Is 23 Too Old To Start Over And Move In With My Parents?


“Hi all! I’m 23 with a five-year-old. I’ve been with her dad for about six years… it’s been very rocky as I’ve caught him cheating. I obviously forgave him time and time again… well, come tonight; we got into a fight because he was trying to go to a friend’s house with a bunch of girls, and one of the girls I caught him flirting and talking to a while back… it’s obvious he doesn’t want me, and I’m accepting it. Is 23 too late to start over moving back in with parents? I want to attend college for two years, and my little one will finally be in kindergarten so I wouldn’t have to worry about a child care bill anymore… I want to go to college to get a better-paying job than customer service, but I feel too old. I just need some opinions and maybe some life experiences from other mommas… please be kind as I know staying has not been wise.”

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“You’re young! Start over now before it’s too late, you’ve already been seeing red flags all over.”

“Girl I got pregnant and moved in with my parents at 34. You’re good sis. Set yourself up now so you’re independent in the future.”

“Heck NO! If yours parents are willing to help you and able to you do that! Nobody’s getting any younger and they wanna know you can take care of yourself just like you want to be able to take care yourself. You hop on that train and take it all the way to the destination. Then when your set and have that job it’ll be your turn to spoil them in return.”

“Girl I went back at 29 and got my teaching degree. Now at 39 I’m starting over as a single mom having a baby in a new relationship. Its never too old to make a change for the better!”

“It’s never too late! My only advice would be to do it now and make it last! Start over for you and you kid! Make it so you don’t have to rely on another guy so when you do meet someone new (and you will) you don’t have to worry about anything if they leave or it doesn’t work out! Be brave! You got this momma!”

“You’re never too old to start over and make a better life for you and your family.”

“Let me start by saying that I’m so sorry that you’re faced with this situation but please know that You are never too old to leave a toxic situation and I’m sure your family would be happier to have you living with them over living with some guy that doesn’t respect you or worse. There’s absolutely no shame in starting over, it’s gonna hurt bad and maybe even for a long time but you will set yourself and your child up for an independent life in the long run.”

“You are never too old to go back to school. I have friends in their 50s & 60s that have gone back.”

“You CAN do this!!! For you & your child, move in w your parents, go back to school… make a great future!!!”

“Your never too old to start over. I recently had a coworker who in his 40’s had become an RN. He was a salesman before but due to the economy changed careers. He is a great Nurse and I truly believe he found his calling.”

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