What should I do about my son?

My son his 15 years old now and had a always been quiet and don't go out with his mates and that but normally a happy young man but his not been his self now for a few weeks and not talking to anyone and yes he knows when his ready to talk big or small I am there ready and waiting XXX but he has been weeks now where he would sit in his room he come down and stand there watching us all (cook or clean or chatting what ever we are doing at the time when he comes down) he don't say a word if I take to him he just move his head to answer me and then he be gone again XXX he literally in his room from minute he wakes until he going bed his not doing anything just sitting on his bed and when gets dark he won't be turn light on he sit in dark only thing he does is get dress and do his hair and sit there I don't know how to get him out off it and get him to talk don't want to push him and make it worse and I know he won't go to doctor but I think he needs something
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I’m not a mom but i am a 20 year old female whos been there myself, being a teenager now is rough, ecspecially after covid and not being able to see friends. Just let them know you are there for them and you are a safe space to talk about their feelings. If they dont want to talk maybe try getting a notebook to write back and forth with, make sure you are open and honest with them as well.

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Does he have any friends? A girlfriend perhaps that maybe broke his heart? Are both parents in the home,? There are teen hotlines they can reach out on in your state perhaps i don’t know. I am in Phoenix Az USA. Google some. My son to was a troubled young man and is now an adult. He still has emotional issues but has grown out of that stage. He use to dress emo and stay in his room listening to heavy metal music. He is a grown man now he is divorced but is a great great father to his children. Pray for him. I’ll lift him up in my prayers as well as your family. God bless

I don’t care how big my kids get. I make them get up and we go to the park together. We watch a movie. We are a family. And we go to therapy if needed. Depression can be serious. It’s a daily struggle. And it may be hard. But, I’m a tiny lady and my gaint teenagers won’t argue with me. You have to push him into getting enough sunshine, enough fresh air, enough exercise. Exercise is proven to help our brains. No one is always happy. But, we can do things to improve our lives and bring us peace. Look up, protect my peace-
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

I’m not a mom, but I went through this myself. It sounds a lot like major depression to me. Try doing activities he likes to do. Invite him out for activities. Don’t necessarily force him to participate, just go along. Give him some of favorite snacks here n there. Just leave them by his door or on a night stand.