My AIRBNB had a camera and supposedly the wife didn't know we were there: Advice?

We got to the Airbnb and saw the host; he was leaving (from what seemed to be a basement in the house, the first thing that was off because we had no access to that part of the home). Mind you; I rented the entire place supposedly. When we walked in, we felt something off because this house had everything in it, clothes, books, socks, important papers, everything! We were at the house about 30min before leaving for dinner. I made sure all lights were off per his house rules. As we were leaving for dinner, we saw amazon pull up and drop off a few big boxes. He left them out because they were big. As we were leaving, we saw the host sneaking around in some bushes and run off when he saw us. We still left because our kids were hungry… We got back to the Airbnb around 11 pm and pulled up to the house and saw the garage door open and the amazon packages in the garage (Mmmmm, I wonder who did that, because who has the code to the garage?). But we also found the door from the garage to the home unlocked, we found a lit candle (that we did NOT leave on), and the lights in the kid’s rooms were left on also (the dude was creeping around when we were gone). My kids and husband start looking around, and they find a camera! At this point, I can’t stay in this house. As I’m calling Airbnb because I don’t feel safe and feel like my privacy was invaded and need them to help me find a place to stay with my family; I mean, that’s the least they can do when I paid over 2k for four-night stays. I’m trying to get out of this house where I don’t feel me and my children are safe, packing, getting my dogs, getting everything out the door. As I’m packing my SUV to leaving, two police officers show up and tell me that the host’s wife was not aware we were there and asked to see my phone for the reservation information. The owner’s wife told the officers she had seen us on the ring camera. I suffer from epilepsy when I am stressed; I get seizures! I’m over here freaking the hell out, thinking we are being scammed; I’m trying to keep my cool, so my kids don’t freak out. And I’m trying to control my body, and my husband is trying to calm me down because I know something is wrong, and I feel like I’m about to faint. My husband makes sure I’m sitting down, I pull up my reservation (because the cops asked to see it to make sure we weren’t squatters :roll_eyes:), and one of the officers says, “we’re going to call the wife to let her know what’s going on” they knew my booking was legit. After about 15 mins my husband and I were don’t loading the car; we did ask one of the cops to stay until we were done loading the car. The other cop comes back and says he has spoken to the wife “she says she’s 1,000 miles away and wasn’t aware her husband had rented the place out for the week”. Do you mean to tell me the wife is away for the week, saw us show up to the Airbnb, and instead of calling her husband so he can go check on the house, she calls the cops on us? That was strike number 3! So guess what we did! We left, guess to where? My house is almost 4 1/2 hrs away; yes, at 2 am, I had to drive back home with my three kids and three dogs because EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT in the Washington DC area! Mind you, AIRBNB was not helpful at all. Now I’m waiting on my refund and hoping I can get a refund on everything else I booked for my family to do during our week-long vacation.

Please tell me this was not in Haymarket, VA! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: