What are the signs of labor?

Everybody is different. Call your Dr.
My first labor was over 3 days. 2nd, I lost my plug twice. No labor. Made it may scheduled c-section.

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Your nipples are leaking colostrum (ealry breast milk) and that’s totally normal! I leaked from 18 weeks on.
Early signs of labor other than water breaking or contractions can include diarrhea.


When ever in doubt or uneasy see the dr. Put ur mind at easy. You may be in early labor. Gl


It’s hard to say there are no full tale signs everyones labor is different. With my first I had back pain that was about it until I was in the transition phase. My next one I woke up to pee came back to bed and realized my bed was soaked no contractions until a few hours later my 3rd I was having mild cramps went and picked my kids made dinner went to hospital was sent home labor at home until I was having back to back contractions when I walked and my 4th I was Induced.
If your talking about your boobs leaking that has no effect on when labor will start

My only sign for both my boys was my water broke. I’m so glad I didn’t have to second guess.

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Body is starting to prepare… a long process… try not to stress, call Dr. If it helps… relax, have a cup o tea… maybe a nice bath…


If you think you may be, get checked, but just by the things you’ve posted, I’d say no. Leaking breastmilk is normal at that stage. You can sit at 3cm dilated for weeks. Braxton hicks are normal. I’d say you’re probably good for now, but if you feel like you need a doctor, go in! I’ve had 6 kids and know how a little reassurance can ease your mind so much!


call your Doctor and go to the hospital fast, better safe then sorry.


All totally normal. You will know when you’re actually in labor. And if they still do dr checks every week the last month or so, your Dr will let you know if any concerns need to be addressed.


I would say
Bubs isn’t quite cooked yet
I lost my plug when I was 6 cm diolated
My waters didn’t break
With my first one
First labors can take a while
And can stop and start
It doesn’t sound like you have gone into progressive labor as yet
Every woman’s labor experience is different
For instance
As I said I lost my plug at 6 cm
Which was when my contractions started
At 40 mins apart
Most women have contractions in their belly
Mine were in my thighs
I waited until my contractions were 15 mins apart
When hubby got home from towing his mates car back to our place
I told him it was time
Well every pregnant woman’s nightmare came true
The Damn car wouldn’t start
Eventually got to the hospital
After 2 hours of being in maternity
My labor stopped
Due to the fact that I was over due they kept me in for observation
Nurse gives me a sleeping tablet as I was already exhausted
At 10 pm I went back into full on active labor
Contractions back in my thighs
She was born at 5.12 the following morning
Part of my birth plan
Was to watch the birth
As soon as they got the mirror in place
They had to move it and scramble for a scalpel as she was coming still in the sack and it had to broken as she was being delivered
I’m sure when bubs is ready to make an entrance
Your body will know what to do
When it’s time
Good luck with your labor and delivery

Everyone’s diff but once ur tummy starts getting tight consistently and feels like pressure that’s usually go time. before the real pain starts


U will be fine my fourth child I had no labor

Call the doctor or go to the ER

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Mine was lower back pain at 35+4 days. I was told 4 hours after I went in to be on the safe side that I was having a baby in the next 24 hours. Emergency C-section 12 hours later. Everyone is different, trust your gut and don’t feel guilty for asking to get checked out.


Call your Dr they may need to see you

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That is colostrum and it’s totally normal. You can wear nipple pads to catch it or you can even get a haaka and collect it to save for baby if they need it. You shouldn’t pump but a haaka is safe. Drink plenty of water and lie on your left side and it should help the cramping/contractions settle down.

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You really do know when your in labor. Its very intense. Your entire belly gets very hard and It stops your breath. That’s why each contraction ide take a big breath and tears would just flow. It was a beautiful pain. You can feel baby getting ready and feel pressure when it’s time to push. Call your Dr if you think you are in labor.

