If I quit my job to be a stay at home mom will I get more child support?

Second group I’ve seen this in

Welp…as absolutely everyone else on here has already said…your kids are NOT a pay check for you. My oldest is 17. His father started paying child support when he was 2. I got $250/month. Over the next decade, he got raise after raise and promotion after promotion. Legally, I could have requested an increase in child support every 3 years. Even when I was finishing my degree and working a minimum wage job during school AND on food stamps, not ONCE did I EVER think about asking for an increase in child support. I had every right to do so. But I didn’t! Because even though it would have helped me financially, it was not his responsibility to support me or pay my bills.

One of the most selfish… all I want/ care about is money thoughts! I’m hoping this post is a joke.

Keep :clap: your :clap: job :clap:

Imagine if the scenario were the other way around. What would you think? :woman_facepalming:t3: it’s NOT his responsibility to support you.

You sound like a gold digger IMO. You want to quit your job in hopes that your EX has to pay more money to you and yalls 2 kids :neutral_face: you have a job and you’re getting child support that’s right there should be enough depending on how much you get.

you wont get more child support to be a stay at home mum. you will only get more if he hasnt told you his true salary.x

This is the most depressing post I have seen all year! What kind of question is this? First off if he’s gotten an increase to compensation then go back to court and have your cs re-evaluated for the benefits of your children! Not you!! secondly you can’t quit your job just because you get an increase in cs. Wtf are you going to do when they turn 21 and payments stop? And remember that’s if they decide to go to college. Not to mention at a certain age that mommy manage my money stops! Once they become fully educated on how to manage their own money, get their own bank accounts, how are you going to pay your bills? What if he decides to quit just because he doesn’t want to pay you cs?? Did you even consider retirement??? In order for you to even qualify for retirement social security benefits you have to put in work and earn credits. My honest opinion, keep your damn job or look for another. Be grateful he’s even paying! Staying home as a mom to watch soaps and wash clothes is not optional especially when there are so many employers now offering remote work. Stop being lazy and learn to be more independent!

Judges here check for that, and yes they would just find you as lazy and not give you a raise. You don’t deserve one anyways. It’s not his job to take care of you because you want to be lazy.

How can you say be a stay at home mom when your kids aren’t even at home all day :expressionless:

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It’s not his job to take care of you!!!

It would increase based off him making more than you while working anyways. But it’s selfish of you to even consider making him pay more just so you can stay home.

A judge will tell you to get a job.

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First of all- shame on OP. You DONT need to be at home. You seem really money hungry. Get a job homegirl. You didn’t have babies to get paid, and he is not responsible for you.

He should take the kids away from you.

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On top of what everyone else has said because of your kids ages you will be required to apply for x amount of jobs per week and do a minimum amount of hours anyway. You need to support yourself! It’s not his job anymore

You can always file a for a modification but it doesn’t mean it will go in your favor. Regardless they will impute your income as a MINIMUM of whatever your states min wage is. You don’t get to put you make zero dollars even if you do. Being a stay at home parent is a choice. I’m not sure why you need to stay home if your kids are in school.

Why would u quit if u can’t afford it? I’m blessed enuff for hubs to make enough for me to be a stay at home mum but I would just n work at McDonald’s or clean toilets if I ahd to not volunteer n quit a job n expect an EX to pay more. It’s his job to support HIS KIDS NOT U

No changes in income within 6 months prior or post review, also I find it ridiculous just the same you would go after him for more so you can do less! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I will add that child support isn’t just for the kids. It is to supplement the custodial parents income so they/their children may live a comfortable life. You want to be a homemaker not a stay at home mom. Being a homemaker is not possible without a working parent in the house.

Depending on your state, you can just take him back for an adjustment. No need to quit your job and put everyone through that.

That’s incredibly selfish and fucked up. There is literally no reason for that when you can make a living for yourself.

Now you sound stupid and bitter. Just go ask for a damn increase. Stop with the foolishness

You can’t be serious. The payments are for your CHILDREN, not for you to live off of. You’re unreal.

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Nope! You’ll be working full time soon.

