My mom rips my child out of my hands and tells me I will spoil her: Thoughts?

Hey mamas I’m a FTM and I need advice. So I want to lay my baby on my chest sometimes, but everytime I do my mom rips her from me and says “I will spoil her.” Now she is only two weeks and I just want to cuddle her sometimes. I want to show love and affection to my baby. Is that a bad thing? What age do they begin to be “spoiled”?


You can never spoil a baby too much. Tell her to fuck off.

Get rid if your mom!


You can’t spoil them by showing them love. Snatch your child right back

I’ll cuss my mom out that’s my child


Uhhh no.
You snuggle that baby as much as you want. It does not “spoil” them.


I’d smack her if she was mine :woman_shrugging:t2:


F that. I wouldn’t tolerate that.


Holding your 2 week old infant is NOT spoiling her! They need that touch and connection with mom!


You need to set some serious boundaries with your mom. It’s your baby not hers. You can parent anyway you please.


First - if anyone tries that with your child they need to be corrected immediately. If attempts continue remove yourself and child from the situation


Your mother apparently doesn’t know love and you need to get away from her.


Some say you cant spoil a baby I believe you can but i also believe as a parent its your right to spoil the baby. :woman_shrugging:


Baby’s can’t be spoiled, they are literally brand new in this world and need every last ounce of love and affection they can get.


First of all you are the mom you can hold your baby where ever and whenever you want! It’s not being spoiled it’s you
Loving her and creating a connection

No baby is spoiled. Baby’s crave moms body they have had it for 9 months no harm. In fact babies who get skin to skin with mom usually do better health wise. I personally would punch someone for taking my child out of my arms.

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No such thing as a spoiled infant, your mom is ridiculous

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that’s bonding with your baby not spoiling her


Time to put your foot down tell her your child, your rules and if she can’t respect it then don’t let her around


Your mom is the one who is spoiled, neglectful and abusive. Put her in her place. Your baby NEEDS you. Snuggle her. She won’t be little long.


I would’ve flipped out. It is IMPOSSIBLE to spoil a baby.


Hell no!! Anyone tries to take my baby from me is going to get slapped and kicked out of my house. You are the mother you do what you want, what feels right for you and your baby.

Oh hell no. Touch my baby again & she’d get hands.
She needs to mind her business. Your child is a newborn, not a 10yr old. Nip that now.

It does not spoil them. Infact it goes a long way to their confidence and independence as they get older

I slept with my baby on my chest or in my arms during naptime til he was at least 1. Didn’t spoil him. He was my last baby and I wanted to cherish every last minute. He is almost 7 now and a huge mommas boy but I’m ok with that.

So many boundaries crossed by her, I recommend some distance. She is making you second guess your instincts. On top of all of that, she just wrong about spoiling your 2 week old baby.


Please…stand up to your mother. I went through exactly the same thing

Oh my good god. Thats your baby, tell your mum to back off… its bonding time between you and bubba. I wish mine were babies again, id never let them go!

Get rid of your mother

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No age, that’s a fncking newborn not a 2 year old who wants candy. You can’t spoil your kids with love and you especially need to hold your gd newborn. Wtf


You can’t spoil a baby. Babies can only communicate what they need at this point. Tell your mom to back off. It is important to establish firm boundaries now or she will continue to undermind you in bigger ways.


Put your mother in her place immediately and let her know that she is over stepping and to let you parent your child.I wish someone would rip my child from my arms idc who they are…

Tell her to fuck of babies need bonding like that with their mum for them to feel safe
Fuck her off she sounds toxic

Oh no see. That’s a big no no

You literally cannot spoil a baby. Honestly your mom sounds ignorant and like she needs to do some research. It has been proven that skin to skin will regulate a childs heart rate and body temp. Your baby has been in a confined space, constantly cradled basically, for the last 9 months. It can take a few months for baby to get used to being outside the womb, and until then skin to skin and cuddles can help with the change tremendously.

At two weeks old they need that time with their momma. Tell her to F off and your the mother…

Your mom needs to stop. You are just fine momma.

Snuggling your two week old baby is called bonding…NOT SPOILING. Put your foot down and tell your mom to back off


If you have your own room at your mums lock the door…take baby in the bath with you and lock the door…you need your own place babes…good luck :heart::england:

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No such thing at that age. Tell mom to mind her own business

That’d be a total KO for mother.

You’re actually doing what you’re supposed to do because the baby needs that contact especially that early on

Tell her to research the fourth trimester. And tell her if she will not respect your boundaries and the fact that you are the baby’s mother, she is not welcome.

They NEVER get spoiled! Hold that baby and tell mama to back off! She already raised hers!

