Should I continue to keep my kids from my husbands family?

Nope. If they chose to treat you that way, and it’s that horrible, why bother now? That was what they wanted. It’s better that your kids don’t know them and have to feel bad for them. Less grief in their lives. Don’t subject your kids to people that disrespect their mother or them, so they know not to waste time on those kinds of people.

I wouldn’t! This Just caused a divorce for us. I dealt with this for 13 years. His family especially his mother hated me and was so toxic. The drama was to much and he didn’t see it. Hopefully your husband is be supportive because that is so important.

It’s called emotional extortion stand firm by protecting your children from any form of toxic situation when I had my first child my sister in law &.father in law sister told a lie because sister in law was jealous of me & when I got pregnant it took attention away from her & her child I was treated so very badly I had 1 family member who treated me decent & our children spent a lot time together later on when my son was older he made choice as to wether he wanted to be involved I forgave them in my heart cause God & I knew the truth that’s all that mattered to me everything concerning the children will work it’s self out in the end at this time do not allow the emotional extortion and manipulation on your children good luck

Absolutely not. If you ever feel the need to threaten me knowing what hurt that would cause my child (death or hospitalization) . No way in 19 hells would I trust you with my little one EVER. Keep your babies safe. You’re always going to be the villain in someone’s story.

Dealing w/ the same, realized they weren’t gonna treat my babies the same as they do others. So to protect my babies, physically and spiritually I choose now not to be around. Best to cut the toxins right out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Stick to your guns. You don’t want that kind of influence on your children around anyway.

No, keep doing what you’re doing. And let your husband know how you feel as well. They can have video visits. But don’t physically bring your kids around those people