Is my fiance being selfish?

My fiance and I just had our 5th child on the 15th (collectively, he has 2 from his previous marriage) hes both of our first premie. We just had him on the 15th and my fiance being the only one that drives is already complaining that he doesnt get to sit and play videos games after work much now since we have been going up there whenever we can and acts like pumping every 2 hours is how I want to spend my time (we already talked about formula feeding before our little guy decided he wanted to come early but I'll do what's best for him and have been focusing on pumping so that he gets what he needs) It makes me feel some type of way the way he is complaining so much already...not really sure what I'm asking I guess my question is am I wrong, is he not being rather self centered..and so quickly ..? I'm a very just do what needs to be done kind of person so how he has been deciding to act just runs me all the wrong way and rather infuriates me