I have never been in labor but I have two boys. My first was an emergency c section at 28 weeks and my second was born via c section at 42 weeks. My body just DID NOT want to do what it was needing to do to get my second out. The hospital I went to for him, the didn’t do VBAC so I had to schedule a c section. Looking back I’m glad it happened that way because he was a BIG baby for me. I was 118 pregnant with him and he was 8lbs 5 oz lol I was all baby. But that baby did Not want to come.

Lactating is normal just put some pads on or something to collect it if your breastfeeding. I didn’t lose my mucus plug until my water broke. My first labor I had no pain at all but you will know when u need to go to the hospital your water will break

Your doctor should have said/told you by now.
There’s a few different signs that happen gradually. Everything from the mucus plug to slight cramps to water break to contractions, real contractions every 2-3mins…not the Braxton Hicks

*question: are you measuring on time? Like when they measure the stomach top to bottom? Actually they’re measuring the size of the uterus but you know what I mean. It’s supposed to be to the exact week you are. Like if you’re measuring at a 34 then indeed you are right on time, earlier or later.

First baby? I assume

From the sounds of it-you prob have another week. But sex/semen willll make you contract so be careful if you are indeed 34 wks :+1:t5:don’t wanna do that.

You only want to do that if you’re at least 38/39 wks.

See the doctor. I was 4 cm dilated for a month before birth. And even then my waters had to be broken as they would not self break

Everyone is different, with my daughter my water just broke, wasn’t dilated, or anything, an was still a few weeks before my due date. But with my son he dropped, lost the mucus plug, and dilated, and contractions but had to have my water break. Usually signs are the Braxton hicks or a lot more discomfort than usual

You can be dilated to 1-2 for a few weeks. Every pregnancy and labor is different. Work with your doctor to form a good plan.

The fluid is colostrum - it’s your baby’s first vitamins, minerals, antibodies & all kinds of other magnificent nutrition that your body provides … After a few days of nursing your milk will come in - your milk for the first couple weeks called “first milk” is higher in fats & extremely valuable to your baby… After a couple weeks it will change a bit & adjust itself to your baby’s needs …

You are lactating colostrum… it is like (early stage breast milk…) that is totally normal towards the end of pregnancy… you would definitely know if you were in labor… there will be many signs…not just 1 typically… I’d say your body is just getting ready to be having baby soon…that’s all.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of labor?

Could be early labor signs. Your best bet is to go to the hospital and check. If your water hasn’t broke. I would say it’s your body preparing for labor.


Not to put a downer on it but that can happen till 40 weeks x

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Could be Braxton Hicks. My plug fell out weeks before I was due and was having false labor all the time. Keep count of if and when you have pains and how long. You can always call your o call Dr for an option before heading in.

Can’t get hurt to get checked to be safe. (Also, My bday is May 14th❤️)

Could be bile. That happened to me & dr did emergency c section.

yepper u could have it any time

Your mucus plug can regenerate so it’s not really a sign that labor is coming


With your bowel movements and back pain, PLUS losing your mucus plug this early, you need to go get checked.


Could be something, could be nothing. Get it checked out. I have similar stuff going on, also 32 weeks. I’m going in for a check this morning.

When in doubt get seen. Stress isn’t good for you nor baby.

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You can have lower pains and loose stools for a while before you give birth/go into labor. You can also lose pieces of your mucus plug. Losing pieces of it doesn’t mean you are going into labor. To be on the safe side, I would call your doctor or go in to be checked at your L&D hospital! :heart:

Go get checked out bc you can have light labor

I’m 34 weeks and feeling the same and lost my plug last week, this is the third time I’ve lost it now and it grew back. If your worried go and get it checked but most of the time they will just say it will grow back. Hope this helps x

I’d go get checked just to be safe. Everyone’s and each pregnancy with me was different so it’s hard to say the common signs lol

Could be early labour

this is all normal for around that time. some get it some dont. just cause u lost ur plug dont mean ur going into labor next week lol call ur dr if ur worried but i wouldn worry.

