I can't stop thinking about my ex

I broke up with my partner of 10 years. We have a child together he's 8 . We wasnt together for a couple of months but we stayed in the same house. He spent most of his time on the ps4 , I would be working providing for him and our son , paying for his car and anything else that needed paying for, food every thing you name it, if I didn't cook he would get angry , if I cooked for myself he would get angry again , He got lazy and always made excuses about going back to work , he got let go 3 times and was given multiple chances too. Like he's nice , he's done stuff for me too, he's not all bad but in that situation we was struggling so bad trying to make ends meet. Anyways : I met someone amazing , we was talking for a couple of months before we met up , I got pregnant by that other guy real fast .

But sometimes I find myself thinking of my exs , like I even have moments where iv asked for him back , cried , sent him long messages , crying my heart out but he pretty much gave me the seen, shut me down , laughed in my face and talked high about them other girls he’s talking too , he even sent me a picture of someone he really liked , posted stuff about them but when we was together he never once posted me ANYWHERE …
Ohhh and he moved to Australia.
He hasn’t given me any suppose with our son but when I go ask for money he says : he doesn’t have any But he has money for his game.

Human. We often remember the parts we like and long for them. Still he has made it plain he doesn’t want you. So time to let go and move on. Whenever he comes to mind, immediately think of something else, anything else, like your current guy. Distract yourself. Don’t think about him at all. Eventually he will fade like an old photo. But live today and quit hanging on to the past. It is gone and not coming back. A year from now you can be happy you moved on or kicking yourself for not moving on.

First I would suggest some counseling because missing this is normal but since he was a “kid” lo your relationship and during part of the split it could be a sign of Stockholm Syndrome which needs to be addressed and I’m taking a guess that your self esteem is not where it needs to be and those are issues that you can work on.

Your new guy sounds like he is wonderful and I hope that you show and tell him that you appreciate him.

I would just be done with your ex.
He moved away, he obviously wants nothing to do with you or your child.

(((Hugs))) and I understand I’ve been there