How can I increase my sons vocabulary?

My son is 18 months old. He has said roughly 15 different words since he was 10-11 months. He does not use his words regularly and speaks mostly jibberish on a day-to-day basis, with the exception of getting stuck on one or two words here and there. What can I do to get him to start using his words more? I already talk to him like he is a child with active language skills and read to him daily.


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Give him time. All babies speak at
Different times / levels .


Give him time my youngest didn’t start talking a lot till she hit 2 and then she started talking a lot.

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We do speech therapy. My 2 year old is like this.

Its normal and takes time. My son didnt really start talking til he was 2.5 and now he talks all the time (3.5). Really good for his age at that.

Just keep using your words and when you give him things, food toys , ect say the names of what they are he will soon enough say them too.


Little dude will get there soon. I was concerned with my son for a bit. He isovwr 2 and has some 4-5 worded sentences

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18 months? So do you expect him to recite the encyclopedia?

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I can’t see the problem with the speech

All he needs is time and your patience. But if you are really concerned, seek out a specialist

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One of my girls 2.5 talks sooo much says full sentences and my other just turned 2 has yet to say words even like mama. All kids r different

I agree with giving him time but I also have my baby and speech therapy and the lady told me that I should have a word back and what it is it’s basically like a Draw string book bag and put a couple of things in the bag and periodically take them out and place them directly next to your face next to your mouth so that he can see your lips move and annunciate them like for instance if it’s a car you wanna say car car car and then move onto the next thing

My 7 year old jibbered until she was 4. She was speaking sentences but half of them made absolutely no sense lol. She’s talks clear as day now!

Some will argue with me. We allow our daughter to watch tv but we only allow cartoons that are good for learning. I swear by cocomelon. It taught my daughter to count to 10 and she started really talking when she started watching it.

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Sounds like you are doing just fine

Keep doing what your doing
Talking like they can fully answer us back
And I honestly talk in 3rd person alot
Reading books pointing out everything
Seems your doing great my baby is 2 and talks so much not full words but I can understand him

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Give him time. My son was only saying 10-15 words at his 2 year check up. They wanted him evaluated… he didn’t “pass” because he was shy. So they wanted to schedule another meeting in 6m. Well 3 months after turning 2, it just clicked with him. He went from 10-15 words, to 50 words and starting to create sentences in 6 months. But I always had the TV on for noise so he got more exposure than when I could do in a day. Always PBS on

It sounds like you are doing everything right.

He’s only 18 months old, your expectations are not going to be the way he’ll be that young of an age. Give him time, be sure you’re talking to him even if he’s speaking gibberish, that’s how they learn.

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That’s pretty normal for an 18 month old. Some kids are different and start full sentences others don’t. My twins knew 5-8 sign language words and spoke 3 worded sentences at 18 months. My 20 month old daughter just now started doing sign language and using only about 5-8 words, mostly speaks jibberish though. Same teaching techniques for all children.
I’ve learned redirecting the jibberish for actual words when they speak helps alot. Instead of just going with it try to get him to repeat what he’s wanting/needs/saying. Sign language is also a super helpful teaching source as well if you know it!

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Our pediatrician said not to force anything or even see their vocabulary as a concern until they were two. It was like clockwork, when my little one turned two, he started talking non-stop, repeating everything.

Just continue talking to him, reminding him what words to use, and be patient.

Speech delay is a sign of Autism… same thing happen to my son… get him tested

My son barely talked at all until he was 2.5 and once he started, he never stopped. He’s 4 now and speaks clearly, uses word correctly and even uses big words.

My daughter turns 3 in September and she has a hard time talking straight. Her speech therapist told us that you don’t want them to say more before they can even talk straight you want to help them say the words they do say better than work on more vocabulary. She said they grow accustomed to speaking like that and the more they say the more they learn to speak in gibberish. :confused:

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He’s doing great and right on point.

