Is my marriage over?

I’ve been with my husband 10 years married for 4. We had a great relationship at the beginning. When we had our children everything’s changed. He has 3 older children from his previous wife and it’s been a living hell ever since we had children together. He doesn’t help with the kids never has then gets mad when they always want/ask me for help. He works and I’ve always stayed home. My children also do online schooling and I’m also in college doing online so things have been rough. We haven’t been intimate in over a month (I just don’t care to) then he gets mad when I don’t want to because I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. Well over the weekend after the children went to bed he tells me that this is bs and if he cheats it’s my fault because I don’t want to give it up. I’m at a loss for words and feel like I’m marriage is at it’s end because we’re supposed to be a team and I feel like it’s always been me.

Oh dear, u need to sit down with him and talk about this. But yes I do think this could be it especially if he is using sex as a threat. He may already be cheating.

Nope. File for a divorce and serve him. He changed after children and doesn’t help with them because he doesn’t want them.
If he did you wouldn’t have to ask him to do anything regarding the kids.
Therapy won’t work either.

I am a husband, who at first reading your post on facebook sounded like something i was doing, maybe I got too comfortable and I was always seeing other ppl living this grand life and felt like my life sucked! And their were times i was being mean or losing my temper, not that I dont love my wife and ny kids I do, but it was what it was! Maybe a mid life crisis, who knows! But one day out of the blue my wife reached me with her pleads, for some reason it all hit me like a ton of bricks, how awful I been! And how if I were them I would think I hated me! And I realized how blessed I was and lucky! I have a wife that does anything for me, beautiful healthy kids, food in our stomach and a roof over our head, what more could I ask for ! I fight myself sometimes cause I did it for so longit became the norm to lose it, but im slowly taking back control! The part that got me is when your husband said if he cheats it will be because of you! I would never say that to my wife never! I really do love her! I would never cheat, there is nothing no other woman gonna have that mine dont, and she sacrificed her body to bring life into this world that is the most important to me! If you really love him and want to stay, maybe he needs a wake up call like i got, maybe you need to go stay with a friend or family take the kids, ye thinks you cant make it without him and he holds it over your head like a power trip! I know its hard to walkaway or maybe think if you leave he will cheat , but he will cheat anyway if hes gonna, maybe you think you wont make it, or maybe you think if he does leave youll never find another, but thats not true, if he dont want to step up to the plate, there is someone out there who will, and they will love you and your children, coming into our marriage, I had 3 kids, and she had 3 , and now we got 1 between us, its hard but well worth it, and they are all my babies and i am the luckiest guy in the world, keep you head up, life is too short to waste it being treated like that!