spray and vacuum , good luck mamma , but remember some of these comments are out dated lice is different these days , super lice is not like the 70s 80s and 90s lice, believe that​:confounded::persevere::tired_face:

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I remember a family had this problem and found the mattress was infested. Once they threw it out no more lice.

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When my daughter came home with this we used the lice freeee spray. It’s basically a salt spray that dehydrates them so they die. I also sprayed mint around too and vacuumed and washed everything like crazy. Didn’t see a single thing after that.

We did olive oil every single night and a heat straightener in the mornings. We have 7 kids and our middle child was the only one that had it. After several times doing the oil at night and heat in the day, they were finally gone. And she was the only child to get them. Her hair was so long and thick. It was a nightmare but worked for us. So sorry you guys are going through this. Its horrid!

Try an electric lice comb. It was the only thing that would work for my brother when we were kids. Robi brand not nix.

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I dealt with it with both my daughters , I used mayo, and cut the nits by hand, the comb sucked. Every day I would check over her hair. I also used treatments , I bagged stuffed animals etc. Washed and dried in hot weather clothing and bedding. But every day I painstakingly went over her head. I swear I can spot them suckers a mile away now. They’re grown now but I have a granddaughter so it’s a matter of time.

I feel you. I weng through this as a kid with thick hair that is down to my butt as well. Dont let up, wash all bedding daily, vacuum, do her hair daily (i know it sucks) throw our or pack away any stuffed animals, wash all combs and brushes daily. You will overcome, I eventually did. Honestly dying hair helps as well, when I started dying my hair as a kid It never came back. I know they also have places that will remove it from her hair for you but you still have to take care of the house. Also did you find out where she got it? Because if she is still being exposed to it then all the effort is for nothing.

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I went threw this a couple of years ago and when I thought I finally had it they were back. Come to find out that my niece had it and my daughter had passed it on to a kid at school so while I was trying to get rid of them she was picking it back up from my mother-in-laws where my niece lives and when she was at school.

I had hair to my butt when I was little and had lice. My mom put a whole tub of mayonaise and covered my whole head in it and then wrapped in a walmart bag and left it over night. Combed out the dead lice the next morning and they were gone

I tried mayo once. It smells bad my daughter felt like she was going to throw up. Also the doctors can prescribe something for superlice. My daughter got sent 2 refills to apply a week after. I would also put a lot of baby cologne on hair and pick it up through out the day. Make sure everything is. Washed in hot water bedding stuffed animals clothes. There is also a spray you and put on the mattress. I was super over it and I steamed everything i can. There is also a little comb you slide through hair and it zaps the bug. I used that one on my 1 year old when my oldest got it. . Everything I did was a couple years back so don’t know if it still available. My kids are 14 and 7 now. Good luck.

I had this problem with my kid . I was told to put coke a cola in hair let set for 5 min. It worked!

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I led my friends daughter on the floor with her head outside the door. Diluted Jeyes fluid and saturated her hair with it being so careful not to splash her face. Combed it constantly. Shampooed it well and conditioned it. Lice never came back
Hair smelled fine dry but when wet you could still smell the jeyes. But it was the price to pay when nothing else worked. When the smell did fade her mum did it again as it was a relentless problem in school. Only did this outside, never indoors.

After you do a treatment and her hair dries; straight it with a flat iron while combing it!! We just had a lice problem 2 weeks ago and I swear by this! I can tell you all my steps, but the straightener will kill the remaining eggs and stop the cycle! I use a finishing hair oil afterwards to keep from anything sticking to it

Put Vaseline in her hair and cover it with a swim cap. It will smother the lice. Her hair will be a little yucky but just for about a week

My sister always had luck when she set for hours one by one, using the medicine, and make sure the wash bed sheets, and the lice spray.

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Look online for a professional. Lice kept coming back for my two girls and after months of trying we decided to call in a professional. They have services that can come to you home and treat the entire family. We have been lice free ever since!

U don’t have to cut her hair. Make sure u are washing everything in hot water. Throw pillows away and u literally have to pick the knits and eggs out of the hair daily. The treatments don’t kill the eggs just the bugs themselves that’s why u have to go threw and pick and pick it out every day sometimes two or three times cause when the eggs hatch u have to go threw the process all over again. Spray the furniture u can’t wash and they do t like the smell of coconut so I would use shampoo with that scent

It unfortunately may come down to cutting her hair…not all of it. Just cut to medium length to make treatments more effective. I had to do this for my older child years ago. Finally got rid of them. Also mint rosemary shampoo AFTER. you get rid of them, is a really good preventing tip. Smells good too. Suave makes one.

