My boyfriend finds it disturbing that my 6-year-old son still co-sleeps with me: Thoughts?

I personally believe kids should sleep in their own beds. I think it’s good for the kids and good for the parent. However, to call it disturbing is pretty excessive.


We never co-slept. I’m not in any way suggesting that sex should be limited to the bedroom, because that would be borring, but we like our privacy. I also have friends who co-slept and loved it until they had 10-year-olds in their beds. I think that everyone has to do what they feel is right for them. If I had a friend who had her child sleeping in her bed, I wouldn’t think of it as weird. It’d just be her particular parenting style.

Be glad he is gone!!

I think its nice that they wont a mammy cuddles at bed time Christ they not babys long so enjoy while it last
Cos one day they’ll never wont a cuddle again.

He still a child so enjoy it while it last

You need to do what’s best for you and your son, which at the moment seems like getting rid of the boyfriend. All 4 of my kids co-slept, our 6 year old and 3 year old still sleep with us. Find someone that will love you AND your child, not someone that ridicules you for being a loving parent.

My son is five and he still co sleeps occasionally with me and my husband. He is a big mamas boy and there are nights he rather sleep in his tent in his room. Your bf went about it the wrong way

Get rid of your boyfriend. Who is he to say anything about you and your son’s sleepin habits? Seems that his mind is in the wrong place anyways. My kids sleep with me until they feel the need to sleep on their own. Your son was there before your boyfriend ans will be there after him…:woman_shrugging:t4:

Looks like homeboy did you a favor. My daughter just turned nine and there are still nights she asks me to sleep with her. It comforts her, I tend to sleep better. Your son is forever.


My son is 7 and will still crawl into bed with me sometimes. He used to all the time when I started dating my now husband. My husband has NEVER been anything but supportive in this situation. If your bf has a problem with this then that is exactly what it is- HIS problem. Nothing and no one would be telling me what I can and can’t do with my children. I think it’s weird that he actually has a problem with this and makes fun of the both of you. That’s disturbing.


That guy is obviously not right for you two.

WRONG, are you people serious my son had his own room and toys before he was 5 years old. My son put me out of his room at 6 yrs old and close the door. Yes I went in his room and checked on what he was doing.


Keep cuddling and Co sleeping if u want to. One day he might just decided he doesn’t want to no more and you’ll miss that more than any man. Do what you want too xx👍

I personally don’t cosleep but my opinion is your son was there first not the boyfriend. Your son will always come first before the boyfriend period, if the boyfriend reacts that strongly to a CHILD sleeping in bed with his mother and is seeing it as something other than that. Than BOY BYE, he isnt worth your time, what you choose to do as a parent with your son is your decision not someone who has been in your life for a millisecond.


My son was 2. But, I’d show this man the door and let him go on his merry way. This has been your way of life for 6 years and there’s nothing wrong with it.


There’s nothing wrong with sleeping in the same bed sometimes, my daughter takes a morning nap in bed with me every morning. She’s 3. But we do give her limits just to teach her to be independent too. Everyone’s different tho if you’re both not ready to separate it’s fine, you both need to feel comfortable sleeping alone.

Oh wow, get rid of him!!! The beginning of hell, my love. Save yourself now

Get rid of the boyfriend. He’s only going to cause drama and trauma in your life later. He moved into your HOME! It won’t be it worth believe me. Coming from someone who knows. Save your child from living in a home of hell. He deserves better!!

You haven’t know this man very long and you’ve allowed him into the same bed as your child. Let your son stay a little longer. But keep your boyfriends out of it though. You should start thinking of transitioning him to his own bed though. Kids can be mean. Also is this for your comfort or his? Even if your son isn’t in your bed you might now want men you’ve only know for a few months in your house overnight. Our babies come first.

I very briefly dated someone with a similar issue. I dumped him. My kids are my flesh and my blood.