What a narcissist nut …keep u and ur baby safe

You cannot spoil a child under the age of one. Tell your mom to f off and get those snuggles in while you can.

Take your child back and tell her TGTFO of your home… Your Child, Your rules… YOU CAN NOT SPOIL A 2 Week old baby … NO … tell her she does it again she is never welcome back in your home…

Don’t be controlled by your mother you have a little baby to protect and love and by the sounds of things she’s not letting you do that

Babies can’t be spoiled! & at that age they need skin to skin contact & snuggles! Your mom is crossing a line

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The baby relies on you for every aspect of it’s life.
You’re being a wonderful mom.
Your mom is overstepping.

… your momma aint right

Omg please tell your mother this isn’t 1950 and we left that nonsense forever ago in the past


You can’t spoil a baby…cuddles that baby until ur arms fall off.
I would go off on my mom

Literally, scientifically, it’s impossible to “spoil” a newborn … Your gonna have to put your foot down with your mom …this is only get worse if you don’t check it right TF now

No such thing as being spoiled at that age. Children need that closeness and security. Tell your mom she’s your child and to back off.

That’s ridiculous. You stop her from doing that. First you get away from her anytime she comes at you. You absolutely do not allow her to take your child. Your the mother and you hold and love on your baby.

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They don’t get spoiled they are a baby. You are doing what any good mother would do. You mom has no right to do that to you. I’d push her out they way if she tried to do that to me and ask if she ever cuddled me as a baby.

My kids are 10 7 and 6…and cuddled them all the time…babies can not be spoiled…my kids love showing affection though

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thats absolutely ridiculous , tell her to f### off, shes 2 weeks old, she needs the bonding

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My dad says this shit too. Then undermines any and all parenting choices my fiancé and I have made especially in regulates to our oldest. Tells her she’s fine after throwing a fit in target and says I’m just mean and I’m being crazy. This coming from a man that didn’t even raise me. My mother did. He played video games and worked. That’s about it. And if he was with me I was cussed out and screamed at. Ignore your mother. It’s bullshit. Hold your baby, tell her if she can’t respect your boundaries as the child’s mother that she will no longer be allowed around :woman_shrugging:t3:

Tell your Mother that she had her chance to raise her children, It’s now your chance to raise yours.
And that she needs to allow and respect you enough to do so.

If she can’t, Then distance yourself.
No family member is worth questioning your parenting and feeling uncomfortable.

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Tell your mom to go away and let you be a mom. Babies need all that and much more

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It’s not. And it’s your child, not hers. Trust your instincts.

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She is your child, spoil her anyway you want! They’re only little for a little while!

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She sounds like a horrible mom.

Cuddle your baby!!! :heart::heart:

You literally CANNOT spoil a 2 week old baby wtf???


If you live with her it’s time to move the fuck out. You can’t “spoil” a two week old baby. Maybe get the health visitor in to have a chat with her?! Ngl if that was me I’d be taking my baby straight the fuck back!

When they get to your mom’s age and have had such a severe lack of love and affection they are rotten inside.

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A BABY CANT BE SPOILED it’s called security at this age being close makes them feel safe and secure and as long as you are awake there is no problem

Wow! Not okay. Hols your baby as much as you can/able to, they grow up fast. As far as spoiling, that’s mostly from co sleeping for years and absolutely no correction/discipline (obviously within reason)

There’s no such thing as a spoiled baby. I’d tell Mom to leave you alone it’s your baby.

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This angers me so much how dare she do that to you…you can’t spoil a newborn for god sake…she needs to do one and let you have the connection you need with your baby…YOU need to tell her to take a step back…noway would anyone allow this.

Ridiculous… Sounds like a cold rag… And I’m being nice about it. Show your babies as much love as you want to…

I’m a FTM as well with a 6 week old…ain’t NOBODY rippin MY baby from me. That is all. Need I say more?

You need to take your baby back and tell your mum to fuck off!!!
There is no such thing as spoiling them too much by holding them when they are a baby!!! They are only small once!

Baby’s need to be held, comforted and shown love. That is not spoiling them. It’s nurturing. It’s your baby. I’d say back off

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Hell to the NO. Your Mom had her babies and raised them how she saw fit so she needs to respect your instincts as a Mom.

Baby’s grow up so fast! Cherish these moments and cuddle her as much as you can. Your mom sounds ridiculous!

Tell your Mom when you’re not holding the baby to back off. That child just left your body and all your bodily rhythms comfort your baby.

At that age it’s skin to skin, bonding between mother and baby. Your Mom needs to get a life and understand that you can love on your baby as much as you feel

Your mom is totally out of line! I’m sorry she’s doing that. Take a stand. It’s your baby and no you can not spoil a baby!