Don’t be one of those people to take him for everything he has. If you are able to work then do it and teach your kids not to mooch off everyone !!! And anyway a court will still evaluate the income as if you have a minimum wage job

No. CS is based upon his income not yours

Why would you quit your job to be a stay at home mom if both of your kids are in school knowing that you can’t afford to stay at home? Its not your exs responsibility to pay more child support just so you can just sit at home all day

I can’t believe someone would even ask this question let alone post it 🤦

Why is this even a question…

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Wheeewww Chile the ghetto


He shouldn’t be paying for your life style. Stop being a sponge, let him pay for his children. If anything a judge might end up ordering less and that will be your own fault for being greedy.

This has got to be a joke.

Wow! Carry your a$$ to work! Mothers like you are the reason there are stereotypes. Unbelievable

Why would you do that just because he got a raise in salary? If your kids aren’t home most of the day why would you become a stay at home mom? It makes no sense except that you expect your ex to support you while you sit at home not having to work. Y’all aren’t together anymore and it isn’t his job to support you. If he’s paying and working steady and his kids are taken care of financially then he’s doin his job. It’s harder than ppl realize to be on the other side, the paying side. I dealt with it for 20+years with my husband’s ex and she was money hungry, lazy, and on drugs and our family really suffered supporting her habit . We survived and finally get our own income tax back each year and it helps so much. Meanwhile the kids that were paid for rarely saw the money and have grown up to be trouble makers they do drugs and stay in jail. Our justice system is corrupt. The need to pay more attention to these cases cuz we had the kids before some underhanded business took place and she got custody. We even offered to take them shopping at school time, Christmas, etc and tried getting them on some weekends and would have gotten them whatever they needed. Instead it was all about money and this county is so crooked. In the end the kids suffer. I don’t know your situation and I’m not saying you’re lazy etc but it makes no sense to stay home when the kids aren’t even there during the day and just because he got a raise. Maybe I’m missing something.

Wow! That’s all I can say🙄

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Man, if you’re a piece of shit just say that. Don’t need to come on here and ask this stupid ass question. I fully support going back and requesting more if you are struggling and need help but just to sit your ass at home all day while the kids are in school. Fuck that noise.

I’m baffled that this is even a consideration. I don’t see any legitimate reason why you would do this. You’d never win this battle… you May end up making it worse for yourself

Uh you shouldn’t be banking on his CS to allow you to be a SAHM. Good luck getting a judge to sign off on that. :woozy_face:

Do people really ask these questions?? I mean dang. this is messed up

If the roles were reversed,and he had custody and choose to do this to you would you think it was right? Come on now

Unfortunately lots of moms get away with this shit. My husband pays child support for a deadbeat who sits on her ass at her moms house all day. So infuriating

Guessing you voted for joe wanting a free ride hope they pay you less

I feel like this is a joke question. Right??

Quit. Recalculate. Being home for them is YOUR choice.

If you dont work you get less child support actually. Go to work. Support your kids. Dont be a mooch.

Wow that’s messed up. You want your ex to FULLY support your children AND you just because you don’t want to work? Friggen people :roll_eyes:

I mean I don’t know why you would want to quit your job if both of your kids are in school. Just to get child support. That seems pretty Shystie to me and that seems like you’re just being money hungry and wanna be vindictive towards your ex, you and your ex should be able to coparent for your children not fighting over who’s claiming who and why or who’s getting what money because of what situation. So many people out there only care about money and they don’t really give a crap about their kids

This whole question is just a bunch of NOs
You want to quit your job so you’re letting go of a career why? Get a certification or start studying and get promoted at your job or get a better paying job focus on exceling and on success.
What if he loses his job and the salary he is getting that has triggered this? Who will support the kids and you then?
What are the kids learning? Mom quit her job and used them as an excuse to leech money off dad. Poor dad. Why are you inclined to set this example for them and possibly alienate them. Kids are very smart they have great ability to understand people and situations.
Why do you care what he’s earning if he’s paying CS as required. Please focus on building yourself and the kids instead of thinking of ways to make other people do things for you.

You shouldn’t depend on child support. It is not income. He could easily not pay and you’re sol…maintain a job and household

And this is what gives moms bad names.

You need to work. The money is for the children. Not your hair. Nails. Light bill. Etc. And I know if you get child support you get snap so you cant say it’s going towards food.