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Quite frankly it isnt his buisness what you decide is best for your son he should respect you and your role as a mother.
He knew before he moved in what the situation was so he was fully aware .
Personally the fact he said it was disgusting worries me that his mind would even think like that and i hope your little one didnt hear him say that.
Keep doing what your doing, your son feels happy and safe in bed with you and believe me this wont last forever enjoy every moment :heartpulse:

My kids sleep best with us. They are 2 & 4 now but they co-slept as infants, even after my son started in his own bed (2yrs) I often still slept with him because I was pregnant and tired and not up for getting up with him constantly. If we slept together he just stayed asleep. Now the 2 kids share a room but inevitably we end up with a bed full by morning. They just appear and climb in. We don’t always even wake up, they just climb in bed and go to their spot. My son likes to be between me and the wall and my daughter prefers the middle between me and daddy. Hubby occasionally complains due to lack of room but it’s never been considered disgusting or creepy. It’s a family snuggle and everyone sleeps better in a warm pile lol! I’m gonna say obviously this guy you are seeing has no kids and needs to grow up. Mothers loving their kids isn’t creepy. He’s 6. I know it seems big but he’s a baby still and needs snuggles, he won’t be asking for them much longer so enjoy it and kick the bf to the curb

Sounds like yall may have rushed into things a bit. Everyone is different as far as sleeping arrangements. My son sleeps in his own room and has been since he was 6 months old. We have a bond but hes getting used to his own space when hes tired. Like i said everyone is different.


Show your fella the door! My son is 5 and still sleeps in my bed and I do not find it in anyway disgusting.


Kids never slept in bed with us. Boundaries.
Set them. Learn them.

This isn’t wrong at all he’s your son for god sake fuck the guy let him sleep on the couch your kid comes first !! My oldest nephew is 7 years old & he sleeps with my mom & my second nephew is 5 years old & he sleeps with my sister so there is nothing wrong with that at all

  1. He is not your son’s father, he just came into the picture recently and so he doesn’t have a father/son relationship with your son yet. It is probably making him uncomfortable to sleep in the same bed as your 6 yr old.
  2. Before you asked your bf to move in you should have sat down, talked and told him about your co-sleeping habits. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.
  3. You are both adults, if you want the relationship to work you need to find a compromise. Maybe moving in together was too much too soon if you both aren’t willing to compromise about the sleeping arrangements.
  4. Just because he doesn’t agree about your co-sleeping habits doesn’t mean you need to dump him! It just means you and your bf of 8 MONTHS disagree, hate to break it to you but ALL COUPLES DISAGREE. If the teasing bothers you then you need to speak up and tell him to stop.

I’m a mom of 3, my kids have their own room but they know they can still crawl in bed with me and their bio dad (my husband) at night if they would like. But the big difference there is that he is their bio dad and has raised them and been with us since they were infants. Your bf just came into the picture 8 months ago, that isn’t very long and for you to ask him to be comfortable co-sleeping with your child, a child he obviously doesn’t view as his own yet, is asking alot and maybe a bit selfish on your part. I know my opinion is going against what everyone else here is saying but maybe that’s what you need to hear.

My daughter is 4 and has always slept in her own bed . Her choice. If she’s sick she will come into my bed but when she falls asleep I carry her back to her bed

My son is about to be 13 and the only reason he dont sleep in the bed with me anymore is because we moved in with my husband :woman_shrugging:

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Not sick but you’re way too clingy.
Age 3 max with trauma.
You are responsible to make your child feel safe and loved in their own bed. Mental health confidence not fear.
It’s a blessing that the “significant other” is gone. He had a very negative, non understanding attitude.
All kids occasionally want to sleep next to their Mom, especially when sick.
There’s a reason most kids don’t want their Dad. A man can be caring and kind and strong. Too many macho men around.

I never let any of my children sleep with me. I put a bassinet in our room when my daughter was born for the first few weeks then she slept in her own room after that. My twin boys it was a little different as one was in hospital for a few extra weeks. They slept in my room in a pack n play for a couple months then into their room. Everyone has a preference on what they prefer to do and this was mine. I seen first hand how hard it is to break that habit once you start and personally I think it was better for my children to sleep in their beds, rather than with me.

U need a new boyfriend . It’s true there need to be boundaries and you both would sleep better if he had his own bed. Is this really more for your emotional benefit is the question u have to ask yourself. As for the bf, he’s way out of line and u should question his behavior enough to move him out, and if he gets mad maybe he doesn’t love u after all… his making fun of y’all is a big no no… best of luck.

Its honestly a to each their own thing. At 6 there isn’t an actual reason he HAS to be in your bed other than your comfort and choice. Your boyfriend is a D*** for using such intense words about it though. Perhaps he’s trying to be intimate? Only you can answer this really, think about the shoe on the other foot and take your thoughts and feelings completely out of the mix. Decide how you would react and do what’s best.


Tell your boyfriend (who you 've known eight months) that your son is 6 years old and needs your comfort. Also tell him he’s welcome to the front room couch . You can meet him there for happy love times. Make sure to wear condoms , given he doesn’t seem to like kids. Put your child first in your heart, he’s your Forever.

