What Should I Do About This Situation With My Boyfriend (Even Though Our Relationship Might Be Over)?

Please love your children and your self enough to walk away from this person. I have been there and should have left years before I did and we were married


Low blow from someone who was going to be a partner? Sell the car. No longer your problem, and go forward. Hearts mend.


Don’t let him use you to get the car, I’ve seen so many women get thrown into financial turmoil by a male playing on a woman’s kind heart. It goes both ways but in this case the male is guilty.


If he doesn’t want to get married then you think of you and your kids. If he doesn’t want to help you get a house then let him be responsible for getting his own car and you make decisions for you and your kids until the person comes along that does want to help you and marry you.


tough situation- he made his choices though. if his name isn’t on the paperwork that’s not your problem, he’s on his own- that’s his choice, not yours


Isn’t it interesting how when in situations like this, we literally state in our question/predicament the answer to our 50 part question?..


Run as far away from that guy as you can’. He’s using you!


Sell the car and let him walk. You and your children will be better off in the long run. Find an apartment you can afford for you and your kids


See if the finance company will do a transfer of equity putting car in his name


As judge Judy would say. Who gives a :rat: behind if he’s without a vehicle…Does he care about you not being able qualify to get a home for you and your family.?.He’s satisfied and content along with a car and no hassle also has a home with his mother…Sell YOUR CAR and let him continue to live at (mom’s) maybe she will get her little boy a car on her credit. But to each his own.

He needs to stand in his own. There is public transportation for a reason.


Sell the car. Look out for yourself. Move on to different boyfriend without baggage.

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Put your survival as a priority
On your own
Don’t worry about him
Look for grants for mortgages for single moms
Do not let him ruin your credit

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Your last comment is SPOT ON…you need to do what’s best for your kids and yourself.He doesn’t sound like the kind of guy who can handle his own life let alone a family.Sounds like he’s been using you as well.All your prayers are being answered if you pay attention.Open your eyes.Dont worry about him…get your old car back.Hes a big boy…let him figure it out.You better move on without him before getting pregnant becomes an issue.Tell yourself over and over…I AM SELF SUFFICIENT,I NEED NO MAN,I CAN HANDLE THIS MYSELF.TEACH IT TO YOUR KIDS TOO.:angel:t3::pray:t2:

Sell the car and get rid of him. Your kids should come first. What is wrong with No man should come before your kids


Sounds like he doesn’t want commitment. I’d say its time to lose him, after you send the car back. Good luck mama…

Your number one priority are those children. If you need to sell the car to put a roof over their heads - do it. The children can not fend for themselves.


Firstly I would say, unless he is paying for the car sell it. If you’re cutting ties with him, you’re not responsible for his transportation. You’re only responsible for your children and yourself, get an apartment or a smaller house. If you have children with him, you apply for child support. He is responsible for providing for his children as well.

Why should you lose what you have put in the car by just letting him take it over. Sell it. Take your kids and start your new adventure. Life is precious don’t throw it away.

Make him sign a promissory note to you . He doesn’t pay you repo the car .


If u don’t sell the car quickly. U going to be in court for the money he paid on it.

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Sell the car. You have to watch out for yourself.

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Sell the car if you can. He can take a bus. Dosen’t sound like you are in any financial situation to take him on to support. Child support? OMGosh! Do you want to assume that liability? That is his responsibility!
You better take your kids and RUN. For their sake and yours. You’ll look back and be glad you did.

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Let him go be on his own and you need to do what’s best for you and your kids. Your kids need to take priority.

Do whats better for you and your children. Experience talking. I regret alot of my stupidity I did when I was young and raising my kids alone. If I could do my life all over I would. So put your kids first and the hell with him. There will always be someone out there for you in the near future. God bless.

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Don’t forget if he doesn’t make the car payments it falls back on you, use your eyes and ears and you will get your answer, as a mom you have your babies to care for. Praying for you and that all goes well.

