Do you think the weird things my kid is doing could be related to our roommate?

I have 4 kids aging from 13 to 1 my oldest 3 don't live with me just my 1 year old an im currently pregnant. My boyfriend let this lady he knows move in with us kind of like a mother/grandmother figure she moved in back in April now me an my boyfriend are not the type of parents to kiss our kids on the mouth or any type of open mouth kiss our kids I do judge parents who do kiss there kids on the mouth just not my preference since this lady has moved in my 1 year old has started litterly trying to stick his tongue in my mouth constantly I've never had this issue before ever with my other kids also he developed this weird foot fetish where I thought he was trying to bite my toes until I woke up to him literally sucking on my toe just now also when he's sleeping on his stomach he will start humping in his sleep which I know some kids just do but again I have never experienced this with my other kids I also know all kids are different but I'm starting to get a strange feeling that something isn't right also I do not like this women me an her have gotten into it several times over dumb stuff an also over me saying what is or isn't ok for my son to do or be done with him, I have not actually caught anything to be suspicious about but my gut is starting to tell me other wise am I over reacting to normal kid stuff cause of my personal feelings towards this woman or do I have a reason to be worried?

omg you sound fucking retarded. your pregnant so obviously you kiss infront of your child and when do you find the time to have sex with a 1 year old around? hes learnt the behaviour from you ya fucking retarded bitch. you judge people for showing their children affection by kissing them yet youv given up on 3 of your kids and having another one. STOP FUCKING BREDING. YOU SOUND WACK ASF AND YOU SHOULD IRRESPONSIBLE ASF TOO

Trust your gut better to be over cautious then to have something like that happen to your babies. Could be nothing but if it is something you will feel horrible down the road for not listening to your gut feeling