I would go to OB those could be signs you might go into labor early. 32 weeks is a little too early. Prob want to try to keep baby in until 37 weeks.

I would def get checked ! My dr said anytime after 30 weeks could be baby time … when we had asked about traveling she advised no more then an hour from the hospital in case I went into early labor !

You need to go get checked out. If it’s real labor, you don’t want to play around with timing

Ask the doctor not Facebook


Talk to your Dr. Not Facebook


I went into labor the day of or after I lost my plug both pregnancies

I’d get checked for sure.

I would get checked just to be sure it could be coming or it could still be a few weeks. But I would definitely start setting things up and getting ready just in case

All mothers, first time or not, go get checked to be safe. Don’t let anyone criticize you for going in and making sure your baby is safe. That’s why we have such medical advancements. Don’t let them try to be condescending to you either. Be safe :heart: xoxoxo


Call your doc right away. I wouldn’t screw around with this. You don’t want to deliver for at least another 5 weeks. Better safe than sorry!!

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I would check with your Ob :slight_smile: ps: I’m due 4 days after your due date! :see_no_evil::heart:

I’d start getting the big things together that you may need. It’s possible you can go early. I do suggest consulting with ur Dr.

Go. To. A. Doctor. Call. Your. Maternity. Ward. Stop asking the internet medical questions :relaxed:


Normal. Contact your OB if you’re worried. You could be expecting braxton hicks.

Mucous plug can regenerate itself. But soft stools are typically an indicator for me-

Granted there’s a wicked stomach bug traveling around right now.

It never hurts to get peace of mind from your provider

Ask your doctor but it’s normal especially after sex. It’ll grow back. I lost it a few times my last pregnancy and still had to be induced.

I lost some of my mucus plug early with my last set of twins . Back pain and nausea can happen all thru pregnancy. I wouldn’t get too worked up. That will make it worse. Call your doctor today for reassurance mama.

Why are you not calling the doctor’s office I don’t understand I would be really worried

You can be dialated for weeks. I was 2cm for almost 2 months. When you are in true labor you will know.

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I had that happen the other day I got my bags ready incase cause also being that my bubs head had dropped weeks ago into my pelvis I’m 36 weeks + 2 days I don’t think the loose stool things true because if it was my bub should be out by now

I lost my mucus plug in the morning during a bath then went into labor at 10pm, left for hospital at 12am and had my son at 1am. It can go fast but can also go slow. Just talk to your dr or midwife.

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When in doubt, go get checked out :blush:


Go get checked by your Dr or go to the emergency room
It could be early labor it could be nothing to worry about but I’d go get checked

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you know your body best

Ring the birth suit at your local hospital

All I gotta say. Is when you’re in labor. You’ll know it. Especially being that you’ve already had one. Your body will tell you.


Talk to your doctor. And if you’re feeling up to preparing now then do it. No harm in being ready early. But I would deff be calling my doctor.

Sounds a lot like Braxton hicks

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My daughter was born 14days after all these symptoms happened to me.Get ready lady,and congratulations on a happy healthy baby and prayers for a fast speedy delivery.

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Definitely give your drs a call!! With my first baby I never knew I was in labor like at all but with my second one I had Braxton hicks like crazy but was hardly dilated. A simple call wouldn’t hurt😊


I’m currently 36 weeks, almost 37…I lost my mucus plug about a month ago, dilated 2 cm but baby is still content in there…lack of baby movement is usually a definite sign but not for all…I’d go get checked if I were you honestly.

I would check with the midwife and get examined

I did exactly this and had my baby at 33-5.

Need to talk to a doctor.

I thought I was having Braxton hicks all weekend I went to the Dr Monday and I was in full blown labor at 31 weeks! I had to be flight for life to a different hospital and ended up having a premie! If you think something is off it’s better to be safe then sorry!!


