What causes irregular periods?

Hey mamas. This is TMI… But k don’t know where to go or what to do anymore. I’ve been on my period for two months straight. And it’s not a little bit of blood. I honestly feel like I have just given birth. I usually use one pack of pads for at least two months… I’ve been through 6 packs in the past two months… I went to see my doctor after the first four weeks, and she told me (without doing any tests or checking me) that I have PCOS that she thinks birth control will help, so she just put me on that… But I do not see any results… It’s honestly just been getting worse. Has anyone been through this? I’m crazy emotional; I’m exhausted all the time. I literally have all the pregnancy symptoms in the book, but I’m not pregnant either. So I’d love to know if anyone has been through someone thing similar and what ended up being wrong/ what helped you? This mama is beyond tired. Somewhere this needs to end… It cannot be healthy to lose this much blood . every day

I’ve had irregular periods for most of my life. I went 2 years without getting it at all! And then a few times I’ve had it for 10 weeks straight! And like you, it was not just a little bit.
I have PCOS, but my doctor actually did tests to confirm. I’ve also been given birth control pills that are “apparently” supposed to be for women with PCOS, but I found they actually made the bleeding worse. I stopped taking them and went back to my doctor and demanded different pills that are specifically for stopping your period. I can’t remember what they were called though, I’m sorry.
Unfortunately the only way I was able to regulate my periods was when I started exercising regularly. It ain’t easy being a woman :weary:
I hope this has helped somewhat and good luck.

About 10 years before i got pregnant i ended up having my period for 30 days. My dr said my birth control was causing it and took me off it. I ended up getting the birth control shot and had my period for 90 days. Heavy heavy flow. My anemia got so bad i had to go in for weekly iron shots. My dr told me my body was rejecting my birth control and i just had to wait it out. Switched to a low hormone birth control and haven’t had any issues since. After having my son i got the birth control in my arm and still haven’t had any issues. Could your dr check your hormone levels??

Adenomyosis…check into it!! I went years like this, even tried birth control.

Darling, not to alarm you, but this might be symptoms of uterine cancer. Is your PCP part of a Woman’s Health clinic? See if you can get in to see someone else. It might be something a lot more tame - Nameless Network on Facebook reposted your question, there are a lot of comments over there - but it sounds spooky close to a case of uterine cancer I read once. Please don’t leave it alone, go after some more opinions.