It’s CHILD support, not ex-spouse support. Imagine if this happens to your son and his ex-spouse… what do u think??? Should his ex-spouse quit her job and have your son pay more cs?

Are you really teaching them quality of life doing this?:grimacing:

It’s for kids not you

If you were married and it was mutual then stay home. You know what comes with your divorce which means staying home was not part of it. However CS reviews are just especially if it was based off of salary but that also goes both ways

They’re as much your financial responsibility as they are his.

But why can’t you work .

You have got to be fucking joking :joy::joy::joy:

I can’t believe that’s actually a question. :woman_facepalming:

I can’t even :woman_facepalming:t3: I was on the other side of this. I had to pay my ex even though we had joint custody. He took me back to court when I got a raise. Be better than that for your children. Please.

This question is so absurd…

Yea that’s unnecessary. He’s not obligated to take care of you. If the kids are at school, and your more than capable of working, you should be working not relying on his money. He’s pays for the children, not for you.

Get a job and be a good example for your kids. Hard work pays off. Living off of the system is a horrible example.

No you won’t. Child support doesn’t work that way. It goes off of how much the father makes.

Wtf is wrong with you??

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This is horrible. You’re obviously lazy and money hungry.

Stay at your job. Why would you quit? He’s not supporting you, and those are your kids too, you should be helping

I’m absolutely positive this is a troll post. There’s no WAY this can be a legitimate question :clown_face:
It takes a simple google search to know voluntarily leaving employment will not increase CS. Child support will always be calculated at your maximum earning potential, so whatever you were making at your job now.
I know it has to be a troll post because of the mentioning the kids are in school all day. Everyone knows damn well a mother that stays home with no children there from the hours of 8-3 everyday is not a stay at home mom, because you ain’t momming anyone during that time.

Tell me you’re lazy without telling me you’re lazy🙄


Um… no? As said above child support is for the child not for yourself.

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I’m sorry … are you serious ? That you have to ask this question I don’t judge but I just can’t believe this type of question came out your mouth

If he got a job that doubles his salary, a judge will up your cs anyway without you quitting your job.

This whole thing is just so messed up! Just because he’s working his butt off and is making more money doesn’t give you any right at all to try and take more so you can sit at home wtf.

This is a joke, right? Child support is not baby mama support, ladies. :roll_eyes:

100 points for being bold enough to post this dumb fuckery !

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It’s not his responsibility to provide for you

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Quit being lazy go to work! :unamused:

I hope no judge orders a man to take care of you.

Is this a real question… I’m confused

So you’re going to leave a job to be a bum so the kids dad can support you as well??

I can see why you’re divorced lol. You aren’t entitled to his paycheck unless you’re receiving alimony. You have a job, you’re able to work, your kids are in school. They say that there are no stupid questions… But what a ridiculous question.

If the judge doesn’t see it as unnecessary, he/she needs to resign. You are the type of woman that makes the rest of us look like money hungry bitches.

My kids weren’t my wallet…so I xant answer this… just came for the comments…

Why? Then you will be dependant upon him paying I say no way

Why not keep working and show your kids that mom can do it without all the money from dad?

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So instead of working hard to earn your own you’re going to choose to try and bludge off someone else’s hard earned money??

Sounds like you just want all his money or make him pay for leaving you with the kids :woman_facepalming:t4: I wonder if he’s even able to see his kids cus most likely, you’re the types that don’t let men be a father cus he left the relationship…:woman_shrugging:t4:

This cannot be a real post …. You really think this guy should take care of you and his kid ? :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

It’s child support to HELP you with your children not in hopes he makes a butt load of money so you can be lazy.

What makes you think he should soupport you? You only want more money from him because you found out he got a raise… which is BS. You are what gives single moms the reputation of misusing child support.

Have her go apply at her county to get paid to be at in home caregiver for her mother.

Need to check with your state each state is different.
This is for Georgia

That’s just rude to think that way

Tell me you wanna be lazy without saying you want to be lazy

He responsible for his kids not you get to work :expressionless:

Women like this give single moms a bad rep :roll_eyes:


You’re able & capable

Is this for reall?!?!?

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Was this a real question?! :thinking:

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Omg stop it right now. :rofl::rofl:

It doesn’t work like that unless you know he’s a celebrity.