My boyfriend cheated on me, what should I do?

I been with my guy 6 years we are not living together because alot reasons a lot red flags. We been having a lot fights about me not answering his calls or texts right away because I am at work and sometimes I am in meetings. Anyways up and down but we always talked about it and then we are good again. I just found out he was cheating with this young girl and he got caught and she works at my job so I called him and confronted him but he denied it all she texted me and send me pictures of him and her and a video and he is there now he is begging me to put everything behind and my head is saying no I can’t but my hearts is saying him another chance. I don’t know what to do I am confused because this has never happen to me. He is 52 and the girl he cheated with she is 24.


My momma told me once a cheater. Always a cheater. And I have seen over and over again around me. You have to set your value… but for me…its zero tolerance. I told my now husband when we committed that I was zero tolerance… and he believed me. WE have been together 25 years but if he cheats tomorrow, I am gone. I respect and love myself too much. You deserve better but you have to believe it.
Leave and work on yourself…you shouldn’t even have to ask a question like this. honestly being with someone 6 years and no next step means time to move on anyways. Relationships should progress or someone will be cheated in the end

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My boyfriend cheated on me, what should I do?

Not only did he cheat he then had the cheek to out right lie when you flat out asked him :woman_shrugging:t3:


Dump him. He is not worth your time. You deserve better. Move on.

You already know what you need to do, if you need someone to confirm it for you, yes, leave. Run far far away


Don’t walk, run away.

You said it yourself red flags and cheated on top of it girl love yourself your worth more move on


You’re not living with a man you have been with for 6 yrs b/c he has so many red flags. Now he cheated? Why is this even a question :skull_and_crossbones:.


He shows red flags and he cheated but you’re still together.

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No. Thats disgusting. Move on. Your heart will get over it, your head won’t


Leave. It will never get better.

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If you stay then you can only blame yourself for ruining your life period


And… Nope! He’s that old and she’s that young that’s disgusting move on girl sounds like a pedo to me.

Once a Cheater always a Cheater…run sis

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Move on once a cheater always a cheater there will be trust issues if you try to work out things

If you take him back you are saying this is okay.


Leave you deserve better

Girl leave him obviously if he truly loved and valued you no other women would even draw his attention

This post has to be a joke surely!! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Look out for yourself and do what’s right for you.xx

Leave him or ask him to leave you but no return at 52 he knew the consequences of cheating and now does not want to face the reality so ….BYE BYE

He’s 52. He knows better.

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Toss him to the curb!!!

Kick him to the curb and do not take him back. The end.

Move on & find someone who is going to match your energy. :heart:

Know your worth, sis. You deserve better than this.

Nah fuck him! Boy bye

No way, no how, RUN…

Don’t let him believe that’s ok. Tell him it’s over. He will do it again.

I’d break off the relationship, no way I’d tolerate a cheater.

Leave, he won’t stop

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If you have a lot of red flags and this cheating is just the icing on the cake, I’d say it’s time to move on. He’s obviously not trying to settle down with you or there wouldn’t be so many things not going right. Let the 24 year old have him and find someone else.

He couldn’t even admit it when you knew the truth. Leave.

Is this a trick question?? Repeat to yourself he cheated on you. Answer is right there on front of you.

You’re a queen, take yo chit and be OUTTT.


Leave now. He has a pattern and it won’t change


Once a cheater always a cheater, speaking on experience here girl. Just because you love him doesn’t mean he loves you back, clearly his actions speak otherwise. He will just get better at hiding it next time if you stay with him, this is a promise. Know your worth and leave. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of the relationship and move on. You deserve better.

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What a looser her is! Dump him and run!

Listen tob your gutt. Love yourself. Leave him

If he hasn’t learned how to respect a woman by the age of 52, home boy never will. He’s a lost cause and “men” like that will have you questioning everything, even yourself. You deserve better. Even the girl he cheated with deserves better, and she’s a skank :woman_shrugging:

Get somewhere safe where you can process what has happened to you. Get away from him. Do not allow him access to you in ANY Way Shape or Form. Realize your worth. Create boundaries. (Yes or No) to what you allow in your life. Say goodbye in whichever way you deem necessary and move on. Start over. Have morals and values and stick to them. You’ll be officially physically and emotionally sick for some time. Keep working through your emotions in a safe place. Stand up for yourself in a positive way. There are a lot of people here for you to talk to if you feel alone. You’ve got this!!!


So long. Men are a dime a dozen.

Leave his ass. He ain’t worth it! If you have proof that’s all you need! He is 52 years old he should know better. Just run and don’t look back!

Let him go if u don’t you’ll hate yourself later and have resentment towards him.

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Leave it and don’t turn back. Set a fire to that brigde.

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If you let him get by with it once he’ll do it over and over and over. Don’t waste any more time on him. Run

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Run! If you’re unsure in anyway (and I’d say you are) cause you’re asking here… so then you know you deserve better! Get out now! Cut all ties! Fresh start! I know It won’t be easy, but you can do this. You’ve got to do this… for yourself!! :100::100:

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Give him the flick won’t change

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Uhhh… leave. He’s abusive, and cheats. Run. Now.