Say everything you do or use like mom is walking,is that a ball you have,I also used sign language and the words like do you want more or whatever and he started signing and saying everything

Work on sounds as well as words. “Dee, dee, dee, duck. Kuh, kuh, cat.” Play finger games, sing, and dance. Talk about everything while you’re doing it. I used to work in daycare/preschool. My kids both were speaking in full sentences four or five words by the time they were two. My youngest daughter is not neurotypical but the district wouldn’t call it because “she’s too smart and talks too well.” Your son will get there. Keep reading to him, and now just add sounds, slowly, and let him see how you move your mouth when you make the sounds. You’re doing a good job. You’re a great mom!

Set up more play dates so he can be around kids more. My sis son was like this too until he got more friends around him.

That’s excellent for his age

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Girl. That’s great! Give him time & don’t rush it. Every kid is different. He will get it. Just keep speaking to him & teaching him. Trust me he is soaking up the info.
He is doing great.

My son didn’t talk until he was 2.5 and then all of a sudden he just started talking away and hasn’t stopped since :joy: He is 6 now and he has a huge vocabulary and says words I never thought he knew. Just give him time and talk/read to him. And if you are concerned tell his doctor.

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He’s ahead for his age. They don’t really start talking till 2.

That seems semi normal. Every kid is different. My niece didn’t start talking until she was around 3-4 and when she did, she was so proper. She still speaks insanely proper. But if you’re worried you Could consult a speech therapist

Don’t rush it cause once they start you can’t get them to stop​:rofl::rofl:

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Keep talking to him. That’s it.
Don’t use baby talk and don’t use made up words. I also would suggest learning and using a few signs. Simple signs for milk and snack are great ways to open up communication.


Take one word a week and just keep repeating it. He’ll get that word, them go to next.

My nephew is about 5 years old, he learns as he goes as he speaks mostly gibberish as well. I laugh when he learns some of my words when I talk to his grandmother. It’s something like “Throw it away”, I don’t curse in front of the kids, they get to learn it along the way when they hit the puberty stage. Try get him into karaoke because music is the language of the soul.

That’s developmentally appropriate for someone his age.

Speech therapy that’s what we are getting into now my daughter at 15 months old is ranging around 10months and she’s 16 months

Read, read , read to him !! Turn off all electronics and read. Then have him “read” it back to you.

Flash cards. Pictures on one side and words on the other. They learn to talk and read at the same time and they love it.

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Cocomelon. As crazy as it sounds, my two year old step brother has started talking more since I played it while I’ve watched him

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My grandson didn’t start talking until 3 - and then we couldn’t stop him!!:joy:

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Please my kids are 2 and one twin speaks like 6 words while the other says only 2 words. Other than that they just speak gibberish. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Read to him more and use your finger to follow along. But he is doing really well already for his age.

That’s a lot for his age. Enjoy his babble.


Everyone told me to wait to be concerned until 2yo. My son was the same way. We worked w him and all that. I was really scared he wouldn’t talk. He turned 2 and it was like a switch turned on in his head. Now he’s 2.5 and NEVER SHUTS UP


Read and music along with speech therapy.

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Sounds like u are doing what u should be. Kids learn at their own pace. Make sure they have time with other kids as well always help with social skills and picking up new words.

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Ask him to hand or get you things. Name something random and let him fetch it for ya. Then make him say what it is. Or tell him to ask someone else in the house for something or tell them something he doesn’t usually say…
Sing songs!
Play rhyming games while in the car.


If he wants something and you know what it is, tell him what it is, and have him say it back to you. My son is 3 years old and he really didn’t talk much until recently. My best friend was watching him and my older son, and that’s what she did. And I just followed after what she was doing and it worked! He is even trying now to speak full sentences.

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I really wouldnt be all that worried about it. 2.5-3 years old it when most kids take off on talking. Just keep talking to him and reading.

Read to him. Speak a little slower so he can fully understand how the word sounds. You can’t make him talk more words. Just encourage him. Sing the abc’s. Count to a tune. Above all…be patient

Duh my nephew pointed until he was almost 2 years old
Then he spoke in complete sentences and paragraphs
Does he communicate?
BTW my nephew is over 40 and is Very smart with a family, a job and he is a nice person.

Books and talking about ever you’re doing what’s going on

Actually. Yo Gabba Gabba helped my child talk and sing alllll the time. Reading and music.

