This may be silly, but it's starting to annoy me a little too much

I have been seeing this guy for about 6 months now. There is a big age difference (me being older). He was in a relationship not long before we started dating. We've known each other for anout a year now as we work together. He said he broke up with her to be with me etc... Nothing every happened when they were together, not even flirting on my side as I never thought we could be anything since he was in a relationship. Anyway, backstory done!

He told me he loved me about 2 months into us dating and said he has felt strongly for me for months hence why he broke up with her. He says he wants a future with me, talks about kids a house the whole lot. I have a child and they have met a few times and they get on really well. He took me away for a couple of nights and paid for everything and does treat me very often to things whic is lovely. We see each other frequently at least 2x a week outside of work and maybe work one shift together in work.
The thing is, he hasn’t told his mum about me and hasn’t made anything official with me yet. He lied to her about who he was going away for a couple of nights with, and hasn’t mentioned us being “bf/gf”. We have banter all the time and we were just making fun of each other and talking about ex’s etc just joking around. I said something about his first ex being his favourite (as a joke) and he said “well we were going out. We’re not.” and then later that night made another remark about us not actually being together. Have to say that that really hurt me, he says he is going to ask me very soon. He said that about 2 or 3 months ago too… Says he is waiting for the right time, but that doesn’t seem to come. I’m worried that I’m being strung along when he doesn’t know what he wants even though we do act like bf and gf. I haven’t been with anyone in 3 years so this is my first in a long time. I think I may be acting a little immature here, but at the same time I don’t want to commit myself to someone who isn’t willing to officially commit to me. Cause as he said “were not going out”. I have a child to also think of and as much as I want something more to happen I’m afraid he will use the not going out argument for breaking off with me out of the blue. Am I being silly here I need to know. Why would he be so afraid to tell his fam about me if he feels so strongly about me?

6 months of acting like you’re dating is a long time, I would sit down with him and tell him you need an answer. You’re older then him, as well as having a child you’ve let meet him… you need to know where this is going and need proof that it’s official. As far as his family, you just never know. Maybe he’s trying to keep you away from the craziness, maybe he doesn’t introduce partners until a certain amount of time.

He just sees you as fun it doesn’t take 6 months to know if he wants to be with you. Hes using u