Is something wrong with me?

Been married to my husband for 8 years and never had this problem before so it’s got me worried.. I’d say for the past 6 months it’s like he doesn’t want to pleasure me anymore or he isn’t turned on by me anymore.. I’m not sure what to think.. Everytime we are in the mood and I think it’s about to happen.. He only wants me to pleasure him orally and honestly I’m getting to the point to where I hate to do it.. It’s every single time we go to do it.. he wants me to pleasure him until he’s about there and then he wants to do it and it’s only 30sec.. and I’m suppose to be okay with it.. nah? Am I wrong? Anybody every had this problem? Sorry for to much information but I need some advice..

I am no way excusing his behaviour but does he suffer from depression? Anything happening like loss of work or anything changed in last 6 months? I only say this because I went through this in first year we had my son my partner never wanted to have sex with me. Think we did it twice and rest time he got head. I constantly thought there was someone else or I was fat etc. but what I didn’t know was he was suffering with depression and not coping with fatherhood. 2 years on and everything back to normal. Maybe just talk to him and see what’s going on