Put 10 drops of tree oil in shampoo put it in her wet hair and put a bag on her head leave it for 1 hour and rince then condition with tea tree added. Put all linen and stuffed animal in the dryer on high heat then put them in a bag over night and wash all her clothes and vacume furniture

They sell a spray for the furniture. Bag up all stuffed animals for 2 weeks. Make sure you’re applying lice kit on dry hair. Lice can hold their breath in water. Word from my pediatrician. Throw out all hair ties and get new brushes too.

Had that happen when my daughter was in pre school she’s 31 now lol. We used tea tree oil and mayonnaise strap her head in bag make sure air tight leave on for hours. Wash out then pick through her hair get dead life abs eggs. You have to treat everything fabric car interiors furniture clothes bedding mattress stuffed animals I mean everything. May have to do this several times. The thing about lice is they originate in filth but thrive on clean fine hair.

When I was little it broke out in school and the only thing that worked for my brother and I was a shampoo and conditioner called Fairytales they sell it at Walmart now, it killed the lice and my dad said it made it so much easier to get it all out.

We live in the country… We buy a 3.49 ivermectin horse wormer. Apply the whole stick, and leave overnight. We do it every other night for 3-4 treatments. Not only does the lice go away, but the eggs release. WASH ALL LINENS AND REMOVE STUFFED ANIMAL’S. our doctor and bet said that it’s just a higher dose of the stuff the doctor prescribed

I always caught lice from school when I was little I have very thick hair! My mawmaw use to cut my hair short put Mayo in it with a shower cap and leave it over night then comb and pick and repeat.

Definitely recommend a treatment center!!! Super helpful, and nothing works as good as the stuff they use!!!

The prescribed shampoo was the only thing that worked on my daughter’s head and fine tooth comb every day for 2 weeks brushes and hair ties boil in hot water but it’s not 100 percent if the house isn’t treated too wash every thing in hot water any stuffed animals put in black garbage bags tie tight for 2 weeks rugs need to be vacuumed I used flea and lice powder on them every day for a week because those stupid lice were no joke and make sure everyone in the house is treated with the lice shampoo and vaccuum ,clean and spray your vehicle with the rid spray. Good luck believe me I know how stressful and exhausting it can be :frowning:

Right after the special shampoo, comb bit by bit wirth Vaseline as you go for each section. Use a tiny section of hair and apply it generously from root to tip… Comb that section and then do it again until all the hairs has been worked through. Have some clips on hand to help the finished parts out of the way. Vaseline will immobilize the ones that are still alive so you can comb them out. Good luck!

I had it so bad almost 35yrs ago. My mom tried and did everything she could that was available back then. Unfortunately the last resort was to cut my hair which was thick and past my butt. And used tee tree oil in hopes I wouldn’t get it after that and I never did again.

Go buy dippy doo hair jel and smother her head from root to tip place a plastic bag and let her sleep over night … wash out the hair jel the next day and use a knit hair comb and make sure to comb through… this was the only thing that worked for my daughters hair.

We always do mouth wash and shower cap to cover. Sadly also do strand by strand of hair to get the eggs. We repeat mouth wash every other day for 2 weeks

We had to cut my hair (a boy cut) then use the over the counter lice medicine. My dad let it dry on my hair then washed it out with bud light then shampoo then conditioner and combed my hair with the comb in the kit used hot water in a bowl to wash the comb after every swipe. We threw all bedding in the dryer for an hour pillows got threw away and my mom sprayed our mattresses with rid x left them out in the sun all day. And put all our clothes in black contractor bags tied them up and left them out in the sun for a day too. We had them bad, which there was 4 girls that had lice at once

Others already suggested what we did BUT I did learn a trick!! After you get rid of the lice dye her hair!! It can be the exact same color from a box or a salon but lice do NOT like treated hair!! My kid had this happen in prek and we fought it forever because they weren’t treating it at school!! After i found out about this we retreated, got them gone again then dyed their her hair before she went back to school!! We did it every year at the beginning of the year and again at Christmas and never had another issue!!