Body preparing for birth. But if you’re concern, talk to your doctor and ask for a ultrasound

I lost my plug twice. It doesn’t mean labor. The back pain, however, see your Dr.
And yes, by 32 weeks you should be setting up baby stuff in case you deliver early.


This is your second an you need to know the signs??


Also 32weeks, due 12th May.
I haven’t done any of the setting up either- now you got me thinking :joy:

Good luck!!!

Get checked out. I lost my mucus plug around 30 weeks, starting having awful pressure, etc. My doctor told me it was all normal, and everything was fine. Never checked to see if I was dilating. Went into labor at 33 weeks, they tried everything to stop labor, but couldn’t. She was born at 33 weeks and spent 39 days in NICU.


Regardless I would set up your baby things now so your not rushing the last minute. I’ve lost my mucus plug with my second since about 25 weeks leading up to labour. Loosing your mucus plug does not mean labour is imminent as it can regenerate. If your worried I would get checked out at labour and delivery but honestly sounds like normal pregnancy symptoms. The last month or two I was in pain all the time and even having contractions it was brutal.


I’m pregnant with my 4th, I’m almost 32 weeks, I’m due may 21st and I fellllt this post. All I have is his bassinet and his clothes :woozy_face:

Get the baby things ready! I wasn’t able to get anything set up so my SO was supposed to and he didn’t until like 2 days before my csection

Has your baby been moving around a lot? Because my daughter has been and my entire belly is bruised and I keep cramping thankfully I was already going in for a prenatal visit my ob checked me yesterday and I haven’t dilated. Call your doctor babe, that’s what they’re there for you’re not going to annoy them they’ll understand.

A little further along? Girl u could give birth at any moment.

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Seems like your body is getting ready for labor I’ll say start setting up Asap just incase it comes early which seems like it. Im over 40wks (i get induced today) and i barely started seen these signs about a week ago

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Yeah start setting up for baby. That’s only 6 weeks away (38weeks)

I had my sons room set up at 30 weeks because i was paranoid and 2cm dialated. By 36 weeks i was 50% effaced and still 2cm dialated with horrible lower back pain. Doc said i was in the beginningstages of labor. 39 weeks 4 days my son was born sunny side up 24 hrs after a membrane sweep and 3 weeks of unsteady contractions and intense back pain.

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If you’ve lost your plug, it won’t be long now.

I would start setting up so your not doing it last min. I did that with my fourth that I just had in January. I was in the hospital for 4 days… I didn’t have her bouncer or swing or anything but her bed up and her clothing sorted which I had to re do cause she was a tiny 6lb baby (I was induced at 39 wks)…

With my second, I had sporadic contractions for weeks and weeks. I’d definitely go ahead and start getting things set up and maybe request an ultrasound be done. Despite the contractions I was having, including in my back, I didn’t give birth until 39w2d so I wouldn’t worry too much, you’re body is likely just kinda warming up. If you have any doubt or start leaking, or they get too painful and close together, definitely go get seen sooner. Sounds pretty normal to me tho.
Edited to add I lost pieces of mucus plug as early as 29 weeks and it grows back. Unless you had the “bloody show” or an almost solid chunk of mucus come out, I also wouldn’t be worried about it.

This is a talk to your doctor type of question


First thing I’d have done is get on the phone to midwife but if mucus plug is coming out and you’re experiencing back pain, seems like signs things are happening soon so call your midwife or get to your maternity assessment unit. :purple_heart:

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All the signs are there

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You need to call your doctor and get seen today just to be safe. you might go into labor any time now. Have some one set up your baby things now


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I was dialated to 3 for the last month of my pregnancy. You can start getting things ready, but I wouldn’t rush it.

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This would probably be a good question to ask your doctor. Call and explain what’s going on. They will probably bring you in to check your cervix and give you a fetal non stress test


What are you thinking young one - call your Doctor- every Body is different- no two births are the same. Call your doctor!!!