What are the chances I could be pregnant?

I stopped using birth control about a week ago when my ex and & I broke up. Ex and I had sex Monday (September 7) so I got plan b the very next morning (September AND started my birth control again that same day. So I took my pill again on September 9 at the same time, around 9:30 am but we had sex again later around 2pm. [[ He said he would pull out but didn’t 🥴 ]] so idk I guess I’m just wondering if I could end up pregnant or not. I know some of y’all can be r u d e , Don’t really need any “lessons” about if it was stupid or not lol. I guess pretty much just asking how high the chances of me being pregnant will be? Has the pill already began working since I recently started taking it again? thanks in advaaance y’all