They are never spoiled by holding and cuddling them. There are lots of free podcasts, books, articles, sites to give your mom to bring her into the last century. Your mom is toxic!

You don’t spoil a baby by cuddling them :roll_eyes:. Enjoy it. It only last so long

Skin to skin is good for babies it soothes them. I don’t believe is spoiling. Did with all 5 my kids and believe me at a certain age they don’t like so make most of them cuddles. Tell your mum to mind her own business.

I’ve always been told that you cannot spoil a baby that young. My youngest who is now seven she only slept on my chest. When we would put her in her crib her bassinet a blanket on the floor anything she would scream bloody murder.
If you want to hold your baby on your chest you hold your baby. Please do not let anybody make you feel bad for holding your baby they need comfort.

I literally slept with my baby on my chest on a lazy boy chair every night for 3.5 months after she was first born and then moved to my own bed where i co slept with her for another 5 months… then sleep trained her in her crib at 11 months when she was giving me signs that she couldnt sleep in a bed with me anymore and needed a more secure place sleep in because all she wanted to do was play and it eould take her forever to fall asleep with me in the room at that time… she has NEVER given me any problems since then with sleep. Now ever baby is different and when your baby gives you signs they are ready to sleep alone stay true and firm to the sleeping training but until then id say Hold your baby tight before you cant anymore…and kindly but Firmly tell your mom to screw off with that ish and never bring it up again(:

You do what ever you want with your baby. Yes, you can “spoil” her in the sense that she will need you to hold her to fall asleep. But that can fixed.
When I had my son (my only child for now) he had to stay in the nicu when I got released… and I knew this prior to being released. So I held him all the time and then when he came home I just couldn’t put him down. We co slept also. But he had to be on my chest and rocked to sleep. But as he got older we slowly transitioned to his crib and he got better at falling asleep on his own.
You do what works for you! Putting her on your chest is amazing for you and baby, especially skin to skin contact. Our bodies and baby’s body work together to keep them cool or warm them up. The older generation of parents are big on letting them cry it out, making them self sooth, fall asleep on their own etc. In my opinion if baby is crying they need something. Imagine being upset and being sent to bed and no one is there to condone you or give you a hug. 2 week olds are not capable of manipulating parents. Really no baby is.
I’m sure your mom means well. But I think you need to talk with her about it. She has to step back and let you be a mom.

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Tell your mum to back off this made me so angry this we all love to cuddle our kids I’ve stil got my 3 year old and 7 year old in my bed and as much as they drive me mad I wouldn’t have it any other way ignore your mum your now a mum and you decide what you do with your baby xxx

That’s not right never let her babysit geeze wth

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There not a persific age q child begins to get spoiled you can ever other do it with a child and give it ever materiality thing possible bur love qnt something that makes a child spoilt ur cuddle ir child people for get before a child is born it lived and grew I side you so all it know is you youer heart beat u smell you so saddle it born and ur not allowing it to still cuddle qnd listen to ur heart beat no more that’s like giving a child a Teddy bear then waking up and deciding for no reason at all that u want to take the Teddy of of the child don’t listen to ur mum buy all mean if that’s how she see love spoil youer child yeah I get here point if it was thing but love is not a thing and he/she is youer child ur choose on how to rase the. Not ur mums

If she does it again ask her if she “spoiled you.” When she says no, tell her no wonder you don’t like her and that’s why you are breaking the cycle. :tea: :frog:

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You and baby need that cuddle time it is crucial for y’all’s bond please if you can put your foot down and make her stop

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There’s no such thing as spoiling a a baby especially a baby under the age of 1 year that baby needs your affection and attention! Tell her to back off, the baby is yours not hers.

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OMG. That’s all I have to say! Everyone else is giving you great input. Good grief. I would be telling mom to bug off and if that didn’t work “get the hell out.”


Spoiling? No such thing… now this Nauni does the whole “loved extra” but not spoiling… spoiling would be bad.

You have awful mother obviously she’s running your life. You can hold your baby as long as you want and kick her outta of the house or get your place that’s nothing but being i. Control

Girl! Your mom is wrong!!You cuddle and love that baby with all your heart and soul. Don’t ever stop.

Man you gotta put your foot down now or it’s just gonna get so much worse. Tell her to back TF up and she can pop out another baby if she wants to be a mother to a newborn so badly, but that this one belongs to you.

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Politely ask her how she dealt with her Mum giving “friendly advice”? I just nodded then ignored

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Affection never spoilt a child…on the contrary lack of affection does.

time to stop listening to mommy this is YOUR child not HERS stop it now