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I’m sorry but I think if youve only been in a relationship with someone for a few months you dont know them well enough to have them living with or sleeping in the same bed as your son. Not being judgy but every one should be careful when bringing people into your homes especially when you have young children. Date someone and enjoy that part of the relationship, slow down and don’t be in such a hurry.

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Well my Son is 3 and he sleeps in his own room, but still sneaks into our room by morning almost every night. Maybe your boyfriend is frustrated about not getting any alone time with you because of this??? It’s hard to be intimate (even nonsexually) with a child in between you. On that note I will let my child come and snuggle with me for as long as he feels comfortable but he does always at least fall asleep in his own bed.

all i can say is wow

My 7 year old still climbs into bed with me half way through the night, if my SO(if I had one) had a problem with it, I’d tell him to take it up with his shadow as they walked down the street with his belongings!

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Your son will not sleep with you forever. The time will come when you will wish for one more snuggle, one more goodnight kiss. Boyfriends come and go. A son is a promise of enduring love. If you explain this to your boyfriend perhaps he will understand. Provide the studies that support children’s self esteem and co-sleeping.

This is crazy. So many women saying this guy is bad and tell him to F off because he wants to sleep and cuddle with his girlfriend??? Y’all are maybe the “crazy” ones. The kid is SIX. Not a baby. How is she ever sopposed to be intimate or bond and be naked with her man??? I’m sorry I dont get this. I love my kid more than life but for you all saying to kick him out and hes a bad person need to think about how it is walking in someone else shoes for once! If it was other way around!!! Hes been there 8 months…which is probably way longer than most men would stay with that going on.


Is it possible to move him to his own bed? That’s what my parents did; when my dad was ready to go to bed he’d walk me to my room. My brother in law bed shared until he was 15 and believe me we ALL talked shit about it because it’s weird. My MIL only kicked him out when my sister in law(fraternal twins with the boy) started making a big deal about it out loud that it was weird.

Yes she needs to be in his own bed I would think in my own opinion and absolutely do not go to sleep in a bed with a man and your son I would have done anyway but maybe I’m old-fashioned

Sounds like there’s an issue with your boyfriend not your son


My son is 8 and if he has a bad dream he occasionally comes to our bed. We get him settled and move him back to his bed. No big deal

His problem not yours if I were you I’d been gone the first remark he made to my baby and honestly that is too soon anyway for him to be around your child especially living with him you’re taking a huge chance but kids ALWAYS FIRST no matter what

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My kids sleep with me my oldest is 8 my 6 yr old son and my 15 month old. My babies have went through to much and I’ll let em sleep in my bed as long as they need to. My Children come first always…

My boys are teenagers and still crawl in bed with me if you don’t care let him it ain’t hurting nothing


I honestly don’t care how old my kids get. They can sleep in mamas bed whenever. Do what’s best for your child and you

Babes your son, your rules that guy might not even be there forever but baby boy " cause he will forever be your baby boy" will always be around for you. #mythoughts

I see both sides.

However, I’m taking yours.

Studies show no harm in co-sleeping as part of a normal, healthy childhood. Kids will become more comfortable with moving to their own beds as they get older. It’s something that happens for every child at their own pacing. Some want their own space at 1-2ish, some don’t hit that until puberty kicks in. Give them the space to make the transition and the understanding to make him not feel forced out, and he’ll sleep in his own bed when he’s ready.

Some people won’t be comfortable with that. That’s on them.

You already made your choice. You cosleep. This means the bed is also your sons. You invited a man into your sons bed. You’re in the wrong for that reason only.

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My daughter still crawls into bed with me and my fiancé (her stepdad) she’s 7 and when she’s having night terrors the only thing that helps calm her down is crawling into bed with us, even if it’s just for a while before going to her own bed. (My 5 year old son still crawls into bed with us sometimes too)
I say it shouldn’t be looked at as disturbing. You’re momma. You’re his safe place. That’s how it should be.
And if your boyfriend can’t see that, then he isn’t the one for you. Keep loving your son the right way you’re doing amazing :heart:

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Well. Tell him he can leave. Ur the mom. Imagine what horrible things he will say to u n the future. Ur not in too deep with this guy so I would seriously just tell him he needs to move out!!

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Why do you want your son sleeping in the bed with a man that’s not his father or step father. How does his bio dad feel about it. What if it was the other way around and his bio dad had him in the bed with a girlfriend of a few months? Jw.

