My ex won't stop contacting our daughter

So my ex and I split up in the beginning of August. I have an 11 yo daughter from a previous relationship that I have full custody of. Ex was told he is to have no contact with my daughter. But he keeps texting her. Putting her picture on his Facebook. I feel like there's nothing I can do to stop it. I guess my question is, at what point does this become harassment? At what point does him putting her pictures on his public social media violate her privacy? Even when we were together he wasn't exactly father material, he definitely isn't now that we have separated. He's toxic, manipulative, and narcissistic. How can I stop this without having to change her number? How do I get him to leave her alone? He doesn't message me, just my child. Hes not saying anything wrong tbh, just that ge loves and misses her, but he was told not to contact her. In wv for reference.

Please please contact the police. They can definitely say who should be able to help you. That is VERY INAPPROPRIATE to be sending those texts to your daughter! Please get a restraining order to include your daughter. Hopefully by getting the restraining order, he can no longer call or text your daughter.

If he has orders to not contact her and he is, that’s harassment. Does it make her uncomfortable? I would get a restraining order against him.

I would sit your daughter down and see how she is feeling about this , take your feelings out of it and see how your little girl is feeling… & if she doesn’t want him contacting her block his number from her phone or change her number to stop unnecessary hurt and if he is as bad as you say he is , why have u not contacted the police about him contacting your daughter if there is a no contact order … xx

If he’s not saying anything wrong then leave it alone. Does it bother her? How long were they apart of each other’s lives for…