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In another year you will be sorry— the words will come- believe me!!

Take him to places like the grocery store, museums, the park etc… And talk about everything. Describe what you see, what you hear, what you think about what he’s interested in or talk as if he’s talking about what he’s pointing at and point to things anywhere you go. It could help to try baby sign language. But yes, ask him questions and give him a moment as if to wait for an answer. Talk to him all the time but listen and give a pause so he sees you’re communicating and it’s a two way thing. They take in more than we think!

My son was like that as well. He didn’t talk until he was 3. We had him learn sign language so we knew what he needed. Til the day we still use a bit of sign language and he is almost 9. He will get there. Unfortunately, you can’t rush him. He has to want to learn. Boys are stubborn.

Sounds pretty average for lack of a better word, just keep working with him!!

Have his ears checked


I always told mine use your words and everything I gave them I called by the actual name ex. This is your sippy cup this is your teddy bear this is your dinner etc and both my kids talked at different ages my oldest was speaking in full sentences at 15 months and my second didn’t do that till about 2 ish so all kids are different

With my oldest daughter we did flash cards like twice a day!

Get him around other kids

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Lots of nursery rhymes with actions! Sing with him show him the actions both the words and actions when they can do both gets them so excited

Narrate everything you do! I’m going to wipe the table I’ll grab a cloth I’ll grab the spray, squirt, squirt wipe wipe, look at me cleaning, look that looks better!

Literally talk about everything your doing and things around him, also talk to him and ask questions even if he doesnt respond, keep the conversation constantly going!

Flash picture cards and a reward system!

Go for a walk talk about everything you see!

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He sounds right on track at 18mo most children have anywhere between 10-40 word vocabulary. I’m an early childhood teacher age group 2-3 yr olds. Some times I get children that don’t use any words when I get them.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I found a bobby pin in my house that was not mine: Advice?

If he’s had frequent ear infections, I highly recommend tubes in the ears.

If that’s never been an issue, start using child friendly shows such as Dave & Ava, Blippi, Cocomelon, Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, & Baby Einstein.

Sit with your child, watch the shows, sing the songs, say the words, & read lots of “first word” type books together.

The biggest help is just talking to him, lots & lots of talking. At this age they are like little parrots & want to repeat, so don’t feel like you are going mad, just watch the shows on repeat & read the same books over & over until he gets it & wants to learn new things.

Most of all, don’t rush it. Words will come when he’s ready!

Honestly he knows more than he’s letting on I bet :laughing: my 2 year old was like that now he’s constantly talking my ear off. Just talk to him like you would any other kid it helps when they feel they’re on your level.


It seems fine to me. Sounds weird but my kid learned a lot watching cocomelon and also going to daycare.



what you’re doing is fine. lower your expectations, 18 month olds don’t need to say 200 words. just keep reading and talking to him before you know it he will be having full conversations


I watched a program on Milestones for babies on the internet. when i became a granny. they give you an idear what you could expect your child (baby)to do.

My son was 18 months old, spoke few real words a lot of babbles, and the daycare owner suggested he be tested. After going thru a few tests, he knew all his colors, understood what was being asked of him, and was pretty up to speed with others his age…I swear not even a week later that boy started speaking sentences. All babies move at their own pace and your son sounds like he will be talking your ear off soon enough :grin::+1:


What Rebecka said…my kid was pretty nonsensical and quiet until he was about 2.5, and now (he’s almost 3.5) he has a pretty complete vocabulary. I knew he could understand before then; he just had no interest in speaking.


Keep doing what you are doing, that’s it. When he’s ready, he’ll start talking you in circles soon enough! Btw… A little time in baby talk is good for the soul.

IF you allow your child to watch TV, the NICKkids shows are pretty good Bubble Guppies was my grandkids fav.

But mostly just talk to them, they will learn more by your taking to them than anything else. Even if they don’t reply they are soaking it all in. And don’t worry once they start talking in sentences they won’t stop.

He’ll get there. My kid went from just a few words to full sentences when she was ready.