Sell the car take care of yourself first. He clearly is thinking of himself first and stopping you from your needs.

What is your problem, get the heck away from him he is using you,and when you no longer serve his purpose he will be gone.

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He may be concerned about adulting and moving from his parents. If that’s his choice then you have to make a choice leave it as it is or make changes. It’s a commitment and he may not feel the relationship is steady. I’d talk to him.

You say you prayed over it a ton? Then as a Christian sister i should tell you that God does not approve of people living together out of wedlock, so its hard and confusing to understand, but except this as an answer from God!! Prayers hun that God will provide for you and help you on what to do!!

Take care of yourself and your kids. He is not thinking about you or them. You are deserving of better than this.

Sell your car. Dont let his problems become all your problems. If he is not willing to step up and help you with your then he is not who you need. Become independent and hold your kids dear. You got this.

Being without a car is his issue. Not yours. If he needs to be on his own, let him be on his own, period. Don’t let him rake you over the coals. You are right. You have to take care of you and your children.

Why you ask social media, but OK. Leave him gurl, you got kids. He’s not ready to settle down, you’re very convenient…Come on dont YOU want more. He’s an adult he’ll be fine, he should be worring about you, not you him

Run don’t walk. I was married to a guy like that for 27years he never got anything on his own and I was the one who worked they only thing I got from him was 4lovely children. It didn’t matter if we had food as long as he had beer and cigarettes. I’m now 70 been divorced for 26 years best thing I ever done. Don’t give up your life

Look out for your children and yourself and let him go to be on his own!

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You know the answer already, you just don’t want to face it. Our hearts can be our biggest & most irrational betrayers. So listen to your head cause that’s what God is leading you with this time. Move on, he doesn’t want to commit to you, just use you. Focus on yourself & your children.


Tell him to hit the road…
You DO NOT need this jerk in your life. It will only get worse as time goes by

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You are the only one in that relationship that has any commitment. He can buy the car outright (have his parents Co-sign) or he can just figure it out. That “being on his own for awhile”. Don’t enable his childish behavior. There’s a reason he can’t finance a used car.

You are with him for all the wrong reasons. I know it’s tough but you can make it on your own. He can’t say the same. You are a convince to him. He needs you for all the wrong reasons

If he can’t qualify for a car loan, how is he really going to help you qualify for a home? He has child support that has to come first over cars and houses. He is not your ticket to a better life and you probably already know what you really need to do.

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Let this child grow up into a man! Too many parents keep their baby boys baby boys by indulging them and not making them grow up! Go your way and raise your kids! If you have boys teach them to be men! Raise your kids!

Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk free…that’s what I was told…once upon a time…

Take your car back pay it off and keep it running the best you can. By then you may be able to afford your own home without him. There are brokers who will work With you and h3lp you get a home. If your around the Cincinnati area let me know and I can give you a name to call.

Take your car back he isn’t your problem. You have your kids to think about. Sell the car to get you a place and never make anymore deals with just boyfriends again. If they want to make a financial deal they will put a ring on it and walk you down the aisle. This one just crapped on you and put your family in jeopardy. Learn from it

Do what’s best for you and yours. He’s making the decision based on his needs. Which… is great for him. But now you do the same for YOU. And if a month into you getting your place he tries to move in tell him to need some time for yourself.

He is benefiting off your back. Sell the car. Who cares if he has a car. He didnt care that you and kids dont have house.

Keep your car. Let him go! If the kids aren’t his don’t bother. If he can’t pay his child support he may end up in jail. You are better off without him. Take care of yourself & your kids. Dump him!

Time to let him take care his own needs, you dont owe him anything, especially if he can’t committ to a relationship with you, take care your own needs

Sell the car move on sounds like he did it will get better for you

You answered your own question! You need to do what’s best for you and your children.:+1: Take the car back and sell it and get a place for you and your kids. Unfortunately, it sounds like he’s taking advantage of you. He is only looking out for himself and that’s selfish. I’m sorry you are having to go through this but just remember, your kids need their momma to do what’s best for them. They need you and you need to make them priority!:innocent: Best wishes.

