Nervous for my daughter to leave the country with her foreign father

I have been with this man for about 5 years or so, I have sponsored him into this country and ever since I sponsored him, things have changed. We no longer talk about marriage or having more children together.. he just keeps saying "when the time is right" whenever I bring up the topics. We have one daughter together and I have two from previous relationships. He loves his daughter so much and would do anything for her. We have had our struggles for the past few years but always able to work them out. That is a little bit of our background... He is planning a trip back home to his Arabic Country, myself and my daughter are going with him. We will leave in about a months time, I was super excited but now doubt is starting to set in. Have you seen the movie "Not without my daughter"? I want to go back home with him but how do I question if he will return with me as I will be leaving my two other children home. I don't want to upset him and want to look at this as a positive step in our relationship but he's done a few shady things behind my back. And I know what you are all think "why is this chick going with him if she doesn't even trust him".. I just can't shake the big WHAT IF. I read somethings online saying if they are descendants of the country the father has a say whether the child can leave or not. Some people said online to get a letter but again I don't want him to know I have these feelings

Us women have intuitions use it DO NOT GO OR TAKE YOUR CHILD stay home