Is it weird for a toddler to be naked while potty training?

What are your thoughts on a two-year-old being naked in their own home? My toddler (2 years old) is potty training and has taken a liking to be naked. Potty training is much easier, and it’s only ever family in the home. I’ve been told it’s not appropriate and is weird to allow them to run naked around the few family members they are around. What are your thoughts?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is it weird for a toddler to be naked while potty training?

Who told you it was weird? It’s normal!


Nope not weird at all. It’s harder for them to pull off clothes while rushing tk the bathroom while figuring out how to not hold it until last minute. I potty trained all 3 of my girls naked like that lol


I let my daughter do that too. I don’t see why it’s an issue at all!

My 2 and 3 year olds are always naked at home. If a adult feels uncomfortable then it’s them that has issues


Lots of people potty train like that. Whatever works for you

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It’s not weird!! It’s completely normal!!

Totally normal. In fact I did the same with my kid. It worked perfectly! Don’t listen to those comments…

That’s what I did & it worked. Luckily I also had a fenced in yard & when he was outside I would just have him in a t-shirt.

This is an actual strategy… (no diaper/undies…) of potty training… and yes my daughter did it in two days from being bare bottom! It works!

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I see nothing wrong with running around naked in front of siblings, mom and dad. Anyone that comes over then said child should be dressed.

My 3&4 year old boys are naked 99.9% of the time :rofl:nothing weird about that at all . Weird seeing them wearing clothes actually :rofl::rofl:

Lol I’m naked at least 5 hours a day. My toddler is naked as he’s potty training as well. Then only human actually clothes in my home while my husband is at work is my 2 month old baby

That’s how I potty trained my boys. I mean it makes more sense for them to be naked while potty training. Whoever told you it’s weird is the weird one.

It’s weird to have anyone in your house that would think ‘that way’ about a naked 2 year old. Potty training is a whole new thing they should be as comfortable as they want while learning so no naked is perfectly normal

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Its not for me and my children. Privates are private but that is your home and baby so do what is best for you. Good luck

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Nope. My son’s learned so much better that way. I have no idea why lol.

I’m actually gonna try this because my almost 3yr old hates the potty😂 as long as they’re safe, happy and learning. Whatever works🤷🏻‍♀️

Most kids go through that phase! Completely normal!! You’re doing great momma!! Don’t let others get into your head!!

It’s ok as long as you are not expecting daycare workers or this style of potty training outside of the home.

I’ve potty trained 4…and naked everytime! It’s your child and your house. The person with an issue is the weird one!

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it’s very normal. i think i was trained the same way. There’s adults that still strip to use the bathroom

This is normal :rofl:my 2 run around naked for the most part

Mine all did that. Hell my 13yr old son still strips when he comes home from school. Were lucky if he wears boxers under his dressing gown. Found it made training easier

Thats how I potty trained my kids

My son would only potty train naked. Nothing wrong with it

I’ve always been told keeping them naked is how you potty train them.

Who cares about normal? Do what works best for you and your toddler :heart:


My 3 year old refuses
To poop on the potty

Keep them away from those who find it inappropriate. Just my thoughts on that. There’s no reason for it to be unless said person is sexualizing your child.


My toddler 3 is fully potty trained now since around 2 and she was always not naked :rofl::rofl: what works for us may not work for others.

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It’s normal. My 5 year old was like that, now he stays in his draws all the time lol

Umm… not weird at all! Personally I think the ones that do think it’s weird are the ones that are in fact the weird ones :woman_shrugging:t2:


Your home
Your child

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We did just a big t shirt

Tell others to bug off.

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My daughter ran naked when she potty trained…. I’m sure my son will too! It’s not a big deal at all!

Both my boys are potty trained but still like to strip all their clothes off as soon as we get home lol!

Not weird. That’s how I potty trained my kids.

100% normal!!! That’s who we started with my son. Lol

When my oldest was 3 and potty training he was naked a whole week


People need to mind there own business

I think people who think it’s weird are inappropriate. They’re 2.


You do what is easiest for you and for them. If that works, do it.

Its a 2 yr old and if it’s easier for him its easier for you… haters gonna hate anyway so who cares :roll_eyes:


we totally did naked time for training - for almost a week straight. When it comes to potty training? you do WHATEVER works for your kid.


Your child, your way. Period.

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2 of my kids were like that! I just put clothes on them when people came over

I mean a 2 year old at his own home with only his immediate family that lives there I see absolutely nothing wrong with that for potty training alot easier for him too. But I wouldn’t have him naked when anyone else was over and obviously not at anyone else’s house and eventually start having him potty train with clothes and underwear so he can get used to wearing that stuff when he has to potty when he’s outside of the home. Otherwise absolutely nothing wrong with him being comfortable like this in his own home!

I never did it because of sitting on furniture naked where others touch and lay.

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If they dont like it then they can always leave your home.


Your home your kids.
I take care of 3 extra kiddos and the 2 oldest run around in their diapers all day. :woman_shrugging:

Nudity is so taboo in the US because we have to sexualize everything here. Go for it, its not hurting anyone.


No. I found it to be easier. With the added bonus it saves on laundry

Don’t start some thing,that you will have to stop.