My nephew is 13years old I have custody of him. And every now and then he climbs in the bed with me and my husband (we usually have clothes on) my nephew also will ask before going to bed. Usually it’s because he’s had a REALLY bad day at school or a bad conversation with his “biological parents” and wants to be loved and feel secure. But it’s not something we just tell everyone especially at school. But he has found out that he is not the only one at age of 13.

You do what you feel is right for you and your son. If anyone tries to shame you, that’s a them problem not a you problem. You do you girl, to HELL with anyone’s judgment!!!

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Your the mama, you make the rules. My oldest slept in bed with me until he was about 5 an then he slept in his own bed next to mine until he was ready to go into his own room. I will do the same with my youngest. It’s all about what’s easiest for you an your little one. But dont ever let your boyfriend make you feel bad for co-sleeping with your child.

Oh he sleeps in the bed with you and your son?! No. If that’s the case that is disturbing. They are fkn creeps out there.

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My little sister hailey did the co sleeping thing. Shes 18 n still crawls into my moms bed to sleep.

I’ll say I agree with both sides… your bed is yours and your partners personal space and he may think that is taken away because of your child sleeping with you which is understandable but at the same time with the traumatic birth you went through I don’t blame you for wanting to stay close you your son… you don’t need him making fun out of you or your son that could make some impact in the way he looks at his self in later life do what you think is best maybe try one night a week see how you both take it if you really want to be with this guy… good luck :+1:

A child needs to be in their own bed at 2

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He’s your kid. Not your boyfriends. And you haven’t been together long enough for him to throw a fit about it. Sometimes you need to co sleep with your kiddos just as much as they do.

Similar to you, my son co-slept with me since birth. Divorced when he was 5 and we continued to co-sleep. When I reached the point of dating or sharing a bed, never once did I ever consider letting him share a bed with a man who was not his father. He adjusted just fine to sleeping in his own and I would lay with him in his bed at times. I can see how that would be beyond uncomfortable for your new boyfriend, especially if it is not his child. If I were your boyfriend I would probably sleep in a different location (couch or other bedroom).

Dump him immediately! He has no business telling you what is good for your child! My son is 11 and I still sleep with him on nights he asks. My boyfriend of 5 years has never said a hateful thing to me about it. He’s supportive of him feeling safe and loved.

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My oldest,4, sleeps with me when shes sick or she cant sleep. I never slept in the room with my parents. I started sleeping with my mom when i was 16 because my dad walked out and i didnt want my mom to be lonely. I can understand where he would be uncomfortable sharing a bed with a kid who isn’t biologically his. If you expect to have a serious relationship with anyone, then i would slowly transition your son to his own room and bed. I love my babies but i also love my space.

Nothing disturbing about it but I get your boyfriend also, he doesn’t want to share a bed with a 6 year old. Again there is nothing wrong with co sleeping I did it with all of my kids also but by 4 they were in there own beds. Once in a while they beg to sleep on the floor in my room and I let them. Now that your bf is living with you though you definitely have to get your son transitioned in his own bed.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with your choice but it is not for me. Your boyfriend is feeling creeped out and he should. How can you share a bed with him and have your son in it? It is not his biological child? If this is your choice you should have let your bf know ahead of moving in so he could make a decision. My children never slept in my bed. Just a big fat NO! If there was a need I would sleep in theirs. I used to lie in bed with both my children until they fell asleep. Your son should be able to sleep in his own bed by now. You have probably created a co sleeping habit which will take time to break.

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Reverse the roles. Would you feel comfortable sleeping in his bed with his daughter? Mmmm doubt it also 8 months & you took him in your home already? Sorry if I sound judgy but thats disturbing, people are sick & crazy now a days careful who you trust & let into your home w your children. As for your child sleeping with you i think he’ll grow out of it & he’ll chose to sleep on his own when hes ready. If its just you 2 then its fine,but if you plan on having a man in the house who isnt the childs bio father then it is kinda wrong for all 3 of you to sleep on the same bed…

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Well also having a near death experience with my child I understand that ptsd of always having him close. Being a new boyfriend is why I think he’s making such a big deal about it. It’s more about him and his jealousy bc he wants to get lucky and being cock blocked by a 6 year old. It’s not weird. But if moving him to his bed gives you anxiety then that’s ok. And unfortunately you’re probably going to have to make a decision bc the 2. Bc making fun of both of you is not ok. There’s deeper emotions there he needs to consider other than just shades of blue. Reach out to a counselor and talk to her about your feelings of anxiety. You very possibly could still have PTSD from the ordeal.