Do absolutely nothing you are doing a great job. Kids talk in their own time I figure this out myself my son is 22months and he uses some words very clearly but other words are jibberish. My daughter didnt talk till she was nearly 3 just constantly talk to the child alot like none stop how a child always talks

Early intervention is key. There is NOTHING WRONG with getting help from a speech language pathologist. Most kids catch up and you ever know there was an issue. But as a parent it’s key to get them in at the first signs. A speech delay does not mean a developmental delay. Good for you for being proactive and present. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


That seems about average to me. He is saying words so I think everything is on track.

You really need to have him tested , the earlier the intervention the better the outcome.


I honestly would just constantly talk to my kids when they where babies (constantly :joy:) telling them what I was doing, what we were doing, where we were going, what I was making, asking them questions, reading to them… I obviously was pretty much talking to myself cause they could not answer but my kids where non stop talking by the age of 2​:joy::joy:!!

Just keep talking to him (not baby talk) and name things as you point at them. Keep reading to him.

He is developmentally normal for his age range. By 15 months old most babies can say 3-5 words and by 18 months at least 10 or more. Just keep doing what you are doing, just because he isn’t using them yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t soaking up all that vocabulary like a little sponge. Most kids start combining words by 24 months of age.

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My son didn’t talk much either, when he did I was the only one that could understand him. I had him assessed at 2 and he qualified for speech therapy. He has no disabilities only a speech delay. He stayed in speech therapy until the fourth grade. He’s now 12 had never stops talking…like never!

My Little one is 18months and litrally says about 5 words he understands everything I say to him but don’t speak as much I got no concerns x

18 months old should be able to say up to 20 words, so 15 words is great and doesn’t seem too concerning.
With my first, I found flash cards with pictures to be very helpful. He’s now 5 and does not shut up 🥲
I’m glad I kept the flash cards as they will come in handy for my 17month old girl :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s normal for an 18 month old to know 5-20 words. All you can do is keep talking to him like you’re already doing. You still got quite a few months before the 50 word milestone is reached.

That seems normal to me. My son knew a few words at that age but is full on motor mouth at 2. Its coming dont worry.

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don’t speak in the third person thou- i see that bad habit and kids shut down because the conversation seems about them and not to them. for example: “ mommy would really like it if caleb picked up his toys” instead try “ hey caleb, can u pick up your toys for me? thanks bud “

be patient and stop worrying!!! i had the same worries and my son is 18 now. trust me , he’s fine. every child develops differently.

He’s completely normal. Let him proceed at his own rate. Geesh.

Netflix cocomelon, word party, little babybums and Charles colorful world. Annoying but affective

Speech therapy maybe?

Seriously depends on the kid, my son (oldest kid) was speaking in complete sentences and enunciation was pristine most of the time by the time he was 18 months,y oldest daughter is almost 3 and spoke her own language until she was right at 2 or so (aside from the word “up” :woman_shrugging:t2:) and my younger daughter is almost 18 months and doesn’t say anything at all, still just babbles but her sister and her will have full conversations in their room together so at least someone knows what she’s going on about. :woman_shrugging:t2: With all of them I have talked to them the same, like adults talk to other adults, I don’t like baby talk and it’s terrible for language development in general but it hasn’t helped with the girls like it did with my son so I have no ideas otherwise. Until the pediatrician is concerned, you don’t need to be either. Just try to make a point to say the name of things you’re interacting with. Tell them what you’re doing, talk to them as much as you can and enunciate well so they know how things should sound and they’ll talk when they’re ready. Every child does things on their own time. My girls are a lot lazier than their brother was (he’s gotten way worse about that as he gets older :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:), he did everything early and they do things when they have to or to get attention. The youngest has been able to walk for months and just now started doing it for more than just to get us to praise her when she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention. Don’t worry mom, you’re doing fine and so is he, just keep doing your best and don’t worry yourself too much.

Honestly I love the iPad and the apps they have my kids are bilingual, I did it cause I had an iPad laying around and my daughter took off and it became more of fun with me trying to see how much I could teach her old iPads are cheap, I did this in both languages the apps show a picture you touch it and it says the word and also spelling or color or numbers so on

There are so many different children videos to help

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This sounds normal, some kids don’t speak as early as others but it sounds like babas made a great start! X