Girl really?!? Bounce, life is too short to be taken for granted!! Once a cheater; always a cheater !!

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You don’t have time in life to wait for people to value you. Someone who truly loves you won’t cheat. I cheated I didn’t love the person I live with guilt and I never cheated again because the next guy I truly loved and knew I could never betray them. You can’t love someone and betray them and disrespect them and say but I messed up… there’s no going back from cheating.

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Fok that energy one million percent lol

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Run away, run away!!’

I mean you knew before he cheated there was red flags :woman_shrugging: and yet you chose to stay this whole time. Nobody can make the choice for you to leave, you’re still going to do what ever it is you choose to do. At this point you’re either going to leave or keep dealing with it


Kick him to the curb.

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Girl if he’s that old acting like this…. He will never be worth your time and energy


Your first sentence said “red flags”. For your sanity and self respect, move on without him. You deserve better than what he can offer.

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You don’t live together due to a lot of red flags… so why are you even dating this man in the first place?

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Be glad this happened before you moved in together or got married. If he was happy in your relationship he wouldn’t of cheated on you. Dump him now you can do better.

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It’s the first you know of. Do what you want, but I would think hard & long before I would. You said yourself you haven’t been getting along.

He’d still be cheating if he hadn’t been caught. He did it with YOUR coworker. He had ZERO respect for you. You know the answer to your question.

Leave his ass behind tell him to leave u alone a d get a new phone number . Sounds like a huge red flag and sounds like a narcissist.

Why is this a question? Leave, he won’t change, you can’t make him change. If he wanted to change he’d make an effort too which he clearly isn’t doing.

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Leave him, that’s a long time to be together to make plans (move in together etc) and make it healthy. I don’t like the sounds of that. Focus on you :speak_no_evil::heart:

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I would leave him asap

Send him down the road packing his clothes and everything that belongs to him once a cheater always a cheater he’ll never change

What you allow WILL continue. Your first sentence mentions “a lot of red flags”……you already have your answer and don’t need permission from strangers on the internet to tell you what you need to do. You already know.

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From my experience once a cheater always a cheater

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Don’t waste anymore of your time. You deserve so much more.

Run the other direction

Leave, you will never forget this. You can try therapy but it’s a hard thing to forgive and forget

Once a cheater always a cheater. Better off to get out of this relationship now. And if he is getting mad cause u don’t answer him while u r at work, that’s another red flag

Yeah I’d leave. I don’t even know why you’re thinking on this… just leave.

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Girl leave once a cheater always a cheater.

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Let him go! Know your worth!


Don’t let the door hit you in the ass is what you tell him.


Tell me you know you deserve better; without telling me you know you deserve better.

Leave. You can’t control how other people act, but you can choose how you react. Take time to learn to love yourself again. Six years is more than enough time spent on misery.

Noooooo lol wtf bin him! We only get one life… There are nice people out there who would never ever do such things x

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I would have left him for being angry I can’t answer the phone at work.

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You answered your own question beauty . :purple_heart:Love yourself enough to remove you from the equation. Feed that love you’re giving to you and those who appreciate and respect you . Your worth the effort . Once someone cheats it’s so hard to move on and it will always be sitting at the back of your head which robs you peace of mind . It’s your choice but I hope you see your worth and don’t let him play again . Love you always :purple_heart:


You just said there are red flags. You already know the answer.

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Noppppppeee. I’d be gone :no_good_woman:t2: cheating is an unforgivable betrayal in my eyes.

Dump him. Hes not worth it but u r.

Nope leave him once a cheater always a cheater

Hell no he don’t deserve another chance wth, know your worth woman. We only have one life and when is over we don’t get a second chance so there’s that! Tell him is done, put your head up fix your crown and keep moving love, there will be a man who will not do this sh*t to you.

Let him go. It hurts, it will hurt but you don’t want to drag that hurt on. He didn’t respect you from the start he won’t eve.

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Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind, why are you needing strangers confirmation to get rid of the miserable situation??

I would bet it’s not the first time he has cheated on you…6yrs…you don’t live together and you fight frequently…yeah, this is just the first time you have caught him. I’m sorry but you need to run as fast as you can…

Tell him he’s history!

Leave for your own mental wellbeing.

She’s as stupid as he is

age does NOT matter!!! He WILL do it again !!!

Why is it even a question???

In your heart, you already know what you need to do. It’s time to move on love.

I don’t think he sounds like a winner, honestly hon you can do better. It sounds to me he has some issues to work through before he is going to be any kind of man material worth being around… move on, you’ll be better off

Start fresh. It’ll hurt but u need this

Obviously if there are red flags run :running_woman: now u know the truth about him another woman what more is there for you to stay with a cheater

Leave as much as it hurts :broken_heart: an breaks your heart leave

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Erase him from your routine and never look back,