I honestly think what you’re doing should be illegal for the safety and protection of the child. You’ve been with your bf for only 8 months, it’s too soon for him to be living with y’all, let alone permanently sharing a bed with your son. Poor baby. It must make him feel just as weird as your bf. Would you bring a boyfriend into your bed with a daughter???

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There is no man in the world that is going to tell me how I can and cannot raise my own child. He makes fun of a 6 year old? And you? Throw the whole man away sis, he’s not worth any more of your time.

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That’s your child! There is nothing wrong with having your child sleep with you. Your man has a problem not you

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YOUR CHILD, YOUR CHOICE! Never allow someone come into your life and make you feel like a bad mom for allowing your child to be comfortable with HIS MOTHER! You are his safe space, not him. I still remember at 16 and 17 climbing into bed with my mom when I needed her. And I’m glad I did because at 20 I lost her and I will always remember those nights.

Tell your “boyfriend “ he can leave. It’s not fair to turn your sweet little boy world upside down by putting him in his own bed to make some random man happy. If you just want to navigate your son to his own bed at your own pace that’s fine. But don’t do it because he told you to

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8 months is little to soon to be moving in together, let alone sooner than that

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I can’t get past the “disgusting” remark from the boyfriend, to even comment on the co sleeping question.
(Flings shoe across the room to hit “said boyfriend” in the head, knocking the smirk off of his face, as he exits the room.) PUNK!

My children always slept in own beds they slept with me when sick sometimes on weekends my son was a head thrower and i snore loud have always slept alone my daughter sleeps like a zombie never moves im all over the bed

My son comes in our bed everyday after we are all asleep. But… if I was in your situation I would never have my son in the bed with my boyfriend. Either way it’s not right for your bf to make fun of your son. What is he a child himself?

You should not sleep with your son regularly regardless of what your boyfriend says. Every once in a while makes sense. They need their space to grow separately. Either way don’t let boyfriend make the call

my son is 4 sleeps with my husband i stay in my daughter’s room. guess what it ruins ur private life. second i would never have neither of my kids sleeping in bed with a man thats not their dad unless we been together for yearsssss . im just very protective of my kids. 6 is old enough to be in his own room so sorry but its time . my son is going to his room in thw next a few weeks .its time

Ok… this sounds like y’all can never be intimate and he’s sick of it so he used it as a reason to leave and go get some. IMO. I am with my 4 year olds dad but I have a almost 7 year old with another man and she slept with me from day 1 and my fiancé was in and out of rehab for about a year so they both were always in the bed with me. My fiancé kept stressing to me how important it was to get them back in their own beds… at first I told him kiss my butt this was all they knew and it wasn’t just a comfort thing for them but for me too… then after a while I agreed and got them back in their beds. A lot of times with his work schedule, bed time is our only time together and I wasn’t about to possibly ruin my relationship/family over kids sleeping in the bed with me. They still come snuggle and every now and then sleep with me.

I can see both sides to this. Maybe he just wants his space to have some snuggle time with you as well. Maybe he’s afraid he’ll get accused of something. Maybe he was raised threat in his family, that didn’t happen after a specific age. Who knows, but if he wants to end things over that then that’s on him. Children grow up so quickly. My son doesn’t snuggle anymore but my 4 year old daughter does and oftentimes sneaks into bed with me when I don’t snuggle.

However, it’ll make the habit really hard to break once he’s older. But, ultimately it’s your life so you do what you think and feel is right hon. :slight_smile:

My ex had his girls cosleep with him too…and i wasnt comfortable with sleepin there and them bein in the bed either.
Thats supposed to be your time together as adults.
He probably just doesnt know how to handle it or say it properly.
But i can see why it would bother him.
Youre cuddled up with your kid to sleep when he probably wants to be the one cuddling you at night.
And realistically…he should be able to.
Thats not his dad…thats your bf.
I can see why he wouldnt like it and would want that to be just for you two as a couple.

I don’t think its weird when its just the two of you, but I would not expect my boyfriend to sleep in the same bed as my child and I. That is weird.

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I think the boyfriend is disgusting and needs to go! No man will ever tell me that its gross my 16 year old son was super sick one time from the flu and crawled at the foot of my bed and my husband goes aww he needs his mommy! You do whatever you want and dont ever let any man make you feel bad for doing what your comfortable with :heart:

They should have their own beds. But if he walks away so easily something else is the problem and it’s not your child.