Well done on his potty training Don’t heed what others give out about

I grew up in a family of 5, 2 girls ( oldest and youngest) all 3 boys in the middle and it’s very common for boys to get completely naked to use the bathroom at a young age. You never mentioned the sex of the child, but in my house hold it was very common for the boys to strip down to nothing, just slowly work them into 1 article of clothing at a time to be comfortable and it will slowly fade away just have to be consistent and put in the work

It’s normal and fine. It’s your house, no one gets any decision making here but you and your spouse

do you pay the house payment/ rent ? if so do as you like

It is not weird. My son is 7 and literally has to get naked every time he poops, lol. He also rarely keeps his clothes on after school hours :joy:. Totally normal and ignore whoever said it was wrong.

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its how i potty trained my 3 kids. naked on the bottom half. potty trained in 2 weeks

We never did the naked thing, but I just took off pull up and we did underwear no matter how many accidents in the beginning we had

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Your baby, your decision. It might be hard to stop though.

Your child , you do what works for the child and you… period

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He’s at home don’t see the problem.

.y daughter is going to be three next month and we totally do naked potty training!

Whoever thinks it’s weird should not be around your kid. They are clearly sexualizing a 2 year old. Lots of kids potty train this way. Your kids, your home. Once he’s potty trained fully put clothes back on


It’s what finally worked to potty train my daughter. Did totally naked. Then an oversized t-shirt with nothing under. Then oversized shirt with undies under.

That’s normal I trained my seven kids this way.Unless they were sleeping or we had company they were naked on bottom while learning.

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Kids go through that…he’s only 2. Now if you said 12, I’d worry…lol my 2 yr old grandson always strips down. After so long you give up trying to keep clothes on and the diaper.

Both my kids ran around naked until they were potty trained. My daughter it only took 3 days and I attribute it to the fact that she couldn’t pee her pants. My son took a little longer but he is autistic and has delays.

Their children why isn’t alright!! Geezzz

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That’s how I potty trained my son. I put his potty in the living room and let him run around naked. He was fully trained in a week.


3, 6, 16 all some form of naked by the time make it to their room comfort plain and simple

We has issues with my niece Kaitlyn Schultz keeping her clothes on until she was 6! Actually we still have that issue now and shes 22 :joy::rofl::joy: just kidding Kaitlyn, you have matured and grown way more than I ever thought you would


A lot of Children around two years go through a period of stripping off,they will usually stop on their on.

Mom of 3 boys here, this is totally the norm. My youngest boy is now 3 and keeping any clothes on him is nearly impossible. My 6 year old gets straight down to his undies as soon as he gets home from school. My 12 year old changes to shorts when he gets home but when he was much smaller it was the same way(only undies).It’s almost as if clothes don’t exist in their world :rofl:. Also it is much more beneficial for potty training.

Not weird but for me it made it harder to adjust to pants when the time came

mine never were and i raised 5

My 3 year old won’t stay dressed and will only potty in toilet if naked

We do it mines 2.5 and when she has on no bottoms she does the best only around immediate family

Weird how?
Either way you spin it the person who dislikes it has the issue


We didn’t choose the naked route… however our 3 year old has. I find her undressing or completely naked at least 2 or 3 times a day. :joy::woman_shrugging:t5: I hear it’s common during potty training. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep them from trying to do the same thing in public.

My son was they sMe way! He’d come home and take everything off to go to the restroom!!!

Omg my daughter literally was and is naked all the time. She is 3 there are obviously times they need to be dressed but they are babies. Let them be.

You can do what you want in your own home! And yes, its much easier to have little to no clothes on them when they are potty training!

Absolutely normal, don’t even question it.

Good way to potty train, they do not like it running down their legs, who cares, your house, your rules

Not weird at all, my 2 1/2yo has been for the last 2 days when he hasn’t been naked he’s just wearing underpants. Whoever thinks it’s weird or has a problem with it is the weirdo

Totally normal. No need to make a big deal

You want the kid to learn to go to the bathroom. Then let em be naked. Really. If some has an issue…oh well. At very minimum put underwear on afterwards.

The person who says it’s inappropriate is the one with the problem!


It’s your home and your child… those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

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That is so normal. A lot of people potty train that way

One of my sons would only go #2 when naked until age 5.

I would do you and let your child be just that a child!

If a family member brings it up, they shouldn’t be in your home. Be watchful of those members


Were potty training 1 and waiting till Spring for another it’s cold here for naked training were in the midwest… but if it’s warm, although we did long tshirts or dresses with naked butts

Keeping clothes on my 3yr old is a futile effort tbh, so I just let him be his little streaker self :rofl:
If I have family or friends coming over then ofcourse I’ll put something on him but in all honesty if it’s just me and daddy at home then I don’t worry about it, plus potty training went alot smoother especially in the beginning when he couldn’t hold his little bladder long enough to take off his pants and go potty.

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Its a toddler. If someone is uncomfortable then they can come back when they’re potty trained. I find it weird that a family member would be uncomfortable but to each their own I guess :woman_shrugging: I mean I might feel awkward if its just a friend and their kid is running around naked or if the kid is like 8, but a family member that’s a toddler? Not a big deal :woman_shrugging: If you want to accommodate, then put a large shirt on your kid. If not then tell them you’ll give them a call when your kid is back to wearing clothes.