What should I do?

My son is 15 and has been playing soccer since hes been 4. In elementary school he tried baseball and didn't like it, so he quit. He played basketball for 3 years, then quit. He was in cub scouts for 4 years then quit. He is a sophomore in a private school and doesn't want to play soccer once this year is over. He isn't in any other clubs extra curricular activities. I am angry, upset and disappointed and need advice. I want to remove him from private school and just let him go to public school. I feel like he isn't taking advantage of all they are offering and I am upset about soccer.

Let your son live his own life, kids do not need to participate in sports to live a good life, to remove him from private school as he’s not taking up sports is ridiculous. Why lessen his education just because he doesn’t want to do sports anymore. Let him quit he will be happy or force him to stay in soccer and he will resent you for it for a long time.