What should we do about this dog?

My husbands grandmother bought a new dog after the family dog passed away a few months ago, so she called and invited us (myself and my 2 year old daughter) to meet this dog whom they bought. So we go to the house and the dog ended up bitting my daughter in the face! After the bite happened she informs me that in the first 24 hours of having the dog he has attacked another small dog and left a mark on my nephews face in which they said is not from the dog biting him? I'm beyond pissed!!! But they think it was an accident, saying the dog didn't mean too he only scratched her! (I seen the whole this and he bit her there are marks!) fast forward and she calls me to tell me the dog has his vaccines (this was my first question after the bite) and tells me this dog has had 3 owners in the last year! And they got him off a site because he was only a few hundred dollars. But still thinks the dog is safe to be around kids and I'm over reacting...??? What do you think???

I would not let my daughter around it again. 3 owners is such a short period of time, and has also attacked now 2 different kids & a dog. I would recommend finding a good trainer for this dog or re-homing. When you have kids around your house, the first thing she should’ve done is make sure it’s good with kids.

So what did those kids do to the dog…sorry but dogs don’t react without reason :woman_shrugging:
Teach your kids how to behave around animals. And teach the animal how to behave around kids.
Was nobody watching when this happened?
Like seriously