Your son should have his own room and bed, he need’s his own space and so do you.

My daughter is 6 and cosleeps with me.
My son is 4 and never has.

Not a single person has a right to tell you it’s wrong and put you down for it. Only person that needs to be kicked out that bed is the boyfriend. :roll_eyes:

I try making my children sleep alone asap. But my 2 yr old son still sneaks to my bed daily and I don’t make him go back to his.
Regardless of your son being in bed with you… if that “man” had the nerve to make fun of you or your child especially… that’s not someone you need in your life and definitely not someone to put in your childrens life. Eventually it would have just led up to you and your son being mentally and emotionally abused with the rude comments. It may have seemed small now but it is enough to say f that man and let him stay gone!

I agree that fora time it is ok and if they have a bad night then yes however no one should make fun of you or your child. your boyfriend sounds like a jerk. i would recommended dumping him ASAP and yes to moving your child to a big boy bed. You want your son to grow and have an independence from you . It is healthier for both of you .

I think your boyfriend has a lack of understanding regarding co sleeping. Maybe if he was a father himself or had a lot more to do with your son from a much younger age, he would understand it more. It doesn’t excuse what he is saying or how he’s behaving. But if he’s never been exposed to that kind of environment or situation, he won’t know anything about it. Don’t force your son out just to please your boyfriend. If you feel ready that he needs to be in his own bed then do it. But don’t do it for the boyfriend. Tell the boyfriend to sleep on the couch if it bothers him that much :joy: or better yet, dump him.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s disgusting or disturbing to have your son sleep in the same bed as you. My son is two going on three and he sleeps in the same bed as I do. My partner didn’t like it, but it’s a close bond that he and I have. Boys are always closer to their own mother and if it comforts him and you, that’s ok. Maybe, you can try having him try to sleep in his own bed every so often, as I do with my kid. To kinda start breaking that habit, since he is getting older. As far as your boyfriend, he is rude and not understanding. I think if he would’ve spoken with you about this matter as a mature adult something could’ve been done about it. You and your son are way better off with out him. You do what is best for your kid and yourself. He’s a growing boy and will eventually need his own space and bed.

My question is. Why do you feel comfortable with a man of 8 months in the bed with your child?? Or is the boyfriend on the couch??

I can’t even believe that you would allow somebody to be under same roof as you who talk to you and your child like that. Shame on you for picking a man over your kid. Get rid of him. How dare you let your child see somebody talk to you like that

Don’t choose this guy over your child. Tell him to get out. My son was 7 but still often sleeps with my husband and me (he’s 8 now). All 3 of my boys prefer to sleep with us and we never say no. If this guy doesbt understand that you put your child before him, then he needs to leave…especially if he calls it “disgusting” and makes your son feel bad about it. What a dick.

I don’t find it disturbing but adults need their own personal space. Especially with their partners. That can’t happen when you still bed share with your kid. But you’re the mother so it’s solely your decision when you feel like putting your kid in his own bed. You just can’t expect your boyfriend or any future partners to be okay with it too. They’re allowed their own feelings and concerns. Just like you.

You don’t need to be questioning your patenting style and what works for you and your son… but start questioning your relationship with a guy that is calling your mother son bond as “disgusting” and “making fun of you and your son”
Thats horrible, disrespectful and manipulitive.
If he were a man he would sit down and discuss options and changes that you can work on together as a family to benefit everyone… He moved himself into yours and your sons home, that’s your sons home 1st and always will be and He sounds like he is lacking alot of maturity and understanding when moving into a child home and safe place.

My kids have never slept in bed with me, but that doesn’t make it wrong for other people to co sleep. Is the child in the bed with you and the guy that just moved in?

We have a 5 and 3 year old who both sleep in the bed with me lol, dad literally sleeps in the guest room cause it’s too hot for his us 3 lmfao. Hes an amazing sport. When we joke about it I tell him they wont be my little boys forever. I’m sorry anyone’s making you feel uncomfortable that’s his own desires coming out in a crap way making fun of you. Do you and care for that baby :orange_heart:

Well i have a 4 yr old and a 7mth old and they have never slept w me,not bc i dont want them to but i like having my space and id be afraid of rolling over on them specially when their little, and i want them to be able to sleep in their own rooms! But thats my view everyones different thou

I’d sparta kick his (the boyfriend) ass straight to the curb. See, what we ain’t gonna do is act immature over my relationship with my kids. Period.