I think you already know what the answer to your problem is. You just don’t want to face it, better to face it now than later when there are a lot more financial costs and emotional costs involved for everyone. And if you don’t know the answer look on here at the comments.

Your kids should always come first period

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he lives with his parents, can’t get a car on his own. doesn’t want to commit, sounds like he is NOT grown up yet!

Keep a roof over your head. Watch out for yourself first! Let him be on his own. Walking wherever he wants to go! Don’t get used. Put yourself first!

Sell the car your children should be your only Priority

Never depend on a ‘boyfriend’ to pay bills. Handle ya business! If ya wind up getting married, that is a different story.

You said you prayed about it right? What do you think He is saying about y’all living together before your married? You don’t have the commitment of marriage so how do you know if you did live together that he would not stick you with everything when it got tough?

Sometimes the right decision is also the hardest.

You’re messing up your credit for a boyfriend? Do you really need help deciding what to do?

Put children first they are your responsibility an they depend on you . never Put any man but God himself above your kids

Buy him a binky and show him the door. Not the role model your children need.

Take care of yourself . It obvious he’s only thinking of himself


Worry about you, not him. He needs to put on his big boy pants and you should dump him. He is using you.

You & the kids come first. Send him back to Mom, you don’t need this.

Get away from him! Think about yourself and your children first.

Charity begins at home. You and your child should come first

Don’t co-sign for anything! Something isn’t right.

Never treat a boyfriend like a husband.


Sell the car and walk away from him.


Take care of yourself first. Let him grow up. Take care of you.


Think of yourself first and cut your losses - he did.

Get your car back and find a new boyfriend . Red flags are waving at you .

He sounds like he only cares about himself


Not trying to be mean but God bless you! He has gotten you into a mess! Continue to pray, God will help you through! He took advantage of you!

You said it yourself. You need to do whats best for you and your children not whats best for your bf.

You need to do what’s best for you and your Children Your Children Should ALWAYS come FIRST!!

Great advise couldn’t had said it any better ! Child support :scream:NO! The ball is in your court!

He isnt making choices that are good for you

Look after yourself and your family first

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If you give him money you are a fool. Don’t do it


Kinda sounds like he’s just another kid.

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Do what is good for you! He is the one who had the change of heart! Good luck hope the lord answers your prayers but you have to be listening :pray:

Look out for #1, YOU


He’s grown, YOU TAKE CARE OF YOU I promise it will all work out.

Take care of your needs not his. If he wants to take over payments then he needs to get a loan. If he can’t get a loan there is a reason for that. You don’t need to keep your name on a car he drives. He can stop paying at anytime and you will be liable not him. Plus, if you get a 2nd car for you you are setting yourself up to take on two paymentsa which is worse than one. Find a way to live on your own and find a way to lower your car pyt no favors financially for anyone until you are good

Let mommy buy him a car… Find yourself a real man… Number one, your Children !!

If he truly loves you then he would want you to get the house . He would put you and your kids first :slightly_smiling_face:

His not your husband his your boy-fri-end Do what’s best for you n your children

Never sign for anyone else,take care of your kids and yourself.

Sounds like a joke to me. If it isn’t, it really is one. Ditch him now.

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Take care of yourself and your children.

Do what is best for you and your kids

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Run girl run, you’re being used!

Yes Mam. So for you and your children.

Sell the car your kids come first!

Since you are supporting children and he does not want to commit to a relationship with you by moving in. It means he probably has someone on the side and he is just using you for a car. Get in touch with your local charity and do what’s necessary for you and your family. Without a car it would be hard to maintain a job so no home lender is going to help you if you don’t have a car.

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He wants to be on his own let him. Gotta protect you and your kids.

It is time to leave him don’t hesitate

No ticky, no laundry!!