Lather whole head in mayonnaise put a bag over your hair then wash out mayo comb outs eggs in hair and get some tea tree oil and lavender for her hair spray that on her hair everyday I had lice very bad when I was younger and tried everything as well finally mayo worked but I slept with it in my hair overnight thank God because I have long thick hair always have and it’s dark brown so hard to see eggs

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I used lots of mayonnaise in my 2 niece’s hair let it sit for 30 minutes then wash with dawn dish soap then regular shampoo then conditioner then I blow dried and they were gone. Then I sprayed everything down with vinegar and lavender all over the house and vacuumed from top to bottom and washed everything with vinegar and laundry soap

My two girls had lice 3 years ago. I spent 3 weeks battling it what a nightmare it was…then shaved both their heads…:woman_shrugging: it grows back

Dawn dish soap and olive oil!
We did this at the residential hospital I worked at. Worked like a charm!

You also have to make sure her bed is striped and washed in hot water also pillows and all stuffed animals need to be put in a garbage bag and tied up for ten days then washed and vacuum the whole house including all furniture it’s ruff ive been there im so sorry i hope this helps

They have places called lice fairies google it you take your child there and they take care of it

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My sons great granny from his dads side swears by vinegar I know it’s so smelly but if you then get conditioner with a nice smell and comb out with conditioner in the hair worth a try :heart: hope you find something x

Lice Angels They are based out of Texas.

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I soaked my daughter’s hair in olive oil with lavender essential oil over night every night for a week, I think they died by the second day but I wanted to make sure. I also used the metal knit comb after I washed it every morning

I’ve had lice quite a few times in my life. Saturate my hair in olive oil (like THICK), put a shower cap on and sleep over night with it on. Rinse it out and brush the lice out in the morning. I did this for 2-3 night and it always worked

I just used treatment and the thing that seemed to work the best was wash every day and blow dry. The heat will kill them with the treatment.

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Have to make sure stuffed animals, couch, chairs, car, ECT are treated. Not just hair and bedding. Also make sure who she is around doesn’t have it. She can be getting it again and again. I kept my girls from getting it by washing hair once a week and every other day while in school with dog shampoo.

They can be in your carpet or in your child’s pillow. My little sister( years ago) had lice and my Gramma fought it and fought it…once she threw her.pulliw away it went away. My daughter (years ago in kindergarten) kept having head lice…we finally figured it out…the carpet she laid on for naps at school was infested.

I have been thru the same thing. I was ready to just give in to it. Then I contacted the school nurse. She ran me thru everything I was already doing and then asked about the car headrest. I hadn’t thought about the car but since I picked her up from school and took to ball practice I gave it a shot and ran thru all my procedures again. What a miracle it was! No more lice!

When we had it as a kid we used the lice treatments prescribed by the Dr and then soaked our hair like as saturated as possible with real mayo not miracle whip and slept in it combed through the next morning and then washed then treated again with otc lice treatment along with washing and or bagging up everything for 30 days got rid of it the first try but that was 20 years ago so idk if that will still work

when I was a kid my mom put mayonnaise in our hair and put a shower cap over it at bedtime. Than combed through our hair in the morning. Everything that is cloth material has to get bagged up & washed/dryed on high heat. Vacuum like crazy and dump the Vacuum outside!

When I was a kid I kept lice for a long time it was horrible and I did everything over the counter and doctors only thing that got it done I dyed my hair about 2 times and I’ve never had it again

Everyone in the house needs treated. Keep her hair up. Baby oil and vinegar worked for me when i had hair that long but its best to let it sit overnight and then wash it with dawn a few times the next day and then rinse really good and comb it. Wait a few days and do it again. The baby oil coats everything and they cant stick to her hair. The vinegar smothers them out. Yes its stinky but it worked.

She’s picking it up from either not having it gone on household items or going somewhere where it’s not being taken care of. You need a UV light (black light to spot them in her hair- the eggs glow) and a lice comb. They like the root of the hair but can be anywhere on it and keep combing at least once a day if you are using a shampoo. Twice a day if no medicine is used. Always have her hair in a bun to help her from picking them up on furniture or when she’s not home

Depends on where you live there should be an actual business that uses professional equipment to get rid of hair lice. I used The Lice Ladies with my kids…

Wash pillow, stuffed animals, any hats or hair stuff. Vacuum mattress…spray first let dry then vacuum. If nothing else works…cut it. I’m sorry…I’ve been there. Every time she touched her head I was checking it. :flushed:

More than likely going to have to cut it an keep treating plus you have to spray an clean the while house even furniture! Get rid of any stuffed animals. Also could she be getting it from someone that she hangs out with. Also I believe tea tree oil helps and peppermint to repel them. Also you may may not want to but hair die helps kill them also. Learned this years ago with my exs girls.

Mayo ans headcap for 12-24 hours.

I had a horrible bout with lice when I was little. My mom couldn’t get it u see control. We’re southern and she finally slathered my hair in Mayo ans put a hair cap on me. It was gross to me as a kid but after sleeping with it on overnight, all the lice were dead and she could comb through my hair

There are lice salons that will do it for you they do awesome a lil pricy but worth it have got it done they will get them
All out look them up

For the resistant lice in the hospital we shave hair off.

Have the doctor prescribe Sklice. Then continue to comb her hair for a few weeks to get anything lingering out. It’s the only thing that worked when I had a similar situation a few years ago.

Paranix was our life saver! And use the metal comb not the plastic ones. If possible remove all the extras ( fluffy toys, extra cushions etc) for a week or 2, wash them and pack away until uve got it all under control. Repeat the treatment every 3 days, hang bedding and pillows out in the sun every day including the mattress. Wash all bedding every 3rd day when treating the hair. I treated everyone and washed and put out in the sun everyone’s bedding just incase for 2 wks just to make sure. Now I add tea tree oil to our shampoo and conditioner as a preventive measure and its worked.

I worked at a place that had a lice outbreak so bad that the health department came in to do weekly checks of scalps. All clothing, bedding, carpet and furniture needs to be treated. Throw away pillows and stuffed animals. Put plastic protectors on all mattresses and pillows. The public health nurse said that lice love long clean hair. Every night when I got home from work I either rubbed Vaseline through my scalp and hair or my kid’s black hair care products. The oils repel lice and if there are any in your hair they will suffocate.

Fairy tales makes a lice treatment it’s natural and did better than over counter, we took all things to laundry Matt at high heat EVERYTHING. Bag all soft it’s in garage for month or throw out! And Botanically Rooted Aromatherapy made a spay for me, I sprayed beds pillows couches, heads, every day for a while!

Bc we had reoccurring and this took care of everything!!!

Advantage flea shampoo for pets. My mom would dab some on my head as a kid and you’d find dead ones all over your pillow in the morning :nauseated_face:

I know this may sound weird, but I’ve come across a few ways - all of which would be applied directly to the hair and sit overnight preferably.
Tea tree oil
Mouth wash
Petroleum jelly
Then use a flea comb, the teeth are closer and longer than a live comb. It makes it harder for the lice to fall off the comb.

Or there’s the good old fashioned army hair cut.

Baby oil. Then wrap a towel over it.
It causes the lice to absorb n expand. The eggs too.
Leave on for about 1/2 hour.

Need to get rid of stuffed animals or wash in hot water and dryer Barbie dolls any thing with hair or fur wash bed clothes pillows and such in hot water get the mix spray and spray car sofa chairs floor mattress everything even others pillows and cars all clothes wash in hot water if you don’t you won’t get rid of them do her hair and repete

My mom went through this with my younger siblings for nearly 2 years. We finally beat it with Cedarcide - an all natural insect repellent. You can find it on Amazon or go to Cedarcide.com. My grandparents use it to bathe their dogs in after being at their wooded property for ticks and other bugs. We keep it on hand now for many reasons.We found that it dissolves the eggs and suffocates the lice. It is oil, so it takes a couple washes to come out but it’s worth the hassel. We left it in for a couple hours (and sometimes most of the day like this) with hair either pulled back into a bun and kept off cloth surfaces or put a shower cap over it. You’ll still want to comb through to be safe, and pull out anything that didn’t just fall out on it’s own. Try to do this once a week (or every couple of days, if possible, to break the cycle) to everyone in the house until gone. Bag up all stuffed animals and keep until the last sign of living lice. And keep vacuuming floors and couches, and washing bedding as often as possible. Lice don’t typically survive longer than a couple days without a host so that helps as long as you can keep them out of everyone’s hair. Cedarcide was our life saver and hope it can be yours too. Sending all my best, Good luck!

Make sure you treat and vacuum your vehicles out too. I remember those elementary days with two girls with long thick blonde hair…ugh!!

My mum had the same problem with myself and my sister growing up long thick hair she tried everything but the only thing she found that worked was buying hair dye and putting a few streaks in our hair. Since